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Traffic researchers say Halloween may be a deadly night for kids.

A new study found that Halloween can be fatal to its core members.

An analysis of the 42-year National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s car and pedestrian death data found that children between the ages of 4 and 8 had a 10-fold increased risk of vehicle death on Halloween night when they were walking on a Halloween night. Any party on October 31.

Dr. John Staples, co-author of the Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of British Columbia, said: “The alcohol burning party and many children are getting darker on the road. This is a method of pedestrian injury.” Research.

The number of pedestrians killed in 1975 decreased compared to federal traffic safety officials who began collecting their data. However, Staples said that the proportions of similar nights on both sides of Halloween and date are roughly the same.

The researchers found that the risk of vehicles being killed by vehicles of all ages increased by 43% on October 31 compared to similar nights before and after Halloween – this growth remained fairly stable throughout the data range, covering 1975-2016 Year, the doctor said.

“A lot has changed since 1975 – road design is safer, law enforcement is better, vehicle design is better, and drunk driving is less,” he said. “So the risk of pedestrians has dropped. We have succeeded. But the number of deaths on Halloween is still high compared to the same day of control.”

The researchers found that the most deadly hour was 6 pm.

Staples said the solution included designing pedestrian streets, providing light bars and flashlights for the gangsters, and even shutting down the high-traffic blocks of the vehicle on October 31.

The Los Angeles Police Department plans to announce its recommendations for safer Halloween at a press conference on Wednesday morning. According to a statement from the Los Angeles Police Department, its tips include “walking and looking for two ways before crossing, choosing bright and reflective clothing that will stand out when you are quailing.”

Staples added that drivers are the most important factor in Halloween safety.

“The message I sent to the driver was not to drive a dunk, high or distracted – and make sure you slow down as you drive through the sidewalk,” he warned….

4 things to consider before wearing Halloween costumes tomorrow

Halloween is just a few hours away, and you may want to know if you should wear the clothes you plan to go to the office tomorrow, or wait until 5 pm.

Courtland Hickey, general manager of Chicago Apparel, said: “Clothing has become more culturally acceptable in the past 10 years.”

Chicago clothing company has been making costumes for theaters, tricks or corporate events for 40 years, and Hickey has been on both sides of workplace clothing – he helps clients find the perfect look and set the rules for his creative staff. it is good.

Here are some suggestions to consider when assembling a workplace to prepare clothing:

1. Make sure your office really encourages dressing up
The final trick is to appear in elaborate outfits and find that your office doesn’t celebrate Halloween. Before putting any time or energy into the costume, Hickey says to check to make sure your office has a culture of dressing up. If you are new to the team, you can also ask other colleagues to plan to match their clothing level on Halloween.

Once you turn on the green light, make sure you can perform your job duties in your outfit. “One thing I told employees is that you have to be able to work in it,” Hickey said. “If it prevents you from doing what you need to do, you can’t wear this outfit.”

If you work in a customer-facing role, double-check the meetings that may take place that day and plan accordingly. Your colleague may have no problem with your outfit, but consider how international customers who read a weekly video conference will read it.

2. Make sure you are “SFW”
Wearing “safe work” clothing should be the most important. Controversial or political, or teasing people in your office is completely forbidden.

The same applies to sexy or provocative clothing – even if you have a casual office or a close team, be careful.

3. Consider comfort
The typical working day is eight hours, probably longer than most people wearing Halloween costumes or attending parties.

Think about how your clothes will feel all day long. How do makeup weather commute in the morning? Do you want to wear your outfit all day, or change your clothes? If you work in the office at your desk most of the day, how does your clothing look from the desktop? Can you take a mask to answer the phone, or should you leave it at home?

Hickey said that in addition to being suitable and able to complete your work, you should feel comfortable with your clothes. If it will hinder your comfort all day, then it’s best to reconsider.

4. Focus on creativity
Putting creative outfits together is not only enjoyable, but also has other benefits at work. A study shows that people wearing Halloween costumes at work are happier than those who are not wearing Halloween costumes.

Hickey says that a smart Halloween costume can help you professionally. “This may impress your boss.”

If you know that your boss is a huge Star Wars fan, you can get some extra points when you come to work at your best Darth Vader. In the end, a smart, appropriate Halloween costume can help you better understand your colleagues. “You can see that you have more common interests,” Hickey said.

