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2017 Best Celebrity Halloween Costume

Halloween is a great opportunity to escape reality by wearing Cheap Halloween Costumes and assuming another identity, even the greatest celebrities will not be lost. This year, Beyonce and Jay Z (their companions Biggie and Lil’Kim) from the powerful parties came to Kim Kardashian West (who had already had three different costumes before the actual vacation) devoted to Halloween See the best celebrity Halloween costume since 2017.

Kim Kardashian West tribute to some of the most representative ladies in the music world, with Aaliyah’s appearance, the costume (Jonathan Cheban for Sonny), and the joint costume with the Cochinie Sisters, paired for Michael Jackson and Madonna.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford and Hubby Rande Gerber directed Studio 54 for their annual Casamigos Halloween party.

Demi Lovato for the Halloween Selena Qunitanilla embodies the joy of their fans.

Jay Z tribute to the Brooklyn party Brooklyn speaker, notorious B.I.G. by re-creating his XXL cover.

While Beyoncé tribute to OG Queen Bee, Lil’Kim.

Zoe Kravitz and her boyfriend Karl Glusman brought calories in the costume of the battle club theme.

Kendrick Lamar’s religious beliefs, when he was wearing Halloween Jesus Christ, began his life.

Steph Curry just wanted to play Oscar Arena as a jigsaw puzzle game.

Russell Simmons Run-D.M.C to his hip hop. Rev Run tribute to his smooth Adidas to get up.

Adele dressed up as a charming clown of this Halloween court.

Nas regretted his clothes this year.

Swizz Beatz this year wearing the Halloween The Goonies’ beloved lazy.

Gwyneth Paltrow took an elemental approach this year and put on her role in the film Se7ven. Low maintenance, tongue cheeks and smart? Gwynn won the internet.

Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss made a sexy cat and rat duo at the Halloween party.

Jessica Alba and Kelly Sawyer are high school heroes of their Juno themed costumes.

The mother turned her daughter’s wheelchair into the most charming Halloween costume

Preparing a great Halloween Costumes Outlet for your child is not an easy DIY task, but it may be particularly difficult when the child is sitting in a wheelchair. There are a lot of extra things to consider, but the wheelchair is also a great blank canvas, because the mother’s daughter’s wheelchair into Cinderella’s carriage can be proved. Yes, this is definitely fascinating.

Tiffany Breen tells her the local Grand Theater, Michigan Fox 17 news agency, her 3-year-old daughter Roslin because of the wheelchair and often attract the public staring eyes. According to the export, little Roslin has an undetermined muscle condition, weakening her ability to sit up. “I want her to take a positive attitude, and many times we are staring at for different reasons,” the creative mother told Fox 17 news.

Using wire, ribbon and some hula hoop, she recreated Cinderella’s carriage for Halloween. She even put the battery-powered lights on it to complete the effect. Roslyn in the blue Disney princess dress, the final result is amazing. When you have a smart IRL mom, who needs a fairy tale mother?

Brin told reporters that they had visited the “Zoo Goes Boo” campaign at the Great Bowbo City’s John Boer Zoo, while Roslin’s car was a “showstopper”.

Brin told Babu, “I know that when we go out to participate in community activities, she will draw attention, but I did not prepare for their own popularity, people are blocking us and request pictures, Roslin every day to bring us To be happy, how lucky we are?

It is not easy to put a wheelchair together, especially for those who are busy working parents or those who are not fully artistic. This is exactly what Magic Wheelchair wants to solve. Nonprofit organizations provide wheelchair accommodation for children each year. Kaener’s Ryan Weimer, Oregon founded Magic Wheelchairs in 2015, for his own children – 12-year-old Keaton son and 6-year-old Bryce – they all have spinal muscular atrophy.

Weimar told ABC news that the joy of Keaton inspired him to turn the clothes on the wheelchair into something bigger. This is the “ultimate inclusiveness” of the holidays, Weimar said he made his first garment in 2008.

