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Marryann Perrini’s guinea pig Joey imitates Perrini’s online sales hat at She lives on Virginia Beach.

Last year’s Halloween, Becky Hartley-Creech played her dog Miss Piggy from The Muppet Show.

Asia, a pit cow, hate it.

“Long golden hair kept on her face,” said 39-year-old Hartley Creek. “But I have a photo, so it’s all important.”

Wearing a dress is not a new thing, but it seems more and more popular.

Google “Pet Halloween Costumes Outlet”, you will be submerged option – from standard theme t-shirts to elaborate clothing, such as the old western sheriff, wearing hats and pistols.

According to the National Retail Federation, about 16% of pet owners plan to wear animals this year. The most popular clothing is pumpkin, the federal pointed out.

“There are plenty of places where you can bring your pet today, and in the past few years they have frowned,” said Hartley Creek, who lives in Norfolk.

Ghent root business association website According to the Ghent market masquerade, Friday’s Halloween street party will be awarded the “best pet clothing” prizes.

Norfolk O’Connor Brewing Company’s fourth annual Dogtoberfest was held on Sunday and held a pet clothing match.

O’ardor’s event manager Sarah Serrano said: “Any dog ​​in any clothing can immediately become cute,” with the Nuoduoke animal care and adoption center Dogtoberfest Friends of cooperation.

Some of the participants dressed in furry friends as O’Connor beer brands such as El Guapo. The other is the theme of food, and even a few “Jedi dog.”

Hartley-Creech sells some pet garments at Becky’s Corner in Norfolk’s JT’s Playful Pet Spa.

They are “just another way for people to destroy children with limbs.”

She has three children themselves, but all the sons. Asia “is the only woman in my own house, and I like to wear her for the holidays.

“My husband thinks I’m nuts.”

Maryann Perrini, 69, lives in the northern area of ​​Virginia Beach, runs an store called “Small Animal Coat”, where animal hats are sold, mainly for rodents and rabbits.

Her rabbit, sushi and guinea pig Joey are models.

She said she saw pictures of animals with small hats on the net and decided to try her hand. Then “people start buying them.”

She now sells her hat to Hawaii. Recently she made some candy corn hat for Halloween. People order all occasions: mini graduation cap, santa hat, cake hat.

“They really make people laugh … it’s kind of like entertainment, just be happy.”

But the animal? unhappy

Suffolk’s Nancy Bullock said she bribed her Chihuahua, swinging her with herbs to her imitation of her wool wrapped for puppies.

Veterinary officials warned the pet owner not to let the furry friend see when wearing a dress. Also make sure that the clothing does not restrict movement, hearing, eyesight or breathing, and pay attention to the risk of suffocation.

As Hartley-Creech knows, clothing is usually just for photography, and then they can get out.

“It’s just the most lovely thing,” she said. Especially now that her child is too old to be deceived or treated.

“This is the best thing.”


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