Shaun White pays tribute to Special Olympics for being slammed by the numb Halloween costume.

cheap halloween costumes

Every year, it seems that at least one professional athlete has to apologize for a numb Halloween costume, and this year’s difference is limited to Shawn White. The Olympic skier apologized on the weekend for the warming of the party’s clothing for the weekend.

The 32-year-old White chose to dress up as a simple Jack, a special role in the 2008 movie “Tropical Thunder.” In the context of the film, the simple Jack character plays an excessive, conscious offensive tool that ridicules Hollywood’s tendency to use disability stories to create emotional movies that often cause Oscars.

White shared his photo of the costume on social media.

Ten years ago, after the release of the Tropical Thunder, the simple Jack storyline and scene sparked controversy. Some people think it helps to achieve the stereotype that it is intended to ridicule.

With this in mind, and without the very specific background associated with the role, there is no doubt that White decided to wear a strong, strong opposition immediately like a simple Jack like Halloween. Special Olympics is one of the many people who called him out.

As criticism began to pile up, White removed the photo from his Instagram and later apologized, acknowledging that he made a numb decision. “I should apologize to everyone in the Special Olympics community because my choice of Halloween costumes is awful.” “This is the last minute decision. This is wrong. Special Olympics is right to speak to me. They have done a lot of work to support so many great athletes. I am sorry that it is not sensitive. Lessons learned.”

Considering everything, White really no one can blame himself here. He should know that these costumes will be considered controversial and tasteless by many people. In addition, he has a decade of related, less sensitive materials to choose from. There is always another Halloween.

3 incredible Halloween offensive costumes

Halloween is only a few days away from the hotel, which means everyone will break their most horrible, fun and unique costume for this spooky holiday. While wearing your outfit ideas during a Halloween party or costume contest may be part of your October 31st tradition, it’s important to remember that offensive Halloween costumes are never fun, cool or “avant-garde.” In addition to looking like a jerk, wearing one of these garments can increase the discrimination that marginalized communities have experienced. So no, these costumes are not “just a joke” – they can really hurt those who just want to enjoy the holidays.
Yes, half of the fun of Halloween is pretending to be someone (or something else!) You are not a night – vampires, famous actors, werewolves, members of the Riverdale Snakes. However, Halloween does not mean that the decent humanity should fall to the side of the road. However, like a clockwork, every Halloween someone has a clothing that spreads through the Internet, racism, interference, aversion to women, cultural applicability or all of the above.

That’s the way it is: I don’t want to be a clothing cop, but you can find interesting or unique outfits instead of offending or hurting. In fact, finding Halloween costumes is not easy, rather than picking out a Halloween costume. When you’re looking for the perfect Halloween costume, there are seven Halloween costumes that will never be fun, you should stay away and stay away.

1 “mental ward” patient
Dressing up as a “sexy mental ward” on Halloween, not only can trigger those with mental illness, but also play an existing mental health stigma – including mentally ill people who are born with “violence” or being evil spirits. Considering that the 2014 Psychological Science Association reported that research found that stigma is one of the most common barriers to mental health care, you should skip the Halloween costumes that make these transitions permanent.

As Dr. Joe Pierre, a clinical professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, wrote in an article in psychology today, “Psychiatric illness is not an amusement park. Mental illness is not a horror movie. Mental illness is not a Halloween costume. Don’t dress up your child. A tight-fitting suit, don’t wear it yourself.”
2A Nazi
There are no excuses for dressing up as a Nazi in Halloween. period. The Nazis committed terrible genocide and violence against Jews, homosexuals, the disabled, and other groups that did not conform to the spirit of white nationalism. In addition, the ideology of the white supremacist group is similar to the Nazism of the Second World War and is still outstanding today. In fact, the Southern Poverty Law Center estimated in 2017 that at least 100 white nationalist groups exist in the United States. The style of this hate group is nothing to be funny.

Use black, brown or yellow 3A clothing
In 2018, it should be generally understood that the use of black, brown or yellow faces as part of a Halloween costume is completely unacceptable. If you dress up as a character different from your own race, your outfit should be recognizable without having to change your skin tone or facial features. As Bustler Ayana Lage wrote in 2017, “If there is any doubt as to whether the use of topcoats for your clothing is considered racially insensitive, then it is best not to do so.”

“Black Face” remarks expand the Halloween costume debate

Native American protesters stand outside the Phoenix office at, a retailer of “sexy Native American” clothing. For some ethnic and racial groups, Halloween has long been plagued by clothing that perpetuates stereotypes and examples of cultural possession.
PHOENIX – NBC talk show host Megyn Kelly’s comments on Halloween’s black face rekindled the debate over clothing across the race and the appropriateness of various movie and TV characters such as “Black Panther” Where.