Ryan Weimer’s magic wheelchair is not just a way of transport; his son and someone like him into a superhero.

Dad added, “What really is really surprising is that disability barriers seem to be engulfed on that dress.” To a certain extent, it is not just a gorgeous costume for tricks or treatments. Clothing makes the children confident, but also raise awareness.

It’s almost like a day of treatment. The embarrassment of the disabled has vanished. We are for people to provide these are just regular, cool children’s consciousness. For me and my wife, this is very touching, it immediately reminds me of the other family and children like this experience like us.

This year, he made 40 pieces of clothing for children all over the country. People submit online applications to receive clothing, while the Magic Wheelchair volunteer builder dedicated team can help families put them together.

“It affects these children more deeply, not just the smile on the face.”

Weimar said he hoped that these clothes were not just for Halloween. “We want to build all year round, kids can roll all year, not just Halloween, we want them to go shopping with their mom,” Weimar said in ABC News in 2015.

“I am a nurse and I am not an artist at all and you are only passionate to do it and have some love and to achieve this.” According to ABC News, Weimar said of his building.

Like Brin’s carriage for the small Roslin’s horse-drawn carriage – and all the works of Weimar prove that all you need is a passion and love that makes a child’s Halloween dream come true.

About MELANIE MARTINEZ guidance on style of HALLOWEEN

We absolutely like the idea of ​​Melanie Martinez as your Cheap Halloween Costumes this year, in addition to paying tribute to self-confidence, ambitious, artistic and comprehensive popular badass, you can also pick up a lot of lovely fashion and forward items around the singer style.

Let’s take a look at some of the style of Mel. First of all, you have to get a unique style baby dress. You can go to the traditional Lolita style (Dolls Kill has a good choice, including Pink Noise Skater Dress, $ 95), or must add unusual colors and styles (through Dolls Kill’s charming Hola dress, $ 135 or this super cheap super chic cake dress from UNIF, $ 22). You also need the right shoes, Mell personally wear ballet platform shoes (such as Jeffrey Campbell’s quilted pink satin on the Pointe platform, $ 112.95), blush slippers (Dolls Kill’s Candy Cloud Sandal, $ 81) and military platform shoes. The most important thing is hair. You can dye half of the hair – we really want to dig Haili Williams’s Poser Paste as bright and vibrant temporary dyes – a good wig can be found from the professional (like this very melanie-esque wavy gray Mix Purple Black Split Lace Front from Wif, $ 68), or you can add your own color to the store to buy the wig (including party market $ 26.99)

And now the details! Ms. Martinez usually wings the headlines, and we think the choice of the big headband / bow combination is the best choice for you in this holiday (the popular theme of the Blackheart lace bow with a super cute, ultra cheap, $ 6.90). Mel also known as wearing a beret, animal earrings, bowling cap, and other mixed knives and bows. You can also get fun from your wallet (necklace from Circlly’s Angelic Pretty Shy Bear Bag) (Melanie has personally worn Kitty Colar, $ 34.00) from ManTrap.

An important part of your clothing will be wearing lace socks, because Melanie is known for her never wearing shoes, only lace socks. You have a lot of options here and choose different styles, colors and prices from Hue and Topshop. If your Halloween combines Halloween, you need to start those shoes as soon as possible!

Finally, you will have a lot of fun with make-up. Melanie mostly stays in the green, blue, purple and pink world of the palette, so smear your face with different pigments (the MAC has bold colors, $ 22), and the Lime Crime is the favorite $ 21), lipstick (NARS, $ 27), eye shadow and pink blush (Make Up For Ever, $ 21) traditional lipstick (Nyx, $ 12.99) and so on. But make sure you have a pencil (Bobbi Brown, $ 28), so you can draw a lovely freckle like Melanie.

Finishing feel There is a vinyl version of Melanie Martinez’s Cry Baby album. It can not only help you start talking about your clothing, but you will have a gorgeous vinyl cover to frame or hang, and play with a great record. You can order via Melanie’s website, buy one at Urban Outfitters or call the local record store to see if they have a copy.

