Year: 2017

In 2017, powerful women finally got the clothing they deserved

“Hey man, what would you wear? Tip: Do not expose your vital organs,” Jessica Chastain wrote on November 14. She responded to the tweet Twitter of Melissa Silverstein, the woman and the founder of Hollywood, comparing Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman (Hemming, designed by Lindy at Zack Snyder Justice The Alliance Amazon warrior costume (designed by Michael Wilkinson, who also made costumes for the Batman v Superman), the former is a sturdy, combat-ready combination of leather and armor; the latter is a light-weight garment , Emphasizing the wearer’s chest and exposing their washboard abs.

While some may argue that the image shown is cherry-picked, the ensuing rioting highlights the heroic Hollywood heroine portraying a prominent issue: most of the time, they are not as appropriate as their male counterparts clothes. (Yeah, George Clooney’s Batman and Robin costumes have sculpted nipples – but at least his chest is covered.)

Action leaders like Xena and Buffy have made great strides in how women are portrayed as fighters, but for years it seems that every positive step is accompanied by equal and opposite setbacks – the catwoman of Halle Berry ; Scrapped Wonder Woman 2011 TV series; like sucker punch presses, where women try to hit high heels and glorious underwear. As Cara Delevingne said at the suicide squad, another offender: “In general, superhero movies are completely sexist. Female superheroes are usually naked or bikinis. No one can fight like that.”

But recently, films such as Wonder Woman and Awakening Force laid equal foundations for the actress’s presence and dress. As Weinstein after Hollywood projections, these efforts are more important. As Michael Kaplan, the costume designer for The Last Jedi, said this month: “There are great women in this movie, as we’ve seen in Star Wars movies Much more, and I think it reflects what’s going on in the news. ”

More importantly, the equality of Hollywood Halloween Costumes Outlet will reach new heights by 2018. As evidence, take a look at this 2017 survey of the greatest heroine costumes and the costumes we’re most looking forward to seeing on the screen next year.

Batman v Superman costume designer Michael Wilkinson wants Wonder Woman to wear something specifically created for the fight in the movie, introducing the characters in the movie to DC Patti Patty Jenkins and Lindy Hemming then added his original work to Wonder Woman, a society run by armor, ancient culture, the Queen and the Warriors, and Inspired by sports trends. Hemming wants her Amazon to stand out stronger than anything else – she must give them metal breastplate, mythical nod, and Amazon cut off their left breasts to better wield their bows.

Some Amazon warriors can see a special breastplate on the left and many protect themselves with their knees and armor on their forearms and metal headdresses. Their skirts are shortened for movement, similar to the Hoplite soldier’s clothing worn by ancient Greek and Roman soldiers, or the design of p fish and leather skirts. The Wonder Woman itself is no longer a flag warrior of the Lynda Carter era, but an amazing warrior. As others have pointed out, her boots were made to resemble Roman putties and redesigned from Wilkinson original shoes to ensure that Diana moves easily in the dirt and water; her bracelets and headdresses are now more like guards A same effect.

As Gal Gadot’s “Wonder Woman” himself pointed out in the movie trying on women’s clothing: “How could a woman fight in this (corset)?” She can not. So she does not – I can not do it now.

Although Leia is not a rigid princess, but Carrie Fisher still has to be compared to the actress’s appalling costumes. But her young collaboration star, Daisy Ridley, has more fortune in the apparel sector, wearing designer Michael Kaplan’s androgynous, humble apparel. Rey’s clothing is a practical fare, suitable for desert clearance and Jedi training on isolated islands; there is no gold bikini.

Kaplan also designed the influential Halloween Costumes Outlet of the original Bladefighter to try to avoid gender stereotyping by focusing on characters rather than performers in costumes; in an interview in 2015, he said that when he started designing No one dropped his clothing yet, adding that her clothing was designed for desert residents. Gauze can be used to protect the sand, while flowing fabric can be used as a cold night coat. Part of her costume also hinted at her cleverness: for example, Rey’s goggles were apparently created from an old assault team helmet and other scrap.