The issue has reverberated on social media, and the magazine’s article is about whether the “black panther” is suitable for white children’s clothing to protest against the long-standing stereotypes of Native Americans. The debate in social media focuses on whether political correctness undermines the spirit of the festival.

The impact on Kelly was quick, and Kelly questioned on her show why the black face of Halloween was racist: NBC said on Friday that it cancelled “Megyn Kelly Today.” She did not receive support from NBC colleagues, including Al Roker, who called on her to apologize to people of color across the country. He was later asked on Twitter whether a woman’s white son could dress up as his idol “black panther.”
“Of course. Just don’t try to put on a dark look,” Roker wrote.

Others have joined the subject, including Jeff Schwartz, whose 7-year-old white son also wants to wear the thorny suit of Marvel.

“We should encourage our children to have black heroes, whether they are white or black. This is healthy,” Schwartz told the Associated Press.

Some articles warn white parents to stay away from such a choice, thinking that although the legendary hometown of the Panthers “Wakanda” is not a real place, the character’s race is crucial to his identity.

Elise Barrow, three black mothers in New York City, said she and her husband tried to convince their 5-year-old son to become a black panther, but he chose to become a dinosaur. Barro said she was torn apart by the debate.

“Children want to be the people they want to be. I won’t stop them,” Barro said. “If my son wants to be Captain America, I won’t refuse.”

In recent years, similar problems have appeared in the ancient Polynesian cartoon “Moana” and Pixar’s “Coco”, which is centered on the Mexican boy Miguel and his family. A few months before the release of “Moana’s” in November 2016, Disney launched a Maui-based outfit based on Dwayne Johnson’s voice. The ensemble includes brown bodysuits, Polynesian tattoos and faux skirts. Some people think that it is annoying to let children wear skin of another race.

Jim Quirk, three white fathers in São Paulo, Minnesota, said that adults should stop paying attention to race and gender issues and put them in essence as “children’s holidays.”

“They want to be princesses, doctors, panthers, etc.,” Quaker said. “They do this because they want to be like them. Adults put meaning on these things.”

But he admits that there are some things online, such as black faces.

“You shouldn’t be disrespectful,” Quaker said.

Summoning cultural occupation is the driving force behind Amanda Blackhorse, who has long opposed the use of native images to make mascots and logos. On Wednesday, Blackhorse and others demonstrated at’s Phoenix headquarters, an underwear company that has been selling “sexy” local apparel, including a clothing sold under the “Chief Wansum Tail.”

Her team published an online petition with thousands of signatures calling on Yandy to stop using Native American culture as a costume.
“People always observe or see aborigines through stereotypes – through headwear, deerskin and edges,” Blackhorse said. “This company is continuing this. They think who we are. They don’t think we are different tribes.”

The organization hopes that Yandy will stop propaganda, issue an apology and donate all the proceeds of the garment to institutions that help Native American women. Yandy’s spokesperson did not respond to the message for comment.

Yandy is far from being the only retailer to offer such clothing. Amazon and other major websites offer Halloween costumes based on Asian stereotypes, such as geisha or “Mrs. Dragon.” There are also Mexican-style clothing, including ponchos, sombrero and moustache and “sexy senorita” dresses.

At the same time, Kelly’s comments made many people angry.

“When I was a kid, it would be great if you dress like a character,” Kelly said in a discussion with the All White Group.

Joe Jonas’s Halloween costume will have fans of ‘Power Game’ scream in the best way

cheap halloween costumes

Didn’t they say that imitation is the highest form of flattery? It seems that Joe Jonas’s Halloween costume tested this statement on Saturday night, October 27, when it looked like a special festive eve Halloween party. Interestingly, with his fiance Sofitel at his side, Jonas’s Halloween ensemble is constrained to make most power game fans see double. Ok, a little bit.

As far as GoT fans know, Turner is no stranger to the fictional Westeros landscape. (In fact, she is one of the few people who have been there since the beginning.) The audience may know best about her best is Sansa Stark, who is the red descendant of the elite House Stark, whose members have been Hosted the northern region of Westeros. Since the first launch of “Game of Thrones” in 2011, Turner has always played a favorite role for fans, although her work is likely to end sometime next year, when the series will improve.