Pet Halloween costumes: “just make people happy”

Marryann Perrini’s guinea pig Joey imitates Perrini’s online sales hat at She lives on Virginia Beach.

Last year’s Halloween, Becky Hartley-Creech played her dog Miss Piggy from The Muppet Show.

Asia, a pit cow, hate it.

“Long golden hair kept on her face,” said 39-year-old Hartley Creek. “But I have a photo, so it’s all important.”

Wearing a dress is not a new thing, but it seems more and more popular.

Google “Pet Halloween Costumes Outlet”, you will be submerged option – from standard theme t-shirts to elaborate clothing, such as the old western sheriff, wearing hats and pistols.

According to the National Retail Federation, about 16% of pet owners plan to wear animals this year. The most popular clothing is pumpkin, the federal pointed out.

“There are plenty of places where you can bring your pet today, and in the past few years they have frowned,” said Hartley Creek, who lives in Norfolk.

Ghent root business association website According to the Ghent market masquerade, Friday’s Halloween street party will be awarded the “best pet clothing” prizes.

Norfolk O’Connor Brewing Company’s fourth annual Dogtoberfest was held on Sunday and held a pet clothing match.

O’ardor’s event manager Sarah Serrano said: “Any dog ​​in any clothing can immediately become cute,” with the Nuoduoke animal care and adoption center Dogtoberfest Friends of cooperation.

Some of the participants dressed in furry friends as O’Connor beer brands such as El Guapo. The other is the theme of food, and even a few “Jedi dog.”

Hartley-Creech sells some pet garments at Becky’s Corner in Norfolk’s JT’s Playful Pet Spa.

They are “just another way for people to destroy children with limbs.”

She has three children themselves, but all the sons. Asia “is the only woman in my own house, and I like to wear her for the holidays.

“My husband thinks I’m nuts.”

Maryann Perrini, 69, lives in the northern area of ​​Virginia Beach, runs an store called “Small Animal Coat”, where animal hats are sold, mainly for rodents and rabbits.

Her rabbit, sushi and guinea pig Joey are models.

She said she saw pictures of animals with small hats on the net and decided to try her hand. Then “people start buying them.”

She now sells her hat to Hawaii. Recently she made some candy corn hat for Halloween. People order all occasions: mini graduation cap, santa hat, cake hat.

“They really make people laugh … it’s kind of like entertainment, just be happy.”

But the animal? unhappy

Suffolk’s Nancy Bullock said she bribed her Chihuahua, swinging her with herbs to her imitation of her wool wrapped for puppies.

Veterinary officials warned the pet owner not to let the furry friend see when wearing a dress. Also make sure that the clothing does not restrict movement, hearing, eyesight or breathing, and pay attention to the risk of suffocation.

As Hartley-Creech knows, clothing is usually just for photography, and then they can get out.

“It’s just the most lovely thing,” she said. Especially now that her child is too old to be deceived or treated.

“This is the best thing.”

AdGooroo: Halloween activities in search advertising, PLA show strength

This Halloween holiday season has two trends for search advertising. A professional retailer who specializes in Halloween food has again aroused the interest of shoppers, but few have done well for paid search ads and product information ads. The retailer seems to do better one or the other.

Kantar Media Group AdGooroo analyzed the activities of the 823 Halloween related keywords for text advertisements and product information advertising during the period from 1 September to 15 October, including “Halloween Costumes”, “Halloween Ornaments”, “Apparel” and “Halloween shop”. “The results of this US study are limited to Google’s study of 823 keywords in Google Desktop text ads and product information advertising campaigns.

Over the past month and a half, half of the top ten advertisers in Google’s text ads in the United States were professional retailers, often active during Halloween and eliminated paid search rankings in other months of the year.

Ad Gooroo marketing director Jim Leichenko said professional clothing retailers in the season, mainly in August, the peak in October, and then relatively calm in the rest of the time.

