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The Halloween-themed TV series is a good excuse for the show to be addicted to stupidity, creativity and quirkiness. Whether it’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Halloween Robbery” series, the community’s epic nod to horror movies, or, more recently, the final theme of the Big Bang theory episode, Howard dressed as Sheldon, this spooky season brings many great ideas to writers s room. This is a performance opportunity, especially a sitcom that pushes the reality aside and throws out some more ridiculous and interesting ideas.

With this in mind, we collected the following list and collected the best Halloween costumes we have seen on TV.
Howard Wolowitz plays Sheldon Cooper from the “Big Bang Theory” series “Imitation Disturbance”
Sheldon has the upper hand in this year’s Halloween drama. Howard wore a flash T-shirt, mimicking his manners and perfectly imitating his friend (Dr. Brown). The best part is that Sheldon didn’t even get a gag at first. Bazinga!
Regular size Rudy plays Paul Rudd, ‘I love you, man’ from ‘Bob’s Burgers’ episode ‘The Nightmare on Ocean Avenue’
This episode may have just aired for one night, but this is an instant classic costume. We are looking forward to the regular size of Rudy, who proposed the most regular outfits.

Leslie Knope plays Rosie The Riveter from ‘Parks and Recreation’ episode ‘Halloween Surprise’
This dress is absolutely perfect for Leslie Knope. A strong, determined, and serious civil servant reflects everything Rosie The Riveter represents. It’s not just a fun get up, it’s a costume that tells us who Leslie Knope is and what she believes.
George Jefferson plays Charlie Chaplin from “The Jeffersons” series “Now You See It, Now You Do not”
Jefferson created a two-part murder mystery for the 1979 Halloween special, and everyone must appear on their favorite actor. The best clothes in a pile? George Jefferson plays Charlie Chaplin. why? Because those arrogant, noisy, and loud George Jefferson are so passionate about the silent movie star that it is really interesting to play his role at Halloween.

Rachel plays Rachel from the ‘Friends’ series ‘The One With the Halloween Party’
Rachel quickly corrected Monica because she was severely criticized for not wearing her costume to attend her Halloween party: “I am a lady, she spent a lot of money on her clothes, she wants to wear it because she is very I can’t wear it soon. “We all want to shirk the clothing policy from time to time, and Rachel’s pregnancy excuse is a good reason, because anyone can wear something that is flattering.
Eddie Huang plays Humpty Hump in the “Fresh Sea” episode “The Miracle on the Dead Street”
Eddie Huang can’t really boil down to a feature or a passion, but his love of hip hop undoubtedly sparked a lot of tone and story in ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat. This love entered the second season of the Halloween episode, because Eddie dressed up as a perfect homage to Digital Underground’s Humpty Hump. Now this is an in-depth dive reference.
Amy Farrah Fowler plays Raggedy Ann and Sheldon as C-3PO Andy from the “Big Bang Theory” series “Holographic Inspire”
Amy and Sheldon knew they wanted to go to Halloween for Halloween in the sixth season, but they couldn’t agree on the couple’s situation. Enter their lively compromise: Amy as the classic Raggedy Ann and Shelton as her robot companion, Andy.
Buffy plays the girl in the “Buffy Vampire Killer” episode “Halloween”
In the second episode of this season, Buffy is worried that her attraction to the secret angel is not feminine. So on Halloween, she decided to dress up as an old-fashioned woman, a corset and all. When everyone suddenly becomes the costume they wear, the typical bad guy Buffy becomes a distressed girl and a person who needs to save. Needless to say, this is not what we love Buffy, but it is a dress that teaches her to be herself and to be proud of her strength and independence.
Troy and Abid are participating in the ‘community’ episode ‘epidemiology’ as Ripley and the aliens
We can make a complete list based only on the community episodes, but we will avoid this and simply say that the double clothing of Season 2 may be the best. Troy and Abid, dressed as Ripley and her evil space enemies, from Ridley Scott’s 1979 movie “Aliens”, took their costumes to the next level, and most of the plots disappeared in them. In the role, and track each other, just as their life actually depends on it.
Michael Scott plays ‘MacGruber’ in ‘The Office’ episode ‘Costume Contest’
One such ridiculous costume can only come from the sweetness of Dunder Mifflin, but the incompetent boss Michael Scott. He plays Will Forte’s “MacGruber” from SNL (MacGuyver’s word game) and is fascinated by spreading bombs.


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