As Rai surpassed her old life in “Jedi Knight”, her clothing also showed a new form. In this film, Kaplan pointed out that Ray was wearing a soft warrior armor figure. Her predecessor, Leia, also made a splash from her old dignitaries in Jedi, where she used both elegant jewelry and a structured military cape.

Founded in 1963 by William Hartnell, the Ph.D. is a foreigner with hundreds of years of history, master of the times, often rebirth. This means that Dr. has been performed by many different actors over the years, wearing lively and practical clothes – plenty of suits and suits, as well as practical running shoes.

The newest PhD by Jodie Whittaker draws inspiration from the classic Whovian style, while retaining the wise boots. Designer Ray Holman’s new outfit uses sling and long coats as references for past doctors, but Whittaker does receive a new twist: a set of earrings. Although British “fashion” claims that such clothing is too sex neutral for women, it proves that personality is not defined by gender; whether the clothing is for a doctor or a lady.

Ruth E. Carter produces iconic movie Halloween Costumes Outlet, including the 2016 TV remake for the right thing to do, Amistad and Selma, and the classic mini-series Roots. For the Black Panthers’ Wakandan Warriors, bodyguards, queens and Okoye, including Nakia and Danai Gurira of Lupita Nyong’o, she said she blends images from the original comic with tribal style and high fashion. She told Elle magazine: “We are creating this world and trying to create a culture and pride that feels true to a particular place.

The bodyguard, known as Dora Milaje, wore a beautiful armor-like gown and strong, flexible trousers under the gown. Carter considered a variety of African cultures for Wakanda’s fictional clothing, including the colors of the Red Warriors and the Masai material. Her costumes are still fierce and still intense, and characters like Shuri stand still in sports, functional and technical clothing. Since Wakanda is a technically superior nation, Afrofuturism is also heavily valued in movie apparel. Shuri from Letitia Wright is a tech-savvy fashion figure.

In this sci-fi movie adapted from Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach trilogy, Sammy Sheldon, who also dresses for Ex Machina and X Men: First Class, . The move focuses on a very erroneous and intense investigation by a group of female scientists (including Natalie Portman, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson and Jennifer Jason Lee) – and unlucky Bryan Dallas Howard had to run across the jungle in the jungle at Jurassic World, where they seemed to have come from aliens like Ripley and Terminator Sarah Sarah Connor got their style cues. The main characters include biologists, psychologists, surveyors and anthropologists – in other words, professionals who used to be in the field and communicated their position through apparel design.

The first trailer of the movie shows the crew’s expedition on the strata, backpacks and hiking boots. Beneath these jackets are T-shirts and vests, saving us from low-cut shirts and mini shorts. These women seem to be able to wear the Appalachian Trail instead of garters with weapons or cats. Want less walking track, more REI.

Crouford, a plump, short, character as a video game character is notorious for sex; when Angelina Jolie plays in the first Tomb Raider movie She had hardly lost her reputation when she was her. (Julie even wore a brassiere to bring her height to the height of a cup in order to make her scale more animated by Lara.)

But the newest movie game Croft, released in 2015, makes her more realistic and emphasizes the character’s chest. The next Tomb Raider movie starring Alicia Vikander has been inspired. We’ve seen Vikander produce lenses on practical functional goods pants and boots instead of short shorts and tight bodysuits. Vicente is also seen as portraying Croft as a bicycle messenger, wearing comfortable sweatshirts, sneakers, pants like Chino pants, and even cuffs wearing protective helmets.

Characterizing Lara as the more realistic and practical adventurer in this new Tomb Raider may help her connect with a brand new audience: “I think people can agree with her for many different reasons, but for me to come Said I know her well as a model for many young women, “Wigank told Vanity Fair in March. “She’s trying to get a place in the world and connect her future with the past.It also has a wonderful feature – hardcore, intelligent and vulnerable.And she kicks ass!

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‘Invaluable’ handmade Polish folk costumes stole from a wicker car

After a woman smashed her car window, a Chicago woman spent the Christmas time searching for trash and taking away what she called a “priceless treasure.”