Headquartered in Minnesota, the professional retailer is responsible for charging, accounting for 16% of all text ad clicks, while Amazon ranked second with a click rate of 13.6%. The Halloween Halloween Halloween enters the 3rd, 13.2% of the click share.

According to AdGooroo, Christmas Halloween is owned by Spencer’s gift and operates 1,200 seasonal retail outlets in 50 states and nine Canadian provinces.

Party market share with 6.8% share, Wholesale Halloween Costumes to 6.4% of the click share rate in the top five.

Traditional brands – Pottery Barn Kids, Big Lots and Grandin Road – account for 2%, 1.7% and 1.6% respectively. “Other” category produced less than 1%.

Few companies have done a good job in text and public advertising. Pottery Barn Kids, Chasing Fireflies and Cheap Halloween Costumes are one of the top advertisers for PLA and text ads.

Spirit Halloween 10% Click to share, 9.3% of the party market; and Wholesale Halloween Costumes with 8.2% of the click to share, as product advertising and text ads ranked the top five of the most popular advertisers.

Interestingly, Cheap Halloween Costumes and Amazon were ranked No. 1 and No. 2 for text advertisers, ranking the 14th and 28th of the Product Listing Ads (PLA), respectively. Cheap Halloween Costumes gained 1.3% of the click share, and Amazon accounted for 0.3% of the click share.

Multichannel retailers performed better in PLA than text ads. Target company ranked fourth, click rate of 8.6%. Home Depot produces 4.5% of the PLA click share in the Halloween keyword group, mainly advertising clothing and decorations, which may be more well known. Barnes & Noble received 1.8% of the click share, Wal-Mart received 1.1% of the click share.

How does YouTube become a breeding ground for Alt-Right extremism?

While some YouTubers at the end of the day, by watching the Star Wars deceive or wearing a Halloween Costumes Outlet dog clip and relax, but others by watching the inflammation video and get over. We are talking about alt-right vlogs, where divergent commentators speak out indigningly like Islam is an inherently extremist religion, whites are on the brink of extinction, or Hillary Clinton enters a mysterious cooking recipe ( serious).

They can get rid of all this because YouTube operations did not develop normal checks and balances for broadcasters.

“Unlike the Fox news or talk broadcasts, YouTubers do not need a license to broadcast, so they are not subject to FCC rules prohibiting them from distributing obscene or false information,” said Carlos Maza of Vox.

In addition, advertisers can not control YouTube channels like mainstream media.

“Typically, this garbage check will be advertisers,” Maza added. “Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh can make everything they want, but at the end of the day, their bosses have to worry that the company will mess with their ads, but YouTube is different, advertisers do not know their ads are What video In most cases, YouTube manages this relationship, assigns ads to videos and manages the relationship, and pays the creator accordingly.

According to vlogger, like Lauren Southern in Canada, they think that YouTube is a fortress of right-wing thinking in a liberal-based media landscape, which is great. “For the left-wing content, you can get it in real life,” she points out. “From your professors, your teachers, your newspapers, the leftists do not need to go to the dark places of the Internet to find their opinions, while the right is doing that.” You agree.

But these advertisers are not satisfied with this. You may be unhappy to imagine that your ad before the advent of healthy chicken soup, a vlog teaching white supremacist how to make their klan hood the most intelligent. Yes, you will be very angry and suspect that anyone can buy Costco size bleach.

As a result, advertisers want to be supervised, but it is said that this is not easy, according to Maza. “It’s not a good way to standardize this stuff,” he said, “and YouTube will see about 400 hours of video uploads every minute and can not monitor the content exactly.”

So far, their efforts have made angry political commentators and right-wing videoians feel angry. Find out why in this clip.

Central collective retailers, health workers benefit from the pet population explosion

From Wholesale Halloween Costumes, Christmas stockings and hi-tech toys, monitors and cute clothing for whole products, there are countless products on the market that consumers care and destroy their limbs family members.

According to, Amazon’s online sales of pet products in the United States totaled $ 430 million in the fourth quarter of last year, higher than UK, German and French product sales.

