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Halloween for each year on November 1, from the ancient Celtic national New Year festivals, this time is also the time to sacrifice the souls, to avoid evil spirits at the same time, but also to food worship ancestors and good spirit to pray for peace Over the winter, is the traditional Western festivals. That night the child will wear a dress, wear a mask, go door to door to collect candy. Here we take a look at how to make Halloween costumes:

Pumpkin clothes are essential for Halloween clothes, classic and not set, the most suitable for children wearing!

1. Make horrible mask Note:

First, find the paper bag, A3 white paper attached to the inside, the hardness and softness of the bag are very good, the mask is not easy to bad.
Second, draw the outline: the eyes, nose, mouth position.
Three, the eyes cut out two holes, mouth painted red; four, with white paper cut two pointed teeth, attached to the mouth.
Four, on the mask painted horror nausea pattern.
Five, on both sides of the eyes to find a position to cut two holes, the handle with a rope to remove a hole on the hole can be fixed when the mask.
Six, black cloth is made of tea box inside the packaging cloth, because it is not black, so black ink will be stained with black, must use a black cloth, only terror. And then sew it with paper.

The simplest is the kind of drift of the ghost, a white bed cut two holes on it.

But also play a small devil, a hair band sticks two red little ears, a red scarf to do the cloak.

Draw yourself a long horn, the blood of the monster mask.

2, the production of ghost skeleton people installed:
Material: black garbage bags, silver color tape, cardboard, telescopic rope, no black shopping bag (turn over the locker bar). Children wear skull clothes is also cute ah!

Production method:

A skeleton clothing: black garbage bag cut collar, cuffs, with white wax strokes a good bones of the structure, and then paste a silver color tape with a bone.
Two Skull mask: with a good cardboard to draw a good cut, with a hole machine hit the ear hole, and then with the extension line with ear hanging, please stick in the tape with a stick, ear hole is not easy to split.
Three monks black hat: do not have black shopping bags, sharp corners at the top of the hat, with a rope cut after the tie can be tied to the chin, wearing a good effect, because much like the medieval castle in Europe gloomy monks!

Production time: skull clothing, 30 minutes; skull mask, 10 minutes. About 45 minutes to dress up.


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