What better way to celebrate the end of Ms. Stark’s screen era, rather than decorating Halloween costumes, sculpted in the character’s image? If Jonas has any signs of Instagram activity on Saturday night, it seems that the DNCE lead singer may answer this question, including “no better way.” Moreover, after actually witnessing all the social media glory of Jonas’ Sansa Stark costume, it seems that he is completely correct.

“Another Saturday night,” Jonas wrote, a wonderfully stupid IG photo tandem with most people – yes, even weird dissidents – feel the spirit of Halloween. A back-to-back photo booth snapshot shows Jonas and Turner posing with a group of equally well-dressed friends. At first glance, Turner’s equipment did steal a show. Wearing a silver floor length velvet jumpsuit, the power of the game star seems to be dressed as an elephant in the weekend shindig of Halloween. Take a closer look at Turner’s Instagram story.

Jonas’s clothing – at least – compared to his fiancee – just based on these two photos, a bit hard to pin. (Is there anyone else here to find the princess Fiona atmosphere?) That is to say, if Jonas’s photo booth is not fully aware of his clothing inspiration, then the singer’s Instagram story will definitely try to figure things out. With the power of the game soundtrack exploding in the background and more power game themes than you might know, Jonas’s latest IG story shows that he is entering his door – you guessed it – Sansa Stark.

It can be said that if the game of power hosts a costume contest, Jonas is likely to win the first prize. It’s not entirely shocking, because he has been engaged to Turner since October last year, and he used to be very outspoken about his affinity for the HBO series. According to the “Daily Mail” report, as early as April, Jonas told the Australian radio program, he was very grateful that Turner did not disclose any spoilers to him in advance. why? “Because I am a fan of the show, I have a big heart,” Jonas told the outlets. He added,

Fans of most power games may nod in the final comments. (Really, when can we see the release date of Season 8, HBO?!) However, during this time, at least they have already got the scene of Jonas – to be honest, endless cute – Sansa Stark The impression made them come over.

Weekend people: a terrible good time, and all your Halloween costume ideas


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Hey! Hey! (Much better.) Do you feel the creepy feeling of horror? This is the weekend! But it is also Halloween! Or, we only pretend that Halloween is close enough, because Halloween is pretending.

Just like pretending that Halloween is actually the abbreviation of Halloweekend, because this is the people at the door. If you don’t have finished clothes, don’t sweat. First of all, you will destroy your makeup; on the other hand, Weekender will satisfy you. Please find a completely unique clothing concept for this occasion in this week’s products, provided that everyone can participate. I may need to reconsider this.

In the meantime, please read on! This is a great weekend. (And read the last special offer next weekend!)

No quarrel: If you missed the glorious years of the game show, there are plaid blazers, extra long microphones, jackpots before inflating, cheesy dinette sets, trips to Tahiti, and the fortune of fate bait, You can solve your puzzles on Friday night’s “Old School Game Show”, a mixed trivia/sketch comedy/funny/music show that lets you get back to the question and get the actual answer, everyone on TV is at 10am 30 points in this issue obviously drunk Wilbur musical guests Walter Sickert and Devil’s Twins and comedian Lamont Price. Find tickets here. Clothing: Mobster suit + wig + ivory = Chuck Woolery Mammoth.

The final scene: a distinction between Studio 54 and “Studio 54” –Mat Tyrnauer new documentary about the New York nightclub – you can wear sweatpants and enter. In addition, this “lively and emotional documentary” offers all the scenes. Mark Finney around the world wrote that he brought two stars to the party. (They are not on the list!) The surviving boss Ian Schlager leads the trend in the story of this CBS studio, which became “Mick, Halston, Bianca (not necessarily with Mick), Truman, Cher, Farrah Home away from home”, Leeds, Kevin, 狡猾. . . This list continues to be based on the name (or unique name) and is famous. “Now we show clothing: white wig + ork tusks + black turtleneck sweater = Andy Warthog.

Retro great: A bit difficult to review in the mid-1990s. (Trust us. We know.) However, “Mid90s”, Jonah Hill, for the first time as a writer and director, made a popular retreat for an embarrassing era (in several senses). According to critic Tom Russo, this is an adult story that can despise everything Hill has to offer, and he gives this “safe” first show to Samsung. “It’s like Hill took his familiar humour and sneaked into Richard Linklater’s ‘boyhood’,” he wrote. Now showing. Costume: Frilled Blue Dress + Golden Scorpion Wig + Chain = Alice Chain.