Wholesale Halloween Costumes

On Saturday evening and Sunday morning, five handmade Polish national costumes were stolen from a wicker park car in a robbery and robbery.

Owners Marlena Dzis said five pieces of Wholesale Halloween Costumes, each made of beads and embroidery, are hard to replace.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes
“They are very gorgeous, they’re hand-sewn in Poland and for me it’s very special,” Dzis said.

Each piece of clothing represents a different area of ​​Poland. They borrowed from The Lira Ensemble, a professional performing arts company specializing in Polish music, song and dance. Dzis is a choir singer.

Her car was taken down at 1400 in Wicker Park Avenue. She worked with pawnshops, resale shops and check trash bins. Dzis even followed a garbage truck to a landfill.

“He said.” Honestly, if thrown away, your chances will be one in a million, “Dzis said.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes

She has a performance this weekend, hoping they will appear before that.

“It’s very sad that someone steals something that represents your culture, your legacy and your family,” Dzis said.

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“The Little Woman”: The Story Behind “Homemade” Clothing – Why Maya Hawke Still Wearing Victorian Coats in New York

Gentle Meg, wayward Joe, delicate Beth, pretty Amy – the little sister’s March sister, for “Who are you?” As the “Sex and the City” character, which must make Louisa It’s a bit scary to adapt to the new audience with classic adult stories by Louisa May Alcott.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

“There’s a recovery every 10 or 20 years, something like that can get a little headache – you think everyone will compare it with what’s before,” the Cheap Halloween Costumes designer behind the new mini-drama based on this book Eimer Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh said.

Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh read the book to her daughter when she designed Cheap Halloween Costumes for her daughters at the Dublin Doral Theater in 2011 and is very familiar with the BBC story. She said: “The four girls are very much in love with their mothers, and they are real individuals.” It’s really just a matter of trying to get the character out of the garment. ”

Cheap Halloween Costumes
She uses the clothing to expand each girl’s personality traits. The oldest Meg is the most suitable sister. “Her figure is very much like a doll – there are a lot of blouses under her skirt,” Scarlet Hot Beth “is a person who does not perform any kind of show.” Amy, spoiled baby family “is the one Woman, always so feminine, and happy to be wearing a real gorgeous silk dress after getting married.

Jo, Alcott himself, and Maya Hawke, daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, play the role of “easiest”: “There’s always the cunning quality she’s not wearing pants – it’s stupid – but her dress is looking It may be slightly lim lim. It just allows her to run and climb the tree. “Her clothing has become more mature as she works in New York. “I want to convey the feeling that one is aware of the more literary and artistic environment.”

The biggest challenge in the project is the growth of characters. “From the point of view of apparel, there has been a big development in the role … We see girls turning young, school-going teenagers into young women trying to get out of their lives.

Many Cheap Halloween Costumes are described directly in Elcote’s text. “The story is only given and given, which is a dream job from a garments perspective,” says Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh. “Sometimes you are touching the wall and thinking about ‘My God, who is this person, what are we going to do’, and the little woman always tells you who they are, where they are walking, and you Only need to work hard to respect that. ”

Prior to The Little Woman, Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh acted as DSI Stella Gibson of Gillian Anderson in Fall, and in 2008 adapted Brideshead Revisited and others. Most of her time theater work focused on “little women” earlier than the American Civil War. She and her team make 90% of the costumes for the main actors and find it unlikely that the rest of the Italian boutiques will be available. “The Italians did a lot of movies in the 1860s, and thankfully, we were able to find garments that fit in Concord, Mass. It was fantastic.”

The fashion of this era, well documented in books and magazines, documents the wartime spirit of women – “a bit like the report of reading British women in World War II because of the mentality of patching and patching,” Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh said. Crinolines are very popular, but she mostly avoids these “cumbersome” layers because March girls work and housework.

“The girls have a little wardrobe, they wear the same clothes and make their own clothes, and making things is very important to me.”

