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Not every hobby is so much into the chest.

Cheese Cake Blaise Retro members have been shaking their mom to give them for 11 years and they are not going to stop. Originally inspired by a birthday party, the gang has become a traveler’s behavior, bringing their eccentric zany performances to various stages.

“We always call our funny performances as funny shows that you can bring your grandmother to,” revue members and major costume designer Kitten Kaboodle explained. “Burlesque is a wide range of art forms, so there is everything from classical vintage strippers to some real original performing arts.If you go to New York, you may see someone on the stage with naked use of penis or something. Tend to be inclined to showcase very convenient programs. They are easy and try to incorporate some surprises and fun elements.
Cheese Cakes traveled a lot in the town of British Columbia, but have made festivals and shows in New York, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Rome, Stockholm and Berlin. Kitty Kaboodle said they are always willing to do a show at home, their friends and family, and they are very happy to do their first performance in UVic this month.

“It would be funny,” she said. “We will definitely pull out all the sites and bring all the best cheesecake’s actions to the show. There is definitely a weird edge; it’s Halloween Costumes Outlet, so we bring some more numbers. There will be a little bit Head of Muppets. There will be some great song; we have a few cheesecake is very good singer.We are very different – like silk E Gunz is a very nice dancer; i am not so much more i am more Is Fozzie Bear funny, so I tend to do something more interesting. ”

Kitty Kaboodle said that because cheese cake has so many different A-type personality, so they are unique.

“It is challenging to work in a group; you have to learn to contribute and work together for a common goal,” she says. As long as we get happiness from it, we want to continue to do it. ”

Cheese cake hobbies give them a platform to promote healthy body image and confidence, giving them the space to create talent. Kitty Kaboodle said that although it may not pay the bill, but experienced more than 11 years, exciting and exciting.

“I call it a subsidy, like that, you make a little money, but you just use it to buy more stones,” she said. “You go out on the stage, your best glow, maybe you have a stomach, maybe you have a soft arm, but you are there to do what you like.I do not realize how much can inspire others to feel a little about these things Self-consciousness, like “hey, if she’s there, then i can be there too.” Why I hide? “Everyone has found that different things are beautiful and attractive, and we are not the same, people should leave there, glow, just love what they have, and nobody needs to hide.”


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