Noise: Sonic Youth is selling all their equipment when it comes to the explosions of the past! Oh, wait, the wrong message. Bevis Frond is on tour! Under the leadership of the world’s most talented 尼克萨洛曼 loud, and since 1985, these grow grow psych grow pione pione pione pione pione pione pione pione pione pione pione pione pione pione pione pione band band band band band band band band band Band’s rare return to the Rockwell in Somerville. Find tickets here. Clothing: blonde wig + stilt + Stratocaster + zombie makeup = Thurston Morgue.

Leadership: Don’t shoot on other parts of the paper or anything, but if the news makes you feel frustrated and restless (if you are a big Emmylou Harris fan!) you might consider Saturday’s Lantern Festival trip to Europe Fim. The tour will assemble Harris, Jackson Brown, Jerry Douglas, Lyra Downs and Steve Earl on a stage and serve as a women’s refugee committee representing immigrant and refugee families seeking security on the US border. Work has contributed. Clothing: Sandy Golden Wig + Acoustic Guitar + Hay = Sheryl Scarecrow.

Best Last Minute TV and Movie Inspiration Halloween Costumes

Just like every other year and every holiday on the American calendar, Halloween once again confides to us. Those who like to plan (read: Virgo) may have set their Halloween costumes for months, completing all the clothing, blurry accessories and the creativity necessary for makeup. At the same time, the rest of us are scrambling to pull the last minute of Halloween costumes to the last minute.

Fortunately, as with any other trial time, you can always turn to pop culture and inspire for Halloween costumes. You can stay out of time with Fortnite clothing or become a model costume for Millennials. However, to make things more evergreen, you can choose from millions of iconic movie characters or thousands of classic TV shows. Whether you are a superhero movie, a romantic comedy or a HBO TV show, everyone has TV character costumes and movie costumes. Use some basic things – a cat, a witch, a pumpkin, a ghost (some of us don’t even need clothing for the last costume). It’s tempting – but you really want to party to tell others and No, you don’t know if another person still wears a pointed ear or an orange sweater? People, let us be creative here.

The big screen and the small screen have a lot of last minute costume ideas, and we have collected 13 for you here. Some are old and some are new, but they are definitely going to be badly hit. This is the last Halloween costume.
People who have not seen the Panthers live under the rocks this year, in which case you may not want to attend their Halloween party. This may cost you a bit – the price of the set on Amazon is up to $100 – but this is a worthwhile investment because you can destroy it in any future Marvel theme feature or Comic Con.

Halloween costumes crossing the line and how to avoid picking a piece

When it comes to the trend of Halloween costumes, it seems that at least one popular cultural product is available for sale every year. Sometimes, there are a few.

In September, online retailer Yandy broke through the production line with her sexy “Maid Story” costume, which was swayed by the unique red dress worn by women in the Hulu elite who were forced to give birth to the children.

Within a day, the company succumbed to criticism and pulled the costume and explained: “In the past few hours, it became clear that our ‘Yandy Brave Red Maiden Costume’ was seen as a symbol of female oppression rather than a female Empowerment.” (When is the white hat with wings a symbol of empowerment?)

However, the clothing agent is chasing its “Bruce Caitlyn Jenner Olympian I I Cait” clothing, telling TMZ that it will not pull or stop the project. “This is a costume,” they told the toolkit’s gossip website, a men’s Olympic tracksuit with a female wig. “This is very interesting.” (No, but hey, no matter what.)

If you don’t want to be humiliated on social media, or summoned by the company’s human resources department or school management (after they find it on social media), the rules are simple: if in doubt, play safely.

First, stay away from any ethnically colored outfits (think Julianne Hough’s “Orange is the new black” – looks “a few years ago”). This lesson on Wednesday, NBC “Today” host Megyn Kelly had to be strengthened when she apologized for the comments. She said one day earlier that when she was a child, it would be acceptable to wear black clothing as long as she respected it. (Twitter told her immediately, even then.)

Other horrible clothing ideas: Any idea that can explain the oppression of a large group of people (looking at you, the sexy “maid’s story”) will take up the culture of oppressed gender or race (Hello, Native American women) Demon), or indulge in animal cruelty (remember the dentists in Minnesota?). This is not worth it.

Although it’s obviously not as aggressive as any of the clothing mentioned above, any rough or grotesque sexy version (like last year’s sexy pizza, or pizza pies worn over the mouse suit) is not a bit sexy. . (Oh, when we were at it, Sriracha was hot, but not sexy.)

Anyway, who decides that all female Halloween costumes must be gendered?