At least some design today still makes sense. The two Victorian-style coats Hawk had put on her, including the wax-cotton design of her clothing team in New York. She said: “I can imagine she looks good today in New York today, wearing jeans and one of these Victorian coats, wandering around New York.” I love Maya’s reaction to it. “

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These neonatal ICU ward hats are unlikely to be viable

Babies at Advocate Children’s Hospital NICU enter the spirit of Halloween with a lovely costume contest on Tuesday.

The annual tradition of holding two campuses at Oak Lawn and Park Ridge Chicago Suburban Hospital is a collaborative effort between neonatal ICU nurses, children’s life specialists and patients’ families.

Infants who advocate Children’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital fall into the spirits of Halloween.

Paula Glass, NICU’s clinical manager at Advocate Children’s Hospital, told HuffPost that “nurses work with their families to help them spend special holidays with them during NICU’s hospital stay.

She added: “Halloween is one of our favorite festivals, as it is often referred to as the vacation most children enjoy.” In the past few years, nurses helped families celebrate this by helping them dress or decorate their crib all. ”

Advocacy Children’s Hospital Paula Glass said: “Nurses and their families work together to help them spend a special holiday for them while NICU is hospitalized.

Hospital staff voted to choose their favorite costume, the winner received the gift basket. The public relations team also shared Halloween baby photos.

Glass tells HuffPost that Cheap Halloween Costumes is one of the “first” milestones for newborn babies.

She explained: “Their first Halloween was special, and unfortunately, because they were still hospitalized, they could not enjoy celebrations like the children in their families.” So it was a way for families to participate in Halloween, Almost “cheat” to share photos with family and friends. ”

Advocacy for Children’s Hospital “This is a way for families to participate in Halloween, almost cheating and sharing photos with family and friends,” explains Glass.

Grass said the hospital’s social media posts also give families relatives the chance to see their Neonatal ICU Halloween celebrations and provide supportive advice.

“Let the family know that other people care about them and wish them well.” “Having a baby in a neonatal intensive care unit is stressful, and I think it helps the family feel a bit happy,” she said.

Advocacy Children’s Hospital Public Relations team also shared Cheap Halloween Costumes baby photos.

It is invaluable to inject some fun and happiness into the daily anxiety of the neonatal intensive care unit. Halloween activities are also family creative and baby-related situations.

“We hope parents in the NICU feel a little bit normal and happy in a stressful atmosphere,” said the glass, and the celebration also provided parents with the opportunity to create some special moments with children and celebrated The first milestone. “

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The story of the birth of Jesus belongs to Bethlehem

In a complete church, children’s crying and screams, as well as the humorous laughter of revered parents. On Sunday, they had Christmas stories at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, with smiles, waves and the iPhone watching the children and parishioners.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes

As the Bible states, this group reproduces the birth of Jesus. The unpredictability of simple Wholesale Halloween Costumes and children makes this annual event a Christmas Eve tradition.

Children dressed as angels, sheep, pastures and shepherds, surrounded by Mary, Joseph and the young Jesus. The group performed at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. On Sunday in the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, the story of the birth of Jesus repeated itself.

When telling stories, parishioners sing the Christmas tradition’s sons, including “Oh, you are all loyal,” “What is this kid” and “Calm night.”

The cast includes a (real) baby Jesus, who occasionally gets flogged, and many angels with wings, metal ribbons and feathery aura.

The shepherd with crooked staff, watching their sheep, they wear a cotton ball hat.

Magi entered the ceremony with their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. They sat on the camels across the desert, following the Christmas star.

A child dressed as a maji enters the space of worship, carried by his trusted camels. The group performed at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. On Sunday in the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, the story of the birth of Jesus repeated itself.

But no, they are not “real” camels. One piece of Wholesale Halloween Costumes requires two adults to become camels’ legs. Their heads become humps.

Walking behavior requires a little bit of cooperation and coordination because each leg has limited vision and is synchronized with the second leg while they carry a restless child.

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Little Mix shows sexy costumes behind the scenes on the Glory Days tour’s Nothing Else Matters video

Little Mix has let fans see behind the scenes of their glorious day tour.

