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Growing up does not mean you have to give up candy or clothing, it just means you have to provide these things yourself.

As a college student, you may not have yet become a child, but because of other financial burdens, you may not have enough money for Halloween costumes. However, in these ghost periods the festivals can be cheap while keeping humor.

For those who do not meet the standard skills, you can draw characters in two or fewer projects. In order to depict a mummy, all you need is a few broken white stripes and some coffee, thousands of years of stains – please dipped in toilet paper rolls. Continue to wrap your nasty sheet on you, and you will make the Teng people feel ashamed.

This next Cheap Halloween Costumes may work more than a classic mummy, but it will be a crowd preference. Make a robot, grab your stupid cardboard box, wrap them on a foil, and put them on the limbs, torso and head. You may not be able to store items or cook food on a grill for some time, but can be used as your real machine itself.

These basic costumes may not be done in this case, in which case you can safely play and become a fictional hero. Looks like Princess Leah, pick up a big white dress or bed sheet, a nerf gun, and finish it with two glorious cinnamon breads on your head.

Thor costumes need a red shawl, a black shirt and pants, six CDs to your chest, a yellow plastic bag, a beautiful mane and a hammer. Any hammer will do it, but remember that you represent Asgard. In this case bigger and better.

Like the previously mentioned DIY project can be easily converted into a couple of costumes. An interesting person would be Adam and Eve, an apple, a fake snake, a fallen leaf, a tape and a lingerie.

For those who like older movies, try to become Juno and Paulie Bleeker from the movie “Juno”. You may need most of the items needed for these garments, because most of them are ordinary clothes. More specifically, to become Juno, you will need a striped orange and white shirt, gray cloakroom, skirt, jeans and baby belly.

Paulie Bleeker requires mustard yellow, mustard yellow shorts, deep red short-sleeved shirt, white running shoes, white knee high socks and orange Tic-Tacs. Together, Juno and Paul will win the hearts of the party.

If you do not mention a few pieces of sexy clothing, the list of DIY clothing can not be completed. If you ever wanted to appear on the skin, but not enough, I have good news for you: it can be naked. In order to do this, you (ironically) need underwear, cardboard, paint and tape. What you will do is apply a different tonal skin tone to the cardboard and apply a tape to your reserved area.

If you show so much skin does not attract you, it is always possible to find other ways to seduce. You will believe that wearing a bikini, can you get rid of your whole body? What you need is a white eye hole, bikini top and bottom. Boom: You are now a sexy ghost. You are welcome.

Worst of all, you can watch a tutorial on how to apply make-up, turn yourself into a beautiful or weird creature. With the help of DIY magic, you can always create a kimono costume.


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