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Didn’t they say that imitation is the highest form of flattery? It seems that Joe Jonas’s Halloween costume tested this statement on Saturday night, October 27, when it looked like a special festive eve Halloween party. Interestingly, with his fiance Sofitel at his side, Jonas’s Halloween ensemble is constrained to make most power game fans see double. Ok, a little bit.

As far as GoT fans know, Turner is no stranger to the fictional Westeros landscape. (In fact, she is one of the few people who have been there since the beginning.) The audience may know best about her best is Sansa Stark, who is the red descendant of the elite House Stark, whose members have been Hosted the northern region of Westeros. Since the first launch of “Game of Thrones” in 2011, Turner has always played a favorite role for fans, although her work is likely to end sometime next year, when the series will improve.

What better way to celebrate the end of Ms. Stark’s screen era, rather than decorating Halloween costumes, sculpted in the character’s image? If Jonas has any signs of Instagram activity on Saturday night, it seems that the DNCE lead singer may answer this question, including “no better way.” Moreover, after actually witnessing all the social media glory of Jonas’ Sansa Stark costume, it seems that he is completely correct.

“Another Saturday night,” Jonas wrote, a wonderfully stupid IG photo tandem with most people – yes, even weird dissidents – feel the spirit of Halloween. A back-to-back photo booth snapshot shows Jonas and Turner posing with a group of equally well-dressed friends. At first glance, Turner’s equipment did steal a show. Wearing a silver floor length velvet jumpsuit, the power of the game star seems to be dressed as an elephant in the weekend shindig of Halloween. Take a closer look at Turner’s Instagram story.

Jonas’s clothing – at least – compared to his fiancee – just based on these two photos, a bit hard to pin. (Is there anyone else here to find the princess Fiona atmosphere?) That is to say, if Jonas’s photo booth is not fully aware of his clothing inspiration, then the singer’s Instagram story will definitely try to figure things out. With the power of the game soundtrack exploding in the background and more power game themes than you might know, Jonas’s latest IG story shows that he is entering his door – you guessed it – Sansa Stark.

It can be said that if the game of power hosts a costume contest, Jonas is likely to win the first prize. It’s not entirely shocking, because he has been engaged to Turner since October last year, and he used to be very outspoken about his affinity for the HBO series. According to the “Daily Mail” report, as early as April, Jonas told the Australian radio program, he was very grateful that Turner did not disclose any spoilers to him in advance. why? “Because I am a fan of the show, I have a big heart,” Jonas told the outlets. He added,

Fans of most power games may nod in the final comments. (Really, when can we see the release date of Season 8, HBO?!) However, during this time, at least they have already got the scene of Jonas – to be honest, endless cute – Sansa Stark The impression made them come over.


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