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Every year, it seems that at least one professional athlete has to apologize for a numb Halloween costume, and this year’s difference is limited to Shawn White. The Olympic skier apologized on the weekend for the warming of the party’s clothing for the weekend.

The 32-year-old White chose to dress up as a simple Jack, a special role in the 2008 movie “Tropical Thunder.” In the context of the film, the simple Jack character plays an excessive, conscious offensive tool that ridicules Hollywood’s tendency to use disability stories to create emotional movies that often cause Oscars.

White shared his photo of the costume on social media.

Ten years ago, after the release of the Tropical Thunder, the simple Jack storyline and scene sparked controversy. Some people think it helps to achieve the stereotype that it is intended to ridicule.

With this in mind, and without the very specific background associated with the role, there is no doubt that White decided to wear a strong, strong opposition immediately like a simple Jack like Halloween. Special Olympics is one of the many people who called him out.

As criticism began to pile up, White removed the photo from his Instagram and later apologized, acknowledging that he made a numb decision. “I should apologize to everyone in the Special Olympics community because my choice of Halloween costumes is awful.” “This is the last minute decision. This is wrong. Special Olympics is right to speak to me. They have done a lot of work to support so many great athletes. I am sorry that it is not sensitive. Lessons learned.”

Considering everything, White really no one can blame himself here. He should know that these costumes will be considered controversial and tasteless by many people. In addition, he has a decade of related, less sensitive materials to choose from. There is always another Halloween.


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