Black and white clips make up the new music videos of Nothing Else Matters girls.

And as a four-piece mess in the background, Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jade Thirlwall showcase their stuff on a range of revealing Cheap Halloween Costumes.

Known for their controversial stage Cheap Halloween Costumes, these girls show off a full range of travel activities in the video.

They travel the world on a 75-day tour and Perrie and Leigh-Anne can see hiking in the hills of Hollywood.

In other shots, the girls flirted on stage.

They have a proper silly backstage that looks like a determined friend.

The emerald perfectly completes the impressive dirty dancing elevator in a fragment with a choreographer.

Others show the special friendship between Perrie and Jesy as they are stacked on top of each other in the hotel room.

Elsewhere, the girls wandered around the camera and plunged into g collapse again.

World Tour is a great success, but not always smooth.

Back in April, Leigh-Anne was forced to quit a girl’s show after being burned.

In a documentary filmed and shared on the girl’s Twitter account, Leigh-Anne was destroyed when she had to skip the show for the first time after having severely burned her leg with a steamer.

The star and her band are performing at Anaheim, California, where they support American pop star Ariana Grande.

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How Tonya’s fashion designer sewed for an imperfect wanderer

From now until January 23, the Oscars nominee, EW will dialogue with many competitors to share their work and skills. This week, Tonya (now playing) costume designer Jennifer Johnson recalls trying to sew a complete life through biographical apparel – she knows she lands completely after hitting her best in business That’s Tonya Harding’s own).

Entertainment Weekly: What do you want to communicate with these apparel?

Jennifer Johnson: I was contaminated by Tonya Harding’s tabloid point of view. I am old enough to be part of the United States collective panel. So when I started this project, my goal was to eliminate any thoughts I had about her and start something new. In all my work, even if they have flaws, I also want to love my character, which reflects how close to the costume I am. The clothes I want are not ironic or funny, so this is the hardest part. [We] show a real person: this is my goal, there is a sympathetic approach.

How to achieve this feeling of understanding through clothing?

I divided her life and wardrobe into Cheap Halloween Costumes different chapters. First, when Ravina puts on her, you are like a child. She made skating clothes for her, combed her hair, and put a pretty ribbon on her hair. Although she is abusive, she wants to be a mother, and although they are really poor, they want to show that they are together. Her mother decided Tonya’s skating life until she met Diane (Rawlinson), a social ice skater coach who wears Ralph Lauren and Laura Ashley. When Tony was a teenager, Diane cultivated her and paved the way for her. All this is well documented in a Tonya teen friend’s movie [see the movie below]. She really handed her Yale movie thesis! You can find it online. She shot these great shopping trips, Tonya in the mall and Diane wearing fur coats and skirts, and really annoyed. As you can see, Tonya is starting to be her own.

This is Chapter Three of her wardrobe when Tonya meets Geoff Gillory. She fires Diana, hires a new coach and personally tries on her costume. As she and her husband abuse escalate, they actually start to wear clothes. There is an interesting Stockholm syndrome that is happening. Their pictures are very close together, wearing almost the same sweater or turtleneck. At least from the outsider’s perspective, she lost her identity at least, her palette became very gloomy and serious.

And when she got sponsorship after landing triple triple in 1991, she made a fortune again and said herself again after escaping Jeff. She has a Louis Vuitton bag, Chanel earrings she is neat, detailed, clean, to some extent. She has a wild personality, her skating dress is always wild, but [these small details] made me realize she was very proud. She has a little money, so she bought a nice leather jacket, earrings and a purse, and she may be proud of it.

When I was young, I remembered how she looked different from the other famous women I saw at the time, in terms of her own performance. Why do you think so?
I caught it too She is under the pressure of her husband and mother, and the skateboard community is insulting to her. I watched her endless performance on YouTube, commentators voice is very bad. They commented, judged her clothing, music, style – heartbreaking, because until today, she is also the best slider ever. Rarely one third because it requires an incredible amount of physical strength. In an exercise that resembles the incredible feminization movement and the ballet, you are considered overly feminine but at the same time have the same physical fitness as a man. I wondered if she was withdrawn as a result, as if she had disappeared when money was available [because of criticism].

