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10 Fictional Halloween Costumes for Adults & Kids

Halloween is a very different occasion for adults and kids. Children see the magic of Halloween through experiencing one night completely different to any other, while adults generally don’t experience this wonderment, having seen it so many times before. That being said, there’s one thing that adults and kids will always have in common: dressing up.

Although some people enjoy putting together costumes that strike fear into the hearts of even the most courageous, others look to pop culture for a little more inspiration. A huge percentage on Halloween costumes in the 21st century are now based on fictional characters, whether it’s an evil villain from a Disney film, a heroic storybook outlaw, or even Japanese anime cosplay.


Halloween means transforming yourself into something else for the night, whether it’s scary, hilarious, or really adorable. This your chance to bring your favourite motion picture to life, step outside the pages of your beloved childhood book, or create something weird and wonderful in celebration of the eccentric. If you’re a little stuck for ideas, we’ve put together a list of 10 fictional Halloween costumes for adults and kids. Who will you channel this Halloween?

1. Brave

Everyone loves a fantastical adventure film – kids and adults alike. Perhaps the biggest hit in 2012 was Disney Pixar’s Brave, which saw Merida, a courageous Scottish princess, on a quest to go her own way in life – but encountering a catastrophic curse. If you want to discover the true meaning of courage this Halloween, check out this McCall’s pattern for adults and kids. Your costume’s fate lives with you; you’ve only got to be brave enough to see it.

2. Tangled

From a defiant daughter, to a captive teenager; next up, we have Disney’s Tangled. This age-old tale is based on the German fairytale of Rapunzel, published in the 19th century by the Brothers Grimm. But there’s no helpless damsel in distress in this modern twisted tale, moreover a feisty teen seeking freedom. If your empowered little girl’s looking to go on a whirlwind adventure like Rapunzel, this Simplicity children’s pattern may just help.

3. Zorro

At the rise of pulp fiction in the early 20th century, came Zorro: a Castilian outlaw born and raised in California with a mission to defend the people from tyrannous villains. This mysterious masked man is not only a written character, but he was also adapted into a fictional film in the late ‘90s. If your kid would like to become this century-long success story for one night only, create them a cape and eye mask using this KwikSew pattern, or an entire Zorro costume using this McCall’s pattern. Minus the pencil moustache, of course.

4. Little Red Riding Hood

Another classic fairytale featured on our list is none only but Little Red Riding Hood. This European twisted folk tale sees a hooded girl venture to her grandmother’s house, only to be tricked by a dressed-up wolf. It’s a childhood story of nightmares – perfect for Halloween! If your little adventurer would like to become this cloaked wanderer (minus the gruesomeness), stitch together a red hooded cape using this KwikSew children’s pattern, or an entire Red Riding Hood costume using this McCall’s pattern. You could even make a matching outfit for yourself, too!

5. Robin Hood


From Little Red Riding Hood, to Robin Hood – we’ve definitely got a classic theme going on today. Robin Hood is considerably less hooded, but boy does he have style. This heroic young outlaw famously stole from the rich to give to the poor; his tale told throughout the ages in English folklore. If you’ve got a hero in your life who needs a costume to suit, this Butterick pattern and this Burda Style pattern will make different interpretations of the costume for the little man, while this Burda Style pattern will make one for the grownups.

6. Frozen’s Elsa and Anna

Do you want to build a Frozen costume? Disney’s smash-hit animation is arguably one of their biggest films to date – and it’s still going strong three years down the line! Kids and adults alike rejoice at this epic fantasy musical adventure, following the snow queen unwillingly trapping her kingdom in a perpetual winter. Whether you liken your character to Queen Elsa, or see yourself as more of a lovable Anna type, you have a wealth of different options to recreate their memorable costumes. Create costumes for kids using this Simplicity patternand this Simplicity Coronation Day pattern, or create adult costumes using this Simplicity pattern and this Simplicity pattern. Better yet, if you need to make costumes for adults AND children, try out this McCall’s pattern.

7. Cosplay

Cosplay is incredibly popular at the moment, widely seen throughout comic conventions across the world. But what actually is it? Cosplay is simply the words ‘costume’ and ‘play’ put together. So, ‘cosplayers’ dress up as Japanese anime and manga characters from films, comics and games. If you’ve got an anime-loving teen who wishes they could join the copay craze, this Simplicity pattern and this Simplicity pattern will help you get on track.

8. Warrior & Princess Warrior

Gone are the days of the princess being saved by her knight in shining armour. Today’s women are empowered, strong and independent – and now you can let the world know through your choice of Halloween costume! Whether you want to become a world-class archer with body armour to suit, or a foam sword yielding princess with a majestic belt and crown, this Simplicity Warrior pattern and this Simplicity Princess Warrior pattern will transform you into your own hero.