That’s just Amazon. According to the American Pet Supplies Association, sales of pet products and services totaled more than $ 66 million per year and continue to grow, which is considered by the industry as a “recession certificate”.

BJs wholesale clubs and Wal-Mart and other large retailers to expand the pet products, with the increase in pet ownership, small store sales have increased. With the increase in the number of pets, service demand is also increasing.

In the United States, the pet dog population increased from 35 million in 1993 to about 72 million in 2011, compared with about 90 million last year, said Dr. Scott R. Handler, deputy medical director of the Foster Small Animal Hospital. Tufts University Cummings Veterinary Medical Center.

This is a considerable increase.

“There are several factors – the bonds of human beings and the processing of pets such as dogs and cats as part of the family, and the benefits they get from these relationships; the economic cycle,” explains Mr. Handler. “With the economic development, people in the economic and emotional will be more likely to bear the responsibility of pets.”

He said that demographics have also changed.

“With the advent of the baby boomers, the children moved out of the house, they were receiving pets, possibly a substitute for their children, and had pets for thousands of years,” he said. “That is the two big population groups.”

At Tafts, Mr. Handler said that they saw the number of cases increased from 31,000 to 35,000 over the past three years.

“There are some of the population seeking the best health care, so they are willing to pay for this care cost, including MRI, total hip arthroplasty, dialysis – which is the level of care we have in the facilities at Tufts,” he said The “They have the same expectations for the family or friends who are doing some of the procedures and are looking for the same degree of care for the pets they think are family members.”

He added that in order to meet the growing demand for veterinary services, the school is expanding the veterinary assistant program, including the Montessori Regional Vocational and Technical School and the Nassau Valley Technical High School, recently opened a new veterinary clinic and joined the Stewart Technology Center, which is partner with Tufts.

Mr. Handler said that in addition to food, water, shelter and medical care, more and more product lines, including nutritional supplements, interactive feeding stations and doors, pet monitoring systems and other products are irrelevant.

On average, the pet owner should plan to spend about $ 250 a year on their own dog’s daily veterinary care costs and $ 180 cat, he said, with an additional $ 235 a year for food, depending on the variety.

“Halloween costumes are not required,” he said. “They are cute and interesting, it makes animals more part of the family and adds glue, but they are not necessary.”

There is one thing he believes the pet owner should spend money.

“We want to see people have pet health insurance.” We know that animals covered through veterinary health insurance policies can get more care than animals that do not belong to the general rules, “Mr. Handler said. It is nice to see that the financial constraints of the covered patient will not play too much. ”

Because some products may be unnecessary because of higher quality of life, sales are booming.

He has worked for 28 years in Wal-Mart Synthia S. Troller, and four different locations of the manager, he said, Worcester stores to expand the product.

“Like any place, people buy clothes for their animals and toys,” said Ms. Troller, who has two dogs Duncan and Peggy. “People had bought special milk bones before. Now there are organic food, no meat, meat and more. People are more serious about the contents of their pet food. There are Christmas socks for dogs and cats, full of toys and food, and Halloween costumes. ”

Ms. Troller said she saw the highest increase in high-end pet food sales.
“As more and more people accept education about their own food, it translates into small creatures living in our house.” “They are doing something, and I know that as my income grows, I am Become more understanding, I do not buy cheap things again. I bought something.

BJ’s wholesale club also expanded the pet product line in 25 stores in Massachusetts. Westboro’s company aims to lay its name for the pet class by providing high-quality food at a low price and providing a one-stop service for all grocery and needs (including pets).

BJs has recently expanded its Berkley Jensen pet classification series with additional dog food, dry dog ​​food and wet cat food options, without zero fillers or preservatives.

“As a private company, we will not disclose sales data.” We can tell you that members like our expanded Berkley Jensen pet products and have more opportunities to do so, “said Bonnie Volpe, BJ’s vice president of food, groceries and beverages. on the shopping, our members continue to choose BJ’s wholesale club to meet their pet needs. ”

Ms. Volpe said BJ also expanded pet health and health products and added more flea / tick treatment.