What is the feeling of working with game clothing? Do you feel that adding pressure to make these completely accurate?

Yes, it is stressful! File photography quality out of touch. Sometimes, we literally view a clip on YouTube. In addition, her early clothes are not as good as they have photographic records. This is a fun process. I’d like to pay tribute to Tonya’s commitment because she made so many garments. Whether you like this style or not, she does a good job of making and caring for clothes. It is a lot of Swarovski crystals and lots of spandex. [Laughs] The most interesting outfits are the ’91 National Cheap Halloween Costumes – one that is famous for its turquoise spandex, which she did for himself. The important thing is that it fits well, because Tonya offers her a huge stretch of spandex so the arms are loose, loose and wrinkled. This thing is a bit sweet

Does Tonya have any comments directly in your design?

I really want to meet with her, but I never had a chance (until the premiere). She went to the party, I walked to her, holding her hand. I told her I was a fashion designer, she hugged me. We hugged for so long, she said: “I do not understand how you look at my clothing!” This is the best review I can get, just from Tonya.

Ravina? How do you approach her?

At first I only took a few photos and her video spoke to the bird on her shoulder. She looks but and is very strong, I find it interesting that she wore a fur coat. The founders of Tonya and Tonya also have a great family portrait. This is a portrait of an appropriate Sears family, and Tonya’s hair has French braids and bows, and Ravina looks so beautiful. She made her hair with a roller, she wears beautiful earrings and a shirt. Tonya’s daddy is wearing a nice suit.

I also noticed that while you were training for the Ninth Olympic Games, she was studying Ravina occasionally when I was standing by the sidelines. Her hair is well done and her earrings are beautiful, so I find it very interesting. She came from the 1940s and 50s, when people in this era are proud of how to show themselves to the world and are trying to maintain that elegant feeling. This is why the fur coat (in a video interview) fascinates me. She was thinking, “Well, I’m interviewing. This is my best thing.” We met Ravina in the early 1970s, but I wanted her closet to start in the 1960s, The fashion of that time showed that she might be a bit more elegant.

In this video interview, is the bird on her shoulder, right? Does the real bird pose any problem to the wardrobe?

His name is villain, he is trained! He was very polite, but Allison [Janney] had a glass of whiskey on the court, and the little bird kept trying to put his head in and drink. This is really interesting. The bird also tried to kiss Allison and bite in the movie we made. Alison likes villains very much. He is just a good performer to drunk!

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Local teachers are wearing Christmas costumes to leave

Halloween Costumes Outlet

On South Primary Wednesday, staff from the Arctic greet students in gorgeous Halloween Costumes Outlet. Wednesday is the last day before the Christmas holidays.

“We have indifference, reindeers, elves and Santa Claus,” said third-year teacher Angel Roberts.

After listening to a school in Georgia, Roberts helped organize the Christmas welcome ceremony. “I think maybe this is something we can try,” she said.

Photos from parents and others in the community. Darlene Jordan, PTO member, said: “I think it really makes everyone have a Christmas spirit.

The students who celebrate the Christmas holidays seem excited. “I think they look good and I was surprised when I experienced this,” said third-year student Carrington Holmes.

These teachers want to leave memories for those students who will never forget. Roberts said: “They may not remember everything that year they learned, but they will remember that we all wear the role of the North Pole.

January 4, Jackson-Madison County School System students return to class.

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I wear a lingerie every day, it helped me overcome the Catholic school of education

Earlier this year, Emily Ratajkowski posted her own photo on Instagram, wearing black lace underwear across New York City streets and across New York City streets . This is the power act I’ve always dreamed of, to be honest. Of course, in fact, she was just doing her own job and taking pictures, but I like to think she would not object to wearing underwear every day.