9. Captain Hook

Does Peter Pan have you and the little one completely hooked? In the spirit of Halloween, it’s time to forget the do-gooders and go straight for the baddies. Captain Hook is one of Disney’s most notorious villains, featuring a distinctive hook instead of a hand. If you know someone who’d like to become this fictional antagonist for the night, create them a captain costume using this Simplicity costume, or a Captain Hook imitation outfit using this McCall’s pattern.

10. Mad Hatter & Queen of Hearts

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was originally brought to life in the mid-1860s, but oh boy has it evolved since then. Most recently, we’ve seen Tim Burton’s quirky CGI adaptation of the classic fantasy story, centred on the Mad Hatter searching for his family. If you’d like to become Burton’s interpretation of this wacky character, look no further than this Simplicity pattern. However, if you’d rather have an excuse to scream “off with their heads!” at everyone around you, this McCall’s pattern will help you to make the story’s main antagonist: the Queen of Hearts.

Where to Buy This Year’s 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes

Dressing up for the holiday hasn’t been an activity reserved just for the kids in recent years. The number of adults — and even pets — wearing costumes to get into the holiday spirit has increased, with the NRF anticipating adults will spend $1.4 billion on costumes for themselves this year (and another $350 million to dress up their furry friends).

With total U.S. Halloween spending expected to reach $7.4 billion this holiday — and young adults age 18 to 24 planning to spend $87 on their 2014 outfits — GOBankingRates investigated online retailers to reveal where consumers can find the best deals on this year’s hottest costumes.

The stores investigated ranged from the online portals of big box retailers — Target, Walmart, Party City, for example — to smaller specialty costume sites like We evaluated each store on the availability of each costume (and variety of options — adult and children’s costumes for both genders were considered). We also curated prices, available discounts and promo codes, and other money-saving deals (such as free shipping).

Click through to see where you should be buying your favorite costume this Halloween.

1. Captain America Costume

The Captain is sure to have a strong showing this Halloween. You’ll find a large selection of costumes patterned after the hero, ranging from inexpensive colored jumpsuits to movie-quality threads.

Even if you don’t have a blockbuster budget, just about every online retailer will have something for you; you’ll find higher-quality (and much more expensive) costumes like the one pictured above at the smaller, more specialty costume retailers, whereas bigger sites like Target and Party City will carry the cheaper versions. The one exception? Walmart, which carried a surprising selection of outfits that varied widely in quality and cost.

For any ladies who wish to don the red, white and blue, just about every retailer carries a women’s version of the costume. But both men and women shouldn’t expect the iconic shield to be part of what they pay for.

  • Price: Simple versions of the costume will run you as cheap as $15 for a shirt and mask, up to around $40 for a full suit; the more elaborate ones can range from $100 to $300. The shield will tack at least an extra $25 to your purchase.
  • Make it yourself? Not unless you’ve got serious cosplay skills.
  • Pair with: Other Marvel Avengers, the Winter Soldier or Black Widow.
  • Cheapest at: Walmart, Target and Party City
  • Coupon and discount offers: Use Target code TGLPTPHF (expires Oct. 31) for $5 off a $50 or more purchase; the retailer also provides free shipping on all online purchases of at least $50 as standard practice.

2. Star-Lord Costume

As a central character in Marvel’s 2014 box office giant, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” the masked sheriff of the stars will certainly be a costume on the radar of Halloween celebrants this Oct. 31. For a men’s version of the costume, avoid the big box retailers like Target, Walmart and Kohl’s. Instead search around specialty costume retailers like Spirit Halloween.

With that said, the selection for kid’s versions of the costume is limited, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find more than two versions of the Star-Lord Halloween costume at any retailer. Warning — you’ll be buying accessories, like the laser gun, separately!

  • Price: You shouldn’t be paying more than $50; the average Star-Lord costume will run you $10 to $45 for a child’s costume, or $30 to $50 for adults.
  • Make it yourself? The red leather trench coat is doable, but replicating the mask would be Comic-Con-quality work.
  • Pair with: Other “Guardians of the Galaxy” characters, like Rocket, Drax or Gamora.
  • Cheapest at: Spirit Halloween, Walmart, and
  • Coupon and discount offers: Visit Spirit Halloween pop-up locations with this printable coupon(expires Oct. 31) or use code LOCATE14 online for 20 percent off any one item. Save more through Oct. 16 with code LIVING14, which will save 25 percent on one item.

3. Maleficent Costume

You’ll be seeing a lot of Disney’s iconic witch, Maleficent, this Halloween. This year’s box office hit with Angelina Jolie boosted the popularity of the character and added new designs to a classic costume. Most online retailers, both big box and costume specialty, will be carrying a solid selection of the costume.

For the widest selection, poke around Both adults and teens will find what they’re looking for, while it will be harder to find a version for the younger witch in your family. Sorceress staff and crow accomplice will have to be bought separately.

