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From Wholesale Halloween Costumes, Christmas stockings and hi-tech toys, monitors and cute clothing for whole products, there are countless products on the market that consumers care and destroy their limbs family members.

According to, Amazon’s online sales of pet products in the United States totaled $ 430 million in the fourth quarter of last year, higher than UK, German and French product sales.

That’s just Amazon. According to the American Pet Supplies Association, sales of pet products and services totaled more than $ 66 million per year and continue to grow, which is considered by the industry as a “recession certificate”.

BJs wholesale clubs and Wal-Mart and other large retailers to expand the pet products, with the increase in pet ownership, small store sales have increased. With the increase in the number of pets, service demand is also increasing.

In the United States, the pet dog population increased from 35 million in 1993 to about 72 million in 2011, compared with about 90 million last year, said Dr. Scott R. Handler, deputy medical director of the Foster Small Animal Hospital. Tufts University Cummings Veterinary Medical Center.

This is a considerable increase.

“There are several factors – the bonds of human beings and the processing of pets such as dogs and cats as part of the family, and the benefits they get from these relationships; the economic cycle,” explains Mr. Handler. “With the economic development, people in the economic and emotional will be more likely to bear the responsibility of pets.”

He said that demographics have also changed.

“With the advent of the baby boomers, the children moved out of the house, they were receiving pets, possibly a substitute for their children, and had pets for thousands of years,” he said. “That is the two big population groups.”

At Tafts, Mr. Handler said that they saw the number of cases increased from 31,000 to 35,000 over the past three years.

“There are some of the population seeking the best health care, so they are willing to pay for this care cost, including MRI, total hip arthroplasty, dialysis – which is the level of care we have in the facilities at Tufts,” he said The “They have the same expectations for the family or friends who are doing some of the procedures and are looking for the same degree of care for the pets they think are family members.”

He added that in order to meet the growing demand for veterinary services, the school is expanding the veterinary assistant program, including the Montessori Regional Vocational and Technical School and the Nassau Valley Technical High School, recently opened a new veterinary clinic and joined the Stewart Technology Center, which is partner with Tufts.

Mr. Handler said that in addition to food, water, shelter and medical care, more and more product lines, including nutritional supplements, interactive feeding stations and doors, pet monitoring systems and other products are irrelevant.

On average, the pet owner should plan to spend about $ 250 a year on their own dog’s daily veterinary care costs and $ 180 cat, he said, with an additional $ 235 a year for food, depending on the variety.

“Halloween costumes are not required,” he said. “They are cute and interesting, it makes animals more part of the family and adds glue, but they are not necessary.”

There is one thing he believes the pet owner should spend money.

“We want to see people have pet health insurance.” We know that animals covered through veterinary health insurance policies can get more care than animals that do not belong to the general rules, “Mr. Handler said. It is nice to see that the financial constraints of the covered patient will not play too much. ”

Because some products may be unnecessary because of higher quality of life, sales are booming.

He has worked for 28 years in Wal-Mart Synthia S. Troller, and four different locations of the manager, he said, Worcester stores to expand the product.

“Like any place, people buy clothes for their animals and toys,” said Ms. Troller, who has two dogs Duncan and Peggy. “People had bought special milk bones before. Now there are organic food, no meat, meat and more. People are more serious about the contents of their pet food. There are Christmas socks for dogs and cats, full of toys and food, and Halloween costumes. ”

Ms. Troller said she saw the highest increase in high-end pet food sales.
“As more and more people accept education about their own food, it translates into small creatures living in our house.” “They are doing something, and I know that as my income grows, I am Become more understanding, I do not buy cheap things again. I bought something.

BJ’s wholesale club also expanded the pet product line in 25 stores in Massachusetts. Westboro’s company aims to lay its name for the pet class by providing high-quality food at a low price and providing a one-stop service for all grocery and needs (including pets).

BJs has recently expanded its Berkley Jensen pet classification series with additional dog food, dry dog ​​food and wet cat food options, without zero fillers or preservatives.

“As a private company, we will not disclose sales data.” We can tell you that members like our expanded Berkley Jensen pet products and have more opportunities to do so, “said Bonnie Volpe, BJ’s vice president of food, groceries and beverages. on the shopping, our members continue to choose BJ’s wholesale club to meet their pet needs. ”

Ms. Volpe said BJ also expanded pet health and health products and added more flea / tick treatment.

Especially for the president and owner of the pet, Michael J. DiTullio offers a “healthy pet diet” that includes natural and organic whole food and pet products as well as services including obedience training, day school, beauty and non-emergency veterinary care Shrewsbury’s Lakeway Commons opened his eighth Massachusetts store.

Mr. DiTullio recently made an idea of ​​the growing demand for all pets. He said that more and more families for their own and their pets to make a better lifestyle choice, thus driving the annual consumption.

Mr. DiTullio said: “Pets have become part of the family unit.” Marketing terms are known as pet’s humanization. But the simple fact is that parents love their limbs and children, just like their legs, and make better and healthier choices for both. Another major factor is the rise of the Millennium pet parents. This demographics outweighs healthy and healthy products and services. ”

He said that this means that more pet products sector can meet the demand.

“Pet consumption is about $ 67 billion in the United States and is increasing every year.” “Some people say it is a sign of a recession. Retailers like pet stores are expanding the number of stores, and manufacturers’ product innovation is expanding exponentially ”

Small businesses are also increasing their markets.

She said Maria I. Rafalski, head of Gardner’s owner, Shampooch Mobile Pet Groomer, began working with several customers in 2010. There are 175 customers and an alternate list, she says she is considering buying another truck – if she can clone herself.

“I can not even accept new customers,” she said. “I stopped at the beginning of this year.People like its convenience, like a one – on – one concern.It ‘s less stressful, they like to interact with dogs and groomer.

If she can find someone like a dog like a dog, she can trust who, Ms. Rafalski will also expand in the growing pet industry.


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