Especially for the president and owner of the pet, Michael J. DiTullio offers a “healthy pet diet” that includes natural and organic whole food and pet products as well as services including obedience training, day school, beauty and non-emergency veterinary care Shrewsbury’s Lakeway Commons opened his eighth Massachusetts store.

Mr. DiTullio recently made an idea of ​​the growing demand for all pets. He said that more and more families for their own and their pets to make a better lifestyle choice, thus driving the annual consumption.

Mr. DiTullio said: “Pets have become part of the family unit.” Marketing terms are known as pet’s humanization. But the simple fact is that parents love their limbs and children, just like their legs, and make better and healthier choices for both. Another major factor is the rise of the Millennium pet parents. This demographics outweighs healthy and healthy products and services. ”

He said that this means that more pet products sector can meet the demand.

“Pet consumption is about $ 67 billion in the United States and is increasing every year.” “Some people say it is a sign of a recession. Retailers like pet stores are expanding the number of stores, and manufacturers’ product innovation is expanding exponentially ”

Small businesses are also increasing their markets.

She said Maria I. Rafalski, head of Gardner’s owner, Shampooch Mobile Pet Groomer, began working with several customers in 2010. There are 175 customers and an alternate list, she says she is considering buying another truck – if she can clone herself.

“I can not even accept new customers,” she said. “I stopped at the beginning of this year.People like its convenience, like a one – on – one concern.It ‘s less stressful, they like to interact with dogs and groomer.

If she can find someone like a dog like a dog, she can trust who, Ms. Rafalski will also expand in the growing pet industry.

Halloween costumes are cheap and convenient

Growing up does not mean you have to give up candy or clothing, it just means you have to provide these things yourself.

As a college student, you may not have yet become a child, but because of other financial burdens, you may not have enough money for Halloween costumes. However, in these ghost periods the festivals can be cheap while keeping humor.

For those who do not meet the standard skills, you can draw characters in two or fewer projects. In order to depict a mummy, all you need is a few broken white stripes and some coffee, thousands of years of stains – please dipped in toilet paper rolls. Continue to wrap your nasty sheet on you, and you will make the Teng people feel ashamed.

This next Cheap Halloween Costumes may work more than a classic mummy, but it will be a crowd preference. Make a robot, grab your stupid cardboard box, wrap them on a foil, and put them on the limbs, torso and head. You may not be able to store items or cook food on a grill for some time, but can be used as your real machine itself.

These basic costumes may not be done in this case, in which case you can safely play and become a fictional hero. Looks like Princess Leah, pick up a big white dress or bed sheet, a nerf gun, and finish it with two glorious cinnamon breads on your head.

Thor costumes need a red shawl, a black shirt and pants, six CDs to your chest, a yellow plastic bag, a beautiful mane and a hammer. Any hammer will do it, but remember that you represent Asgard. In this case bigger and better.

Like the previously mentioned DIY project can be easily converted into a couple of costumes. An interesting person would be Adam and Eve, an apple, a fake snake, a fallen leaf, a tape and a lingerie.

For those who like older movies, try to become Juno and Paulie Bleeker from the movie “Juno”. You may need most of the items needed for these garments, because most of them are ordinary clothes. More specifically, to become Juno, you will need a striped orange and white shirt, gray cloakroom, skirt, jeans and baby belly.

Paulie Bleeker requires mustard yellow sweat, mustard yellow shorts, deep red short-sleeved shirt, white running shoes, white knee high socks and orange Tic-Tacs. Together, Juno and Paul will win the hearts of the party.

If you do not mention a few pieces of sexy clothing, the list of DIY clothing can not be completed. If you ever wanted to appear on the skin, but not enough, I have good news for you: it can be naked. In order to do this, you (ironically) need underwear, cardboard, paint and tape. What you will do is apply a different tonal skin tone to the cardboard and apply a tape to your reserved area.

