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Moreover, in this grand tradition, online retailer launched the “Anne Frank girl clothing”, which includes a beret, brown bag, and a fixed destination label blue dress.

Social media reacted angrily, and some users claimed that they were “silent” and called clothing “tasteless”.

“The girl’s size of the girls from the 1930s to the 1940s was designed by a British company to represent British children who withdrew from London to the countryside during the Second World War, Nanya Books in Pevensie Kids “.

The clothing is being sold on the retail giant’s website as “Children’s World War II Evacuee Girl Costume”.

Anne Frank Center spokeswoman Alexandra DeVitt told Fox News Agency that “there are more appropriate ways to commemorate the legacy of Anne Frank, rather than through Wholesale Halloween Costumes, which is Halloween costume, It was disgusting and trivial pain, the pain of millions of people during the Holocaust. ” Spokesman Ross Walker Smith said Sunday that the costume was pulled.

Frank is known for being hidden from the diaries of the Nazis.

Halloween costumes to defend the costume, said the costume “many uses other than Halloween, such as school projects and plays,” although it eventually pulled out from the site. As of Monday night, the clothing seems to have been removed from Wal-Mart’s website, but still sold at Amazon. “We apologize for any criminal activity, because this is not our intention.”


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