My very traditional catholic school education means that my leather lingerie always wears a warm overalls, never wearing a skirt, avoiding the shyness of my knees and never going to wear underwear in public. As far as the dress code is concerned, my job is so intense that we are not allowed to wear too many shining earrings or wearing headdresses or any other decorations (Blair Waldorf would be disagreeable). Without any help, I have always reserved, either – never exposed or great.

Do not misunderstand what I mean. I’ve been proud of my accomplishments since I was in such a school for a few years, but sometimes I want to be a bit more relieved and do not feel uncomfortable or unconscious. This is why I decided to challenge myself to wear a day’s underwear every day. Although I will not walk the dog quickly in my panties, I can see this appeal.

Basically, what I was trying to accomplish was a ceremonial thing, and I learned from a dozen years of Catholic Catholic school about how a woman should act or dress. If not for you, I do not mean you have to wear underwear. I just said that this is something that has never happened before because I have the condition to think it is not. This is what I learned from my experiment.

first day

I started to carefully choose True & Co. Delicate lace bra. leather lingerie is a bare, pure lining, which makes me feel a bit vulnerable. Although I like the #freethenipple movement, I’m not entirely confident that I can embrace it. Fortunately, impeccable teamwork has given me the confidence I need, and, you know, it’s a literal improvement, which is good. That day, my casual wear was perfect – Victoria’s Secret pink V-neck T-shirt and Target’s high-waisted jeans. I did not even mind that the tight fit of the T-shirt left the lace edge on the top of the brassiere all day wearing because, honestly, it was lovely and I was not ashamed of it.

My favorite True & Co. However, my experience is a fitness test that I made before placing an order. True & CO. Boast that they are dedicated to designing a more fitted leather lingerie based on the data they collected from about 6 million women – well. I think the whole thing seems a bit too good, especially since it took only five minutes to complete the exam, with only 16 questions. In most cases, these questions are a bit like general questions such as: “Does your shoulder strap slip off or sink into your skin during the day?” And do you like neutral or daring colors? My result seems to be too simple – but it is absolutely crucial.

According to my health test, my shape is “shallow bottom”, which is correct for 16% of women. My research shows: “Your breasts are particularly rounded, sleek and chic at the bottom, I’m not sure how cool my chest is, but the rest is real and I like how common they are including my shape and size, With every secret fashion show in Victoria, I have a completely envious idea and we are happy to remind you that real life is not perfect (bilingual is very interesting).

the next day

Instead of being encouraged by the following day, I should not pay tribute to the affair, but put on Adore Me, something like Ratajkowski’s Instagram. Yes, I can walk my dog ​​here … You know, if I need to do this for some reason.

Although unlined bras are sure to be outside my comfort zone, complicated lace detail is almost impossible to discern. The hip bottom is more like a thong with lace edges, I like it. Most importantly, it’s easy and comfortable to wear this dress all day long when I’m running errands. I like it not obvious to others, but if I wanted to, it made me feel like I could walk along the track with Emily Ratajkowski during the lunch break.

3rd day

Although I like to go out in Daphne, the fact is that I work from home most of the time, making this blue velvet count more viable. Two days after wearing a dark, neutral item, I was happy to add my favorite color (and fabric!) To my new sexy wardrobe.

The front lace seams are high, but it’s definitely a feeling that girls like Serena van der Woodsen lay for a funky night. It was not just the wild nights in the town that I had always wanted to do, sipping a glass of wine while I was wearing Louellin, and I had a nice glass of red wine at the end of my work.

No, I did not walk the dog on the road, but I did go down five floors to collect my mail, so here’s something.

The fourth day

Hangover from the wine (yes, I’m a lightweight!) I need a powerful outfit on the fourth day and let me spend a full day of Christmas shopping. I am wearing a fake leather jacket from Zara, below is a low-cut, light-weight sweater. For the bottom, I went to black leggings and black high heels. I like to pair this complex look with the avant-garde Brielle’s leisure because it adds more personality. Above my sweater, the clearly visible bands were clearly visible instead of looking inappropriate, and they added a bold detail that made me feel more than usual.

