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When it comes to the trend of Halloween costumes, it seems that at least one popular cultural product is available for sale every year. Sometimes, there are a few.

In September, online retailer Yandy broke through the production line with her sexy “Maid Story” costume, which was swayed by the unique red dress worn by women in the Hulu elite who were forced to give birth to the children.

Within a day, the company succumbed to criticism and pulled the costume and explained: “In the past few hours, it became clear that our ‘Yandy Brave Red Maiden Costume’ was seen as a symbol of female oppression rather than a female Empowerment.” (When is the white hat with wings a symbol of empowerment?)

However, the clothing agent is chasing its “Bruce Caitlyn Jenner Olympian I I Cait” clothing, telling TMZ that it will not pull or stop the project. “This is a costume,” they told the toolkit’s gossip website, a men’s Olympic tracksuit with a female wig. “This is very interesting.” (No, but hey, no matter what.)

If you don’t want to be humiliated on social media, or summoned by the company’s human resources department or school management (after they find it on social media), the rules are simple: if in doubt, play safely.

First, stay away from any ethnically colored outfits (think Julianne Hough’s “Orange is the new black” – looks “a few years ago”). This lesson on Wednesday, NBC “Today” host Megyn Kelly had to be strengthened when she apologized for the comments. She said one day earlier that when she was a child, it would be acceptable to wear black clothing as long as she respected it. (Twitter told her immediately, even then.)

Other horrible clothing ideas: Any idea that can explain the oppression of a large group of people (looking at you, the sexy “maid’s story”) will take up the culture of oppressed gender or race (Hello, Native American women) Demon), or indulge in animal cruelty (remember the dentists in Minnesota?). This is not worth it.

Although it’s obviously not as aggressive as any of the clothing mentioned above, any rough or grotesque sexy version (like last year’s sexy pizza, or pizza pies worn over the mouse suit) is not a bit sexy. . (Oh, when we were at it, Sriracha was hot, but not sexy.)

Anyway, who decides that all female Halloween costumes must be gendered?


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