  • Price: The basic versions go for about $40. There are higher quality Maleficent costumes running for $100 or more, most of which are modeled after the villain from the original Sleeping Beauty.
  • Make it yourself? If you have a dark gown, adding some pointy shoulder mantles and purchasing the horned cap could be more cost-effective.
  • Pair with: Aurora, Stefan, pixies or other characters from the “Maleficent” or “Sleeping Beauty” movies.
  • Cheapest at: Walmart,
  • Coupon and discount offers: Apply code SAVE25 (expires May 2, 2015) at checkout for 25 percent off any costume $20 or more, and receive free U.S. ground shipping on purchases of at least $70.

4. Elsa Costume

“Frozen,” the highest-grossing animated film of all time, will without a doubt be chosen by many young Halloween participants this year. Snow queen Elsa might very well be the most popular character from the film. Those looking for a wider selection of child and adult versions of the costume than big box stores can offer should browse around costume specialty retailers, which often carry alternatives like an “ice queen costume.” Tiaras, when pictured, are generally included in the costume set.

  • Price: The cost for a child’s Elsa costume starts around $25 and shouldn’t exceed $40. For adults, the price gets bumped up a small amount to around $50.
  • Make it yourself? Sew some snowflake designs onto a light, glittery blue gown and add a tiara if you want to get crafty and keep your wallet fat.
  • Pair with: Other “Frozen” characters, like Anna, Olaf and Kristoff, or other Disney princesses.
  • Cheapest at:, Walmart and Party City.
  • Coupon and discount offers: Shop one of Party City’s more than 800 stores and save money with this printable coupon (expires Oct. 24) which is good for $10 off your purchase of $60 or more; or, use the code PCWC8HG to get the same discount when shopping online.

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costume

With this year’s live-action “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” film, being a karate-kicking, nunchuck-swinging turtle will be the goal of copious costume wearers on Halloween. Every retailer, whether costume specialty or big box, will carry a wide range of costumes patterned after the four turtles (from low to high quality). You won’t have trouble finding the costumes for any age and gender. Expect to buy any ninja weapons separately.

  • Price: Don’t expect to spend a fortune on one of these costumes. The most expensive ones GOBankingRates could find ran for $90, but generally speaking, a turtle costume should cost you $20 to $35 for kids or about $30 to $50 for teens and adults.
  • Make it yourself? If you’re willing to forego the shell, a simpler version of the costume could be achieved, but at these prices, it might be best to just purchase a pre-made outfit.
  • Pair with: Additional “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” characters, like Splinter, April O’Neil or Shredder.
  • Cheapest at: Target, Party City or
  • Coupon and discount offers: shoppers can save a few dollars with the store’s online code GET5 (no expiration date listed) for 5 percent off any purchase.

6. Orange Is the New Black Costume

Netflix’s hit show gained quite a bit of popularity in 2014, and there will be a good number of women looking to get their “incarceration” on this Halloween. There are two versions of the costume (beige and orange), and you’ll notice those same two at pretty much any big box and costume specialty retailer you can find, with minimal exceptions. While Walmart and a few costume retailers are missing the product, it shouldn’t be too much trouble to find the costume anywhere else for about $30. Search around, you could find the costume for as low as $24 depending on the site you purchase from.

  • Price: Can be found as cheap as $20, but anything more than $40 is not worth your time.
  • Make it yourself? This is definitely one you can work with. Any orange or beige jumpsuit/scrubs would work.
  • Pair with: Police officer or prison guard costumes.
  • Cheapest at: and Party City.

7. Jon Snow Costume

“Game of Thrones” has arguably been the most popular series on television in recent years. HBO’s big-budget show has perfectly captured George R.R. Martin’s mixture of gritty adult themes and medieval fantasy. One of the more popular characters to dress up as will be Jon Snow (though you’ll also likely see a lot of Daenerys Targaryens and Khal Drogos walking around Oct. 31).

Despite the show’s reputation, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the costume. We recommend as your one-stop shop for “Game of Thrones” costumes, where you’ll find a nice selection of outfits and accessories patterned after multiple characters from the series. A basic Jon Snow outfit retails for about $50 (add another $60 for the deluxe coat). On the other hand, if money is no object, carries an elaborate $700 Jon Snow replica outfit.

  • Price: Getting the cloak, tunic and sword will set you back around $130. The separate pieces of the costume range anywhere from $20 to $60.
  • Make it yourself? The full costume (tunic, cape, sword and wig are all separate) will cost quite a bit. Any medieval/fantasy costumes can be adapted to look like a GoT character, or play around with what you already have. Due to the rarity of the costume, making one from scratch is definitely a good option.
  • Pair with: Other characters from the show, including Daenerys Targaryen, Khal Drogo, Cersei and Tyrion.
  • Cheapest at:

8. Katniss Everdeen Costume

Film adaptations of the popular teen novels have done wonderfully at the box office, and with the newest film just around the corner, this costume is likely to be a hit this Halloween. Like our friend Jon Snow, a solid Katniss costume is tough to find. have the greatest selection of costumes and accessories to transform yourself into the District 9 tribute, though. The bow, arrows and quiver will have to be fabricated or bought separately. carries the highest quality version of her leather jacket, priced at $120.