If I were honest, the only reason I was so much the first to work on this dress was that I could design a style. As Carrie Bradshaw explained to her in Big and the City, her wedding gown raised the wedding bets. The $ 20 art piece gave me a talented Vivienne Westwood outfit to Carrie Bradshaw.

Fifth day

On the fifth day of the experiment, I dated a person I met at Tinder a few weeks ago. This is the best time to test my new circuit – not because I need his approval, but because it is exactly what made me feel uncomfortable in the past. Often underwear in a week of sportswear, I feel extra hipster so I drank an extra amount of hours and confidence on the eve of our drink hours ago. I wore a charcoal gray sweater with high waist jeans and high heels, and Kaye bodysuits (they’re the staple food, OK). As Beyonce and Nikki Mina put it, I feel myself.

We have a few investment promotion agencies – yes, he explained this to me, but it’s a different story on a different day – in my apartment, my full lace teddy bears a very interesting, “Oh, look at that! Interestingly, I know exactly what he means.Has several appointments between us, and I can tell him not sure if this is a failure.He is a fan, No matter what I am, I feel abnormally confident about my body, such as self-confidence, to make things more exciting.At a certain place, the religious studies teacher in my Catholic school is creepy, which is fair because She is also a biology teacher and skips all the chapters about sex (thanks Catholic schools very much).

The sixth day

The next day, I deeply felt the new self-confidence. I wore loose silk buttons, a round skirt and a day’s blowout wearing Kenzley bodysuits. When I walked into my favorite coffee shop and did some work, I felt myself more confident and confident. On any given day, I like my job, but somehow now I feel more qualified to do it – just as my sexy outfits earned me the right to do what I’ve always done, which is to write appointments and sex . This must have been Gal Gadot’s feeling of wearing Wonder Woman’s clothing, I think.

Before this week, I never even thought about buying Kenzley, let alone wearing it to the coffee shop for six uninterrupted hours. I will be intimidated by what seems like a complicated, uncomfortable design. I myself am convinced that I will never be able to get out, in reality, no one actually wore such clothes. I will be wrong in all aspects. Kenzley easily became my favorite week because I finally thought it was something I did for me purely – because I thought, not because I dared.

Contrary to what I would expect, this is incredibly comfortable without any restrictions. I am happy that even if no one can really know, I’m brave enough to wear this dress – just as if I had a secret superpower. Now, I’m sure it’s Gal Gadot’s feeling.

The seventh day

If the Catholic school taught me something, that is Sunday – the seventh day – a day off, I did it. I spent the day hanging out in my apartment, finding some spouses from Adore Me, masks and watching Gilmore Girls. I purposely tried to dedicate myself to taking care of myself on the last day of the experiment because I found myself more in love with my body than before. More and more people are accustomed to seeing themselves providing less material on their clothing, but more styling makes me appreciate my body more. This is accidental, beautiful.

I have a long way to go, I took what I now call Emily Ratajkowski, but I like where I am right now, that’s what’s really important. The next time I’m wearing a pleated skirt, I’ll probably put it in a place with few words, just for fun.

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Bela Hadid and her Sledge Hammer star spot in a sexy love magazine

leather lingerie
At this point, elaborate underwear is bella Hadid’s uniform of work. The 21-year-old model has appeared on two of Victoria’s secret tracks, barely naked, rising up in the hotel room and catching it all on Instagram, releasing nipples more than once. And now, the celebrity is making further nudity in underwear for Love Magazine’s 2017 calendar.
leather lingerie

Following her BFF Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Martha Hunt, and other members of her model group, Hadid wore a bright red Agent Provocateur bra, red underwear, and undergarment with black tights and high leggings The hair is pulled into the tall ponytail. Her role? At her go-to Dogpound gym, the model is made.

But this time, this is not her average exercise. With a sledgehammer in his hand, the model began to hit the tire. why? She said at the end of the video: “I like to tire the tires.

But leather lingerie this video is not just to prove Hadid loves tire crushing. This is the girl’s power, according to the dubbing played in the video, “Women are the future trend, stronger than anything else.”

Bela Hadid and her Sledge Hammer star spot in a sexy love magazine Continue Reading