The best Halloween costume on TV

The Halloween-themed TV series is a good excuse for the show to be addicted to stupidity, creativity and quirkiness. Whether it’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Halloween Robbery” series, the community’s epic nod to horror movies, or, more recently, the final theme of the Big Bang theory episode, Howard dressed as Sheldon, this spooky season brings many great ideas to writers s room. This is a performance opportunity, especially a sitcom that pushes the reality aside and throws out some more ridiculous and interesting ideas.

With this in mind, we collected the following list and collected the best Halloween costumes we have seen on TV.
Howard Wolowitz plays Sheldon Cooper from the “Big Bang Theory” series “Imitation Disturbance”
Sheldon has the upper hand in this year’s Halloween drama. Howard wore a flash T-shirt, mimicking his manners and perfectly imitating his friend (Dr. Brown). The best part is that Sheldon didn’t even get a gag at first. Bazinga!
Regular size Rudy plays Paul Rudd, ‘I love you, man’ from ‘Bob’s Burgers’ episode ‘The Nightmare on Ocean Avenue’
This episode may have just aired for one night, but this is an instant classic costume. We are looking forward to the regular size of Rudy, who proposed the most regular outfits.

Leslie Knope plays Rosie The Riveter from ‘Parks and Recreation’ episode ‘Halloween Surprise’
This dress is absolutely perfect for Leslie Knope. A strong, determined, and serious civil servant reflects everything Rosie The Riveter represents. It’s not just a fun get up, it’s a costume that tells us who Leslie Knope is and what she believes.
George Jefferson plays Charlie Chaplin from “The Jeffersons” series “Now You See It, Now You Do not”
Jefferson created a two-part murder mystery for the 1979 Halloween special, and everyone must appear on their favorite actor. The best clothes in a pile? George Jefferson plays Charlie Chaplin. why? Because those arrogant, noisy, and loud George Jefferson are so passionate about the silent movie star that it is really interesting to play his role at Halloween.

Rachel plays Rachel from the ‘Friends’ series ‘The One With the Halloween Party’
Rachel quickly corrected Monica because she was severely criticized for not wearing her costume to attend her Halloween party: “I am a lady, she spent a lot of money on her clothes, she wants to wear it because she is very I can’t wear it soon. “We all want to shirk the clothing policy from time to time, and Rachel’s pregnancy excuse is a good reason, because anyone can wear something that is flattering.
Eddie Huang plays Humpty Hump in the “Fresh Sea” episode “The Miracle on the Dead Street”
Eddie Huang can’t really boil down to a feature or a passion, but his love of hip hop undoubtedly sparked a lot of tone and story in ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat. This love entered the second season of the Halloween episode, because Eddie dressed up as a perfect homage to Digital Underground’s Humpty Hump. Now this is an in-depth dive reference.
Amy Farrah Fowler plays Raggedy Ann and Sheldon as C-3PO Andy from the “Big Bang Theory” series “Holographic Inspire”
Amy and Sheldon knew they wanted to go to Halloween for Halloween in the sixth season, but they couldn’t agree on the couple’s situation. Enter their lively compromise: Amy as the classic Raggedy Ann and Shelton as her robot companion, Andy.
Buffy plays the girl in the “Buffy Vampire Killer” episode “Halloween”
In the second episode of this season, Buffy is worried that her attraction to the secret angel is not feminine. So on Halloween, she decided to dress up as an old-fashioned woman, a corset and all. When everyone suddenly becomes the costume they wear, the typical bad guy Buffy becomes a distressed girl and a person who needs to save. Needless to say, this is not what we love Buffy, but it is a dress that teaches her to be herself and to be proud of her strength and independence.
Troy and Abid are participating in the ‘community’ episode ‘epidemiology’ as Ripley and the aliens
We can make a complete list based only on the community episodes, but we will avoid this and simply say that the double clothing of Season 2 may be the best. Troy and Abid, dressed as Ripley and her evil space enemies, from Ridley Scott’s 1979 movie “Aliens”, took their costumes to the next level, and most of the plots disappeared in them. In the role, and track each other, just as their life actually depends on it.
Michael Scott plays ‘MacGruber’ in ‘The Office’ episode ‘Costume Contest’
One such ridiculous costume can only come from the sweetness of Dunder Mifflin, but the incompetent boss Michael Scott. He plays Will Forte’s “MacGruber” from SNL (MacGuyver’s word game) and is fascinated by spreading bombs.