If you show so much skin does not attract you, it is always possible to find other ways to seduce. You will believe that wearing a bikini, can you get rid of your whole body? What you need is a white eye hole, bikini top and bottom. Boom: You are now a sexy ghost. You are welcome.

Worst of all, you can watch a tutorial on how to apply make-up, turn yourself into a beautiful or weird creature. With the help of DIY magic, you can always create a kimono costume.

Cheesecake Burlesque Revue Bring back Halloween Costumes Outlet Carnival

Halloween Costumes Outlet

Not every hobby is so much into the chest.

Cheese Cake Blaise Retro members have been shaking their mom to give them for 11 years and they are not going to stop. Originally inspired by a birthday party, the gang has become a traveler’s behavior, bringing their eccentric zany performances to various stages.

“We always call our funny performances as funny shows that you can bring your grandmother to,” revue members and major costume designer Kitten Kaboodle explained. “Burlesque is a wide range of art forms, so there is everything from classical vintage strippers to some real original performing arts.If you go to New York, you may see someone on the stage with naked use of penis or something. Tend to be inclined to showcase very convenient programs. They are easy and try to incorporate some surprises and fun elements.
Cheese Cakes traveled a lot in the town of British Columbia, but have made festivals and shows in New York, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Rome, Stockholm and Berlin. Kitty Kaboodle said they are always willing to do a show at home, their friends and family, and they are very happy to do their first performance in UVic this month.

“It would be funny,” she said. “We will definitely pull out all the sites and bring all the best cheesecake’s actions to the show. There is definitely a weird edge; it’s Halloween Costumes Outlet, so we bring some more numbers. There will be a little bit Head of Muppets. There will be some great song; we have a few cheesecake is very good singer.We are very different – like silk E Gunz is a very nice dancer; i am not so much more i am more Is Fozzie Bear funny, so I tend to do something more interesting. ”

Kitty Kaboodle said that because cheese cake has so many different A-type personality, so they are unique.

“It is challenging to work in a group; you have to learn to contribute and work together for a common goal,” she says. As long as we get happiness from it, we want to continue to do it. ”

Cheese cake hobbies give them a platform to promote healthy body image and confidence, giving them the space to create talent. Kitty Kaboodle said that although it may not pay the bill, but experienced more than 11 years, exciting and exciting.

“I call it a subsidy, like that, you make a little money, but you just use it to buy more stones,” she said. “You go out on the stage, your best glow, maybe you have a stomach, maybe you have a soft arm, but you are there to do what you like.I do not realize how much can inspire others to feel a little about these things Self-consciousness, like “hey, if she’s there, then i can be there too.” Why I hide? “Everyone has found that different things are beautiful and attractive, and we are not the same, people should leave there, glow, just love what they have, and nobody needs to hide.”

The company has been criticized for pulling Anne Frank’s children’s wear

Moreover, in this grand tradition, online retailer launched the “Anne Frank girl clothing”, which includes a beret, brown bag, and a fixed destination label blue dress.

Social media reacted angrily, and some users claimed that they were “silent” and called clothing “tasteless”.

“The girl’s size of the girls from the 1930s to the 1940s was designed by a British company to represent British children who withdrew from London to the countryside during the Second World War, Nanya Books in Pevensie Kids “.

The clothing is being sold on the retail giant’s website as “Children’s World War II Evacuee Girl Costume”.

Anne Frank Center spokeswoman Alexandra DeVitt told Fox News Agency that “there are more appropriate ways to commemorate the legacy of Anne Frank, rather than through Wholesale Halloween Costumes, which is Halloween costume, It was disgusting and trivial pain, the pain of millions of people during the Holocaust. ” Spokesman Ross Walker Smith said Sunday that the costume was pulled.

Frank is known for being hidden from the diaries of the Nazis.

Halloween costumes to defend the costume, said the costume “many uses other than Halloween, such as school projects and plays,” although it eventually pulled out from the site. As of Monday night, the clothing seems to have been removed from Wal-Mart’s website, but still sold at Amazon. “We apologize for any criminal activity, because this is not our intention.”