  • Price: To get the desired effect, about $40 will have to be spent on a costume, and another $20 to $30 on a prop bow. Having a black leather jacket is essential for pulling off this look.
  • Make it yourself? This is another one that can easily be homemade and passed off as authentic. Combining a leather jacket, rugged pants, combat boots, bow and arrow, and possibly a wig could be a cheaper/easier alternative.
  • Pair with: Other “Hunger Games” characters.
  • Cheapest at: Party City and
  • Coupons and discount offers: Enter code PTRVALPAK1

9. Daryl Dixon Costume

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has become a staple of Halloween television. The hit show has a diehard following — and its theme makes it a natural choice when picking costumes. Daryl Dixon is a fan favorite, and his vest, crossbow and zombie ear necklace make the character a fun costume for those looking for something unique. Unfortunately, might very well be the only place to find this costume (and its the wing-embroidered vest) in both men’s and boy’s versions. Accessories are sold separately.

You might find fellow character Rick Grimes’ sheriff outfit at other costume specialty retailers, but easily offers the best selection of “The Walking Dead” costumes, including Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes and Michonne.

  • Price: The vest goes for about $30, while props such as crossbow and zombie ear necklace add on a few extra Hamiltons to the total cost.
  • Make it yourself? Depending on the tools (and skills) at your disposal, this could be a possibility. The costume is relatively cheap though.
  • Pair with: Zombies or other “Walking Dead” characters.
  • Cheapest at:

10. Nicki Minaj Costume

In previous years, controversial pop stars like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus inspired a great deal of teens and adults to dress up in wild outfits for Halloween. This year, costumes mimicking Nicki Minaj are likely to appear, considering her recent success. While most retailers will have a nice selection of crazy wigs, only a handful of sites carry multiple costumes patterned after her red carpet appearances and music videos.

For a wide selection, the main costume retailers you’ll want to browse are Of course, for a more authentic Nicki Minaj experience, you might not want to wear much at all.

  • Price: No more than $40 for the base costume and another $10 to $20 for the wig.
  • Make it yourself? You definitely could do some interesting things without purchasing a costume. Unrelated costumes and wigs could be made to look like something Nicki Minaj has worn.
  • Pair with: Other pop stars and an entourage of backup dancers.
  • Cheapest at:

Halloween Costumes: Casino Slots Edition

Black Cats, craved pumpkins, witches, boom rids, little monster and zombies are welcome here, it’s that scary time of the year!

Panicking that you haven’t picked your Halloween costume yet? Well, you come to the right place.

Here at Red Flush, we completely understand that coming up with clever and unique costumes ideas for Halloween can be strenuous process. Each year, we are all under major pressure to create a new scary, haunting, striking, or maybe sexier Halloween costume.

So, let us help you out shine the previous year, with our section of favourite Halloween costumes, with a twist of couse! This selection of Halloween costumes are all based on your favourite casino slot characters.

Our top Halloween costumes based on slot characters:

Caution! Zombies Crossing in Lost Vegas!

Don’t discount the dead; meet the Zombies who roam the reels! This slot game has variety of Halloween costumes ideas to choose from, plus stash of serious wins. Lost Vegas slot game is far from dead, with plenty of features that will get your heart racing.

Option 1: Zombie Wedding Couple

Zombie Wedding Couple

Option 2: Zombie Elvis

Option 3: Zombie Show girl

Option 4: Zombie Nurse

Partake in Spooktacular Night: Tomb Raider: Lora Croft Slot Game

She’s a razor sharp feisty globe-trotting, gun-toting Tomb Raider! What more can we say, it’s the legendry Lora Croft. If you looking for a wild classic heroine Halloween costume idea, look no further, then, one of our most played games at the casino. The exciting adventure starts with tigers, golden idols and of course various snippets of from Lara Croft’s exploits.

Blood Donors Needed: Immortal Romance Slot Game

From Zombies to Vampires, we got it all! With Immortal Romance slot game, you come dress as your favourite supernatural slot characters. Sink your fangs into this 5 reels slot game with a jackpot of 2,645,000 coins. Search for the secret of immortality with Immortal Romance slot game, where wild desires full the reels.

Witch Parking, All Others Will Be Toad with Lucky Witch slot game

By far this is the perfect Halloween slot game, from magical potions, spell books, and the spooky black cat, flying brooms and a dark Lucky Witch, you will surely find inspiration from this 5 reels, 15 paylines, slot game  to add a little Halloween spookiness to your Halloween Costume.

Comment below and let us know which slot characters have you always wanted to see trick-or-treating?

Top 10 Sought Out Girls Halloween Costumes 2016

The night of princesses, animal print, and cutesy clowns is upon us. Dress your little girl in one of this year’s top 10 sought after Halloween costumes full of fun ways to accessorize each costume. We are not going to lie; it’s going to tough to decide!


