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This Halloween holiday season has two trends for search advertising. A professional retailer who specializes in Halloween food has again aroused the interest of shoppers, but few have done well for paid search ads and product information ads. The retailer seems to do better one or the other.

Kantar Media Group AdGooroo analyzed the activities of the 823 Halloween related keywords for text advertisements and product information advertising during the period from 1 September to 15 October, including “Halloween Costumes”, “Halloween Ornaments”, “Apparel” and “Halloween shop”. “The results of this US study are limited to Google’s study of 823 keywords in Google Desktop text ads and product information advertising campaigns.

Over the past month and a half, half of the top ten advertisers in Google’s text ads in the United States were professional retailers, often active during Halloween and eliminated paid search rankings in other months of the year.

Ad Gooroo marketing director Jim Leichenko said professional clothing retailers in the season, mainly in August, the peak in October, and then relatively calm in the rest of the time.

Headquartered in Minnesota, the professional retailer is responsible for charging, accounting for 16% of all text ad clicks, while Amazon ranked second with a click rate of 13.6%. The Halloween Halloween Halloween enters the 3rd, 13.2% of the click share.

According to AdGooroo, Christmas Halloween is owned by Spencer’s gift and operates 1,200 seasonal retail outlets in 50 states and nine Canadian provinces.

Party market share with 6.8% share, Wholesale Halloween Costumes to 6.4% of the click share rate in the top five.

Traditional brands – Pottery Barn Kids, Big Lots and Grandin Road – account for 2%, 1.7% and 1.6% respectively. “Other” category produced less than 1%.

Few companies have done a good job in text and public advertising. Pottery Barn Kids, Chasing Fireflies and Cheap Halloween Costumes are one of the top advertisers for PLA and text ads.

Spirit Halloween 10% Click to share, 9.3% of the party market; and Wholesale Halloween Costumes with 8.2% of the click to share, as product advertising and text ads ranked the top five of the most popular advertisers.

Interestingly, Cheap Halloween Costumes and Amazon were ranked No. 1 and No. 2 for text advertisers, ranking the 14th and 28th of the Product Listing Ads (PLA), respectively. Cheap Halloween Costumes gained 1.3% of the click share, and Amazon accounted for 0.3% of the click share.

Multichannel retailers performed better in PLA than text ads. Target company ranked fourth, click rate of 8.6%. Home Depot produces 4.5% of the PLA click share in the Halloween keyword group, mainly advertising clothing and decorations, which may be more well known. Barnes & Noble received 1.8% of the click share, Wal-Mart received 1.1% of the click share.


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