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While some YouTubers at the end of the day, by watching the Star Wars deceive or wearing a Halloween Costumes Outlet dog clip and relax, but others by watching the inflammation video and get over. We are talking about alt-right vlogs, where divergent commentators speak out indigningly like Islam is an inherently extremist religion, whites are on the brink of extinction, or Hillary Clinton enters a mysterious cooking recipe ( serious).

They can get rid of all this because YouTube operations did not develop normal checks and balances for broadcasters.

“Unlike the Fox news or talk broadcasts, YouTubers do not need a license to broadcast, so they are not subject to FCC rules prohibiting them from distributing obscene or false information,” said Carlos Maza of Vox.

In addition, advertisers can not control YouTube channels like mainstream media.

“Typically, this garbage check will be advertisers,” Maza added. “Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh can make everything they want, but at the end of the day, their bosses have to worry that the company will mess with their ads, but YouTube is different, advertisers do not know their ads are What video In most cases, YouTube manages this relationship, assigns ads to videos and manages the relationship, and pays the creator accordingly.

According to vlogger, like Lauren Southern in Canada, they think that YouTube is a fortress of right-wing thinking in a liberal-based media landscape, which is great. “For the left-wing content, you can get it in real life,” she points out. “From your professors, your teachers, your newspapers, the leftists do not need to go to the dark places of the Internet to find their opinions, while the right is doing that.” You agree.

But these advertisers are not satisfied with this. You may be unhappy to imagine that your ad before the advent of healthy chicken soup, a vlog teaching white supremacist how to make their klan hood the most intelligent. Yes, you will be very angry and suspect that anyone can buy Costco size bleach.

As a result, advertisers want to be supervised, but it is said that this is not easy, according to Maza. “It’s not a good way to standardize this stuff,” he said, “and YouTube will see about 400 hours of video uploads every minute and can not monitor the content exactly.”

So far, their efforts have made angry political commentators and right-wing videoians feel angry. Find out why in this clip.


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