Kid’s Clownin’ Around Clown Dress Costume

Be the cutest clown around this Halloween with this Clownin’ Around Girl’s Costume! It’s full of fun patterns in black, white, and bright pink that will make your little jokester “POP” like a Jacklyn-in-the-Box. This costumecomes with the dress, hat, necktie, fingerless gloves, and cropped leggings! Top off your costume with a top hat, Circus Sweetie Pink Nose, rainbow clown eyelashes, and clown makeup!


Descendants Mal Isle of the Lost Deluxe Costume

It will be happily ever after for your daughter when she plays the part of Maleficent’s daughter in the officially licensed Mal Isle of the Lost costume! The costume includes the jacket, top, pants, and a single glovette. What’s Mal without the purple hair? Use temporary purple hair sprayor throw on a purple wig to complete the look. For fun, add a glow-in-the dark tattoo on your little girl’s cheek.





Rey Costume

Search the galaxy for the long lost Luke Skywalker as the scavenger Rey from Star Wars Episode 7 officially licensed costume! It’s going to be a bumpy road as the battle for whom gets the most candy has begun! To defeat the others you little Rey will need her staff and Star Wars tote to put all the candy in! The costume contains jumpsuit with attached Apron and Belt. Add a temporary tattoo to your little fighters look!



Shopkins Cheeky Chocolate Classic Costume

She is sure to melt your heart with this sweet as can be Cheeky Chocolate Costume. The Shopkins super sweet costume includes the dress and headband. Make this costume extra sweet with blue temporary hair spray, blue glow sticksfor the dark, and pretty pink bag to hold your sweeties sweets!





Disney’s Elena of Avalor Classic Adventure Classic Dress Costume

The first ever Latino Disney Princess Elena is full of adventure! From saving her magical kingdom, Avalor, to learning her role as princess – who wouldn’t want to be like her?!  Give your little princess the royal treatment by dressing her in the beautiful red gown, belted with an ornate gold buckle, hints of glitter on her eyes and arms, a feather boa, and gold beads! All hail Princess Elena!




Paw Patrol Everest Todd Costume

It’s going to be a bone chilling Halloween this year – wait…AVALANCHE! Your little girl will save the day as Everest Todd – rescuing all her pals trapped in snow! The Paw Patrol costume comes with the dress, hat, and pup pack. Complete the costume with a Paw Patrol bucket, temporary tattoos, and black face paint for her nose!





Tigress Hoodie Costume

You have got to be kitten me! Your little girl will make the purrfect Tigress this Halloween, showing off your sense of wild style! The Tigress Hoodie Costume includes the dress with attached hoodie, tiered ruffle skirt with an attached tail, and sassy tiger paw glovelettes. Don’t stop there! Finish off this purrfect outfit with the tiger makeup kit or black half mask and black tights!




Batgirl Costume

Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, BATGIRL! She will sparkle and swoop through the darkness on Hallows’ Eve night, making sure no evil lurks in the shadows.  The costume is an officially licensed DC Superheroes girl’s dress with attached cape, a gold glitter batman symbol, a black eye-mask, and matching gauntlets. Add fun accessories to the costume with the Batgirl hair extension, Batgirl glitter tattoo, and bat beads.




Finding Dory Toddler’s Costume

Just keep swimming; just keep swimming – till you fill up your Halloween bucket! WAIT! What was I supposed to do? The Finding Dory costumeincludes the jumpsuit, headpiece, and detachable tail. For added fun, try painting her face with face paint to blend in with the costume, add a temporary tattoo, and give her glow-in-the dark bracelets so she does not lose her way in the dark.



Dorothy Deluxe Sequin Toddler Costume

Follow the yellow brick road to Halloween fun! Your little girl is sure to make friends on the way to Emerald City in her Dorothy costume. The costume comes with the dress and blue bow hair ties. Complete the outfit with Toto in the Basket. To represent her friends along the way, add the Tin Man Heart Clock and Cowardly Lion Badge of Courage. If it’s a cool Hallows Night, have white tights to match her outfit!




From Disney characters to Superheroes, clowning around couldn’t be more fun! Follow the yellow brick road to Halloween costume fun!

10 Halloween Costumes Made Completely of Workout Gear

October is here and that means there’s one question top of mind: What do you go as for Halloween?

While you’ve probably already started scouring Pinterest or hitting up party stores to find that perfect costume, we’re here to redirect your attention to the newest costume shopping destination: the gym.

You heard that right. Why spend Halloween evening walking around in uncomfortable heels or an awkward cardboard-box-style DIY costume when leggings and sneakers – much more comfortable pieces – could create just as epic of a costume?

Here are 10 of our favorite Halloween costumes made completely of workout gear.

