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We absolutely like the idea of ​​Melanie Martinez as your Cheap Halloween Costumes this year, in addition to paying tribute to self-confidence, ambitious, artistic and comprehensive popular badass, you can also pick up a lot of lovely fashion and forward items around the singer style.

Let’s take a look at some of the style of Mel. First of all, you have to get a unique style baby dress. You can go to the traditional Lolita style (Dolls Kill has a good choice, including Pink Noise Skater Dress, $ 95), or must add unusual colors and styles (through Dolls Kill’s charming Hola dress, $ 135 or this super cheap super chic cake dress from UNIF, $ 22). You also need the right shoes, Mell personally wear ballet platform shoes (such as Jeffrey Campbell’s quilted pink satin on the Pointe platform, $ 112.95), blush slippers (Dolls Kill’s Candy Cloud Sandal, $ 81) and military platform shoes. The most important thing is hair. You can dye half of the hair – we really want to dig Haili Williams’s Poser Paste as bright and vibrant temporary dyes – a good wig can be found from the professional (like this very melanie-esque wavy gray Mix Purple Black Split Lace Front from Wif, $ 68), or you can add your own color to the store to buy the wig (including party market $ 26.99)

And now the details! Ms. Martinez usually wings the headlines, and we think the choice of the big headband / bow combination is the best choice for you in this holiday (the popular theme of the Blackheart lace bow with a super cute, ultra cheap, $ 6.90). Mel also known as wearing a beret, animal earrings, bowling cap, and other mixed knives and bows. You can also get fun from your wallet (necklace from Circlly’s Angelic Pretty Shy Bear Bag) (Melanie has personally worn Kitty Colar, $ 34.00) from ManTrap.

An important part of your clothing will be wearing lace socks, because Melanie is known for her never wearing shoes, only lace socks. You have a lot of options here and choose different styles, colors and prices from Hue and Topshop. If your Halloween combines Halloween, you need to start those shoes as soon as possible!

Finally, you will have a lot of fun with make-up. Melanie mostly stays in the green, blue, purple and pink world of the palette, so smear your face with different pigments (the MAC has bold colors, $ 22), and the Lime Crime is the favorite $ 21), lipstick (NARS, $ 27), eye shadow and pink blush (Make Up For Ever, $ 21) traditional lipstick (Nyx, $ 12.99) and so on. But make sure you have a pencil (Bobbi Brown, $ 28), so you can draw a lovely freckle like Melanie.

Finishing feel There is a vinyl version of Melanie Martinez’s Cry Baby album. It can not only help you start talking about your clothing, but you will have a gorgeous vinyl cover to frame or hang, and play with a great record. You can order via Melanie’s website, buy one at Urban Outfitters or call the local record store to see if they have a copy.


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