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Halloween is only a few days away from the hotel, which means everyone will break their most horrible, fun and unique costume for this spooky holiday. While wearing your outfit ideas during a Halloween party or costume contest may be part of your October 31st tradition, it’s important to remember that offensive Halloween costumes are never fun, cool or “avant-garde.” In addition to looking like a jerk, wearing one of these garments can increase the discrimination that marginalized communities have experienced. So no, these costumes are not “just a joke” – they can really hurt those who just want to enjoy the holidays.
Yes, half of the fun of Halloween is pretending to be someone (or something else!) You are not a night – vampires, famous actors, werewolves, members of the Riverdale Snakes. However, Halloween does not mean that the decent humanity should fall to the side of the road. However, like a clockwork, every Halloween someone has a clothing that spreads through the Internet, racism, interference, aversion to women, cultural applicability or all of the above.

That’s the way it is: I don’t want to be a clothing cop, but you can find interesting or unique outfits instead of offending or hurting. In fact, finding Halloween costumes is not easy, rather than picking out a Halloween costume. When you’re looking for the perfect Halloween costume, there are seven Halloween costumes that will never be fun, you should stay away and stay away.

1 “mental ward” patient
Dressing up as a “sexy mental ward” on Halloween, not only can trigger those with mental illness, but also play an existing mental health stigma – including mentally ill people who are born with “violence” or being evil spirits. Considering that the 2014 Psychological Science Association reported that research found that stigma is one of the most common barriers to mental health care, you should skip the Halloween costumes that make these transitions permanent.

As Dr. Joe Pierre, a clinical professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, wrote in an article in psychology today, “Psychiatric illness is not an amusement park. Mental illness is not a horror movie. Mental illness is not a Halloween costume. Don’t dress up your child. A tight-fitting suit, don’t wear it yourself.”
2A Nazi
There are no excuses for dressing up as a Nazi in Halloween. period. The Nazis committed terrible genocide and violence against Jews, homosexuals, the disabled, and other groups that did not conform to the spirit of white nationalism. In addition, the ideology of the white supremacist group is similar to the Nazism of the Second World War and is still outstanding today. In fact, the Southern Poverty Law Center estimated in 2017 that at least 100 white nationalist groups exist in the United States. The style of this hate group is nothing to be funny.

Use black, brown or yellow 3A clothing
In 2018, it should be generally understood that the use of black, brown or yellow faces as part of a Halloween costume is completely unacceptable. If you dress up as a character different from your own race, your outfit should be recognizable without having to change your skin tone or facial features. As Bustler Ayana Lage wrote in 2017, “If there is any doubt as to whether the use of topcoats for your clothing is considered racially insensitive, then it is best not to do so.”


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