Cat Woman

Get the look: Let’s face it: The cat costume has been a Halloween staple for ages and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. This year, put a twist on the traditional (and have an excuse to skip the knee-high boots) by dressing as cat woman instead. Pair this season’s hottest trend, high-waisted leggings, with a crop top and cat ears.


Get the look: With many of the world’s most influential international models now choosing boxing as their workout of choice, we’re seeing a resurgence in boxing gyms, and with that, traditional boxing apparel is suddenly finding itself at the center of street style trends. The sleeveless hoodie is every boxer’s go-to piece so pair that with training shorts and battle braids and you’ve got a Fashion Week-inspired Halloween costume that just may motivate you to hit the gym come Monday morning.

Pokemon Go Trainer

Get the look: Rumor has it that the Pokémon GO Trainers are already topping the list as 2016’s most popular Halloween costume.

The best part: These fictional trainers dress just like the trainers you see at the gym. Yes, we’re talking sweatshirts, baseball caps, and sneakers. Buy Poké Balls at your local party store to complete the look and you’ll be ready to ‘catch’em all.’

Conor McGregor

Get the look: There’s only one ‘Notorious’ – the whole point of the nickname is that there will never be another – but Halloween’s your chance to step into UFC fighter & pop culture icon Conor “the Notorious MMA” McGregor’s shoes for just one evening.

Pair these fashion-forward kicks with a pair of black shorts and invest in a McGregor jersey to complete the look. We have a feeling he won’t be retiring (again) anytime in the near future so, trust us, the jersey is a smart investment. Finish off the look by throwing on shades and waving around the Irish flag.

Ronda Rousey

Get the look: As a Hollywood starlet, cover girl and all around badass, you can dress like UFC superstar Ronda Rousey a lot of different ways, but we recommend sticking to her fiercest look: The UFC Fight Kit. There’s nothing scarier than when Rousey steps into the Octagon, which makes this look the perfect pop culture Halloween costume. Just don’t forget to dodge the paparazzi heading into your Halloween party!

Tennis Player

Get the look: Remember that tennis racket you bought for summer camp as a kid? Time to break it out because you’ll be needing it for this costume.

Wear a white collared shirt with navy or white gym shorts and a pair of retro tennis sneakers for this laid-back look. No tennis player is complete without a signature sweatband; throw yours on and you’ll be Wimbledon-ready just in time for October 31.

Disco Queen

Get the look: Put a modern, more comfortable twist on this defining look from the ‘70s and ‘80s. The Disco Queen was the center of attention at every dance hall, and wearing this disco-ball inspired sports bra and leggings combo is sure to leave you the center of attention at your next Halloween party as well.

Bonus: Remove the crown and this set doubles as the perfect outfit for yoga and Pilates.

The Joker

Get the look: He’s the villain we love to hate. And he just happens to have a defining look as well, leaving the Joker as one of the most popular Halloween costumes year after year.

If you’ve been hitting the gym hard, now’s the time to show that off because dressing as the Joker gives you an excuse to go shirtless (don’t act like you aren’t excited about it). Throw on black joggers and black sneakers and dye your hair green for the final touch.

Sporty Spice

Get the look: It’s a go-to Halloween throwback for all  ‘90s babies. Yeah, yeah, all the Spice Girls had defining style and unquestionable flair but only Sporty Spice was able to still look trendy while still rocking workout gear.

Dressing as her for Halloween gives you the luxury of doing the same. Pair retro, color-blocked leggings with a sports bra or fitted crop top, and pull that hair into a sleek, slick-backed high ponytail.

Comic Book Character

Get the look: Makeup can play just as central of a role in the Halloween costume process. The problem? Even if you go all out with the lipstick and eyeliner, a character is never fully conveyed unless you have apparel to match.

We’ve found a solution to make that easier than ever.

Comic book character makeup is intricate and Pinterest-worthy, but after you spend an hour in front of the mirror getting that makeup down just right, throw on this comic-book-inspired sweater and a pair of loud, printed leggings.


Going out trick or treating doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune on costumes!

Read our round-up of the best kids’ Halloween costumes under £10 for outfits that will spook everyone you meet… but not your wallet!

Spell casting cutie

Let’s start with our favourite kids’ costume of the year – and it’s exclusive to Party Delights and a bargain at under £10! Spell Casting Cutie is the ultimate “spooky-cute” costume – just finish off the look with a pair of purple and black stripey tights.

Zombie convicts

If you’ve got more than one child, the cost of Halloween costumes can quickly stack up. But not with these great value zombie convict costumes! There’s one for a boy and one for a girland you can snap them up for less than £10 each!

Zombie cheerleader

Zombies are always a great Halloween costume to do on a budget – and the price of this zombie cheerleader costume won’t spook your wallet at all! Complete the look with some white face paint and fake blood.

Zombie nurse

Forget “spooky-cute” – this cheap kids’ Halloween costume is all about the gore! You can only get it from Party Delights and all you need is some white face paint and fake blood.

