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Hey! Hey! (Much better.) Do you feel the creepy feeling of horror? This is the weekend! But it is also Halloween! Or, we only pretend that Halloween is close enough, because Halloween is pretending.

Just like pretending that Halloween is actually the abbreviation of Halloweekend, because this is the people at the door. If you don’t have finished clothes, don’t sweat. First of all, you will destroy your makeup; on the other hand, Weekender will satisfy you. Please find a completely unique clothing concept for this occasion in this week’s products, provided that everyone can participate. I may need to reconsider this.

In the meantime, please read on! This is a great weekend. (And read the last special offer next weekend!)

No quarrel: If you missed the glorious years of the game show, there are plaid blazers, extra long microphones, jackpots before inflating, cheesy dinette sets, trips to Tahiti, and the fortune of fate bait, You can solve your puzzles on Friday night’s “Old School Game Show”, a mixed trivia/sketch comedy/funny/music show that lets you get back to the question and get the actual answer, everyone on TV is at 10am 30 points in this issue obviously drunk Wilbur musical guests Walter Sickert and Devil’s Twins and comedian Lamont Price. Find tickets here. Clothing: Mobster suit + wig + ivory = Chuck Woolery Mammoth.

The final scene: a distinction between Studio 54 and “Studio 54” –Mat Tyrnauer new documentary about the New York nightclub – you can wear sweatpants and enter. In addition, this “lively and emotional documentary” offers all the scenes. Mark Finney around the world wrote that he brought two stars to the party. (They are not on the list!) The surviving boss Ian Schlager leads the trend in the story of this CBS studio, which became “Mick, Halston, Bianca (not necessarily with Mick), Truman, Cher, Farrah Home away from home”, Leeds, Kevin, 狡猾. . . This list continues to be based on the name (or unique name) and is famous. “Now we show clothing: white wig + ork tusks + black turtleneck sweater = Andy Warthog.

Retro great: A bit difficult to review in the mid-1990s. (Trust us. We know.) However, “Mid90s”, Jonah Hill, for the first time as a writer and director, made a popular retreat for an embarrassing era (in several senses). According to critic Tom Russo, this is an adult story that can despise everything Hill has to offer, and he gives this “safe” first show to Samsung. “It’s like Hill took his familiar humour and sneaked into Richard Linklater’s ‘boyhood’,” he wrote. Now showing. Costume: Frilled Blue Dress + Golden Scorpion Wig + Chain = Alice Chain.

Noise: Sonic Youth is selling all their equipment when it comes to the explosions of the past! Oh, wait, the wrong message. Bevis Frond is on tour! Under the leadership of the world’s most talented 尼克萨洛曼 loud, and since 1985, these grow grow psych grow pione pione pione pione pione pione pione pione pione pione pione pione pione pione pione pione band band band band band band band band band Band’s rare return to the Rockwell in Somerville. Find tickets here. Clothing: blonde wig + stilt + Stratocaster + zombie makeup = Thurston Morgue.

Leadership: Don’t shoot on other parts of the paper or anything, but if the news makes you feel frustrated and restless (if you are a big Emmylou Harris fan!) you might consider Saturday’s Lantern Festival trip to Europe Fim. The tour will assemble Harris, Jackson Brown, Jerry Douglas, Lyra Downs and Steve Earl on a stage and serve as a women’s refugee committee representing immigrant and refugee families seeking security on the US border. Work has contributed. Clothing: Sandy Golden Wig + Acoustic Guitar + Hay = Sheryl Scarecrow.


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