Wizard robe

Don’t forget that wizards also make a brilliant Halloween costume – and since all you really need is a cape, they make a pretty cheap one too! This wizard robe is great value and would be perfect for anyone who loves Harry Potter!

Zombie pirates

Yar har matey! If you’ve got two children who are going out trick or treating together, how about dressing them up in matching sibling Halloween costumes? These zombie pirate costumes would be perfect for brothers and sisters going out trick or treating together!

Grim reaper

Another great bargain is this grim reaper costume – it can be worn as it is or made even scarier with this half skull face paint design.

Lil witch

Some costumes are Halloween classics -and you can’t go wrong with a traditional witch outfit. This great value Lil Witch costume comes with a dress and witch’s hat – just add a broom to complete the look!

Skeleton girl

Last but not least is this ADORABLE skeleton girl costume! Talk about spooky-cute… It’s perfect for young children going trick or treating for the first time. And did we mention it’s under £10?!!

Halloween children ‘s clothing DIY production Daquan

Halloween for each year on November 1, from the ancient Celtic national New Year festivals, this time is also the time to sacrifice the souls, to avoid evil spirits at the same time, but also to food worship ancestors and good spirit to pray for peace Over the winter, is the traditional Western festivals. That night the child will wear a dress, wear a mask, go door to door to collect candy. Here we take a look at how to make Halloween costumes:

Pumpkin clothes are essential for Halloween clothes, classic and not set, the most suitable for children wearing!

1. Make horrible mask Note:

First, find the paper bag, A3 white paper attached to the inside, the hardness and softness of the bag are very good, the mask is not easy to bad.
Second, draw the outline: the eyes, nose, mouth position.
Three, the eyes cut out two holes, mouth painted red; four, with white paper cut two pointed teeth, attached to the mouth.
Four, on the mask painted horror nausea pattern.
Five, on both sides of the eyes to find a position to cut two holes, the handle with a rope to remove a hole on the hole can be fixed when the mask.
Six, black cloth is made of tea box inside the packaging cloth, because it is not black, so black ink will be stained with black, must use a black cloth, only terror. And then sew it with paper.

The simplest is the kind of drift of the ghost, a white bed cut two holes on it.

But also play a small devil, a hair band sticks two red little ears, a red scarf to do the cloak.

Draw yourself a long horn, the blood of the monster mask.

2, the production of ghost skeleton people installed:
Material: black garbage bags, silver color tape, cardboard, telescopic rope, no black shopping bag (turn over the locker bar). Children wear skull clothes is also cute ah!

Production method:

A skeleton clothing: black garbage bag cut collar, cuffs, with white wax strokes a good bones of the structure, and then paste a silver color tape with a bone.
Two Skull mask: with a good cardboard to draw a good cut, with a hole machine hit the ear hole, and then with the extension line with ear hanging, please stick in the tape with a stick, ear hole is not easy to split.
Three monks black hat: do not have black shopping bags, sharp corners at the top of the hat, with a rope cut after the tie can be tied to the chin, wearing a good effect, because much like the medieval castle in Europe gloomy monks!

Production time: skull clothing, 30 minutes; skull mask, 10 minutes. About 45 minutes to dress up.

Best Halloween Costumes 2017

Dressing up, great parties and delicious treats. There is so much to love about Halloween! Our favorite part of the holiday of course, are the Halloween costumes, and it seems that they get better and more creative every year. From TV series favorites, to pop culture trends and a few classic costumes with a twist, check out our list of the best Halloween costumes for 2017.

1. Maleficient

The classic Halloween witch costume gets a serious makeover this year with the deliciously wicked Maleficient. This Disney character, which was created in 1959, was revamped for the big screen when Angelina Jolie took on the role. To play the perfect part as well, you will need to wear all black, preferably a long dress, add a dramatic touch with make-up that paints your skin a pale shade of green, and last but not least, black horns, the key element of this disguise. You can find many tutorials on perfecting Maleficient online, since it is one of the year’s trends.

2. Minecraft

Gaming enthusiasts and DIYers are sure to love this costume and achieving the pixelated boxed look is quite simple. All you need is a couple of boxes, tape, some paint and the patience to color many squares. No matter which chracter you decide to portray, you are sure to impress everyone at this year’s Halloween party.

3. Day of the Dead Couple

Nothing says “great couple” more than showing up to a Halloween party dressed to impressed and in matching costumes. Though heroic duos are always a fun choice, this homage to Day of the Dead is a pretty awesome way to share the holiday spotlight.

4. Sharknado

The movie, which came out in 2013, was definitley a trend and dressing up in your own flurry of killer sharks is sure to win you originality points. To pay tribute to the film, all you’ll need is cotton or tulle, paint to make the tornado look dirty and lots of miniature toys, including cars, trees, planes and of course, sharks!

5. Pop art

Never underestimate the power of great Halloween makeup. This creative look gives life to one of the girls in Lichtenstein. You can make one of the most famous images in pop art come to life with a few simple makeup techniques. Though achieving the look is fairly easy, it does take some time to create the dots, mark the outline of the face and highlight the selected features, such as the lips and eyes. The result however,  is amazing!

6. Big Bang Theory

We couldn’t resist adding one of the more popular TV series characters to this list of great costumes. Whether you have nerd tendencies or just love watching The Big Bang Theory, dressing up as Sheldon Cooper or your favorite character is a treat! Getting the look for Sheldon is simple: Layer a science fiction or lazer-themed t-shirt over a striped long sleeve and you’re set. Complete the look with Sheldon’s favorite phrase, “Bazinga!”

7. Luís Suárez’ Victim

If there is an image that has transcended the World Cup in Brazil , it’s the memorable bite of Luis Suarez Cellini . So much so, that it even inspired a trending hashtag, #suarezing. This costume is very easy to do. All you need is a sheet of cardboard or foam board, a picture of the player and a couple of sticks to attach the board to your belt. The result is this:

8. Superman, Man of Steel

It’s a bird, it’s a plane … it’s Superman! This is truly a classic. It also requires little preperation as the costume can be purchased from a store, making it a top choice for the folks who wait until the last minute to decide on a costume. More importantly, what’s a Halloween party without an appearance by the Man of Steel?

9. 80s Portrait

With this original costume, you can become a flashback of the cheesiest yearbook photos and school portraits of the 80s.These pictures have been circulating a lot lately, so inspiration for the look will be easy. The essential elements? Huge glasses, a hipster sweater and geometric shapes in neon colors to complete the background.

10. Minions

Small and funny yellow creatures that accompany Gru, from Despicable Me, will be one of the protagonists in the costume category this year for both children and adults. There’s no doubt that with this costume, you wiill surely add a little color to the party.

Whether you decide to be as wicked as Maleficient or dress up as one of our favorite geeks from The Big Bang Theory, have fun with your costume. Let your inner child come out and enjoy your Halloween!

Kids Halloween costumes are handmade! Easy and Cheap idea summary

October soon. Speaking of October, Halloween! It is good to say that the event is no longer entrenched, but I think buying a new costume every year is quite costly. So, why not make handmade with a lot of affection at reduced prices?
This year’s Disney Sea Halloween season show has become the protagonist of villains, and Mickey and Minnie are also in costumes like villains. The costume is handmade by my brother and sister. The article also introduces fabrics used for costumes.
A classic Halloween icon, a jack-o-lantern-style item. Velcro is attached to the shoulder part, and it seems to be easy to put it on and off. You can easily take in the Halloween mood with small items.
A blogger who visited Disneyland in a very realistic character reproduction cosplay. The same costume that Jesse noticed during the parade! They gave me a gesture, and the children were happy to make them, and I wrote their impressions.
The dress was purchased at H&M, with a ribbon of 100 uniform, and a simple Lapuncheldress that was pasted with a cloth for 100 uniform with a glitter net for wrapping in the house. The blonde wig, if you knit 100 uniform artificial flowers, also up Lapunchel degree!
A blogger who shares several articles and reports on the process of making dresses and capes. I make one piece from cloth with a paper pattern, studded with sequins and a span emblem, and reproduce the dress of “Ana Snow” Elsa.
Once a year, Halloween is an event that allows you to enjoy the cosplay. I am looking forward to seeing the cute children.

Spooky hot Halloween costumes for couples

From hot nurses to superheroes, rock stars or apocalypse survivors, Halloween costume possibilities are endless. Just let you imagination run wild and envision a whole new you for one night to live your darkest dreams.

Much of the excitement associated to this awesome holiday derives exactly from the ability to dress up and pretend we’re someone else. Adults can have just as much fun as kids do with a bit of inventiveness and courage. If you and your significant other or roommate are trying to figure out who you’ll be this year, here are a few ideas of Halloween costumes for couples.

Bonnie and Clyde are a classic, yet their gangster charm will never fade. Or go for their modern version, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and you’ll surely make an impression. While an elegant suit and a black dress are quite easy to procure, the attitude is what defines a duo fatale so make sure you let it show!

Get inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean and take a plunge into the dark seas of mystery and myth. You can choose from pirate costumes, Captain Jack Sparrow, the drunken sailor, the damsel in distress, or any of your favorite crew members for a dive into the world of danger and captivating thrills.

I’d go anytime for a Snow White and Huntsman duo to make a statement. Why should Snow White always end up with the prince, why should we follow the same boring path when things could get much more interesting?! Forget about the norms and build your own adventure the way you want it.

But nobody can say spooky better than Gomez and Morticia Adams. They just look so good together, in a ghoulish kind of way of course.

If you can’t find resources in your own closet for some wacky outfit, Chicago costume shops abound in creative offerings. Ragstock features a huge selection of Halloween items, vintage gems for both gals and boys. Just what you need to get you started.