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Dressing up, great parties and delicious treats. There is so much to love about Halloween! Our favorite part of the holiday of course, are the Halloween costumes, and it seems that they get better and more creative every year. From TV series favorites, to pop culture trends and a few classic costumes with a twist, check out our list of the best Halloween costumes for 2017.

1. Maleficient

The classic Halloween witch costume gets a serious makeover this year with the deliciously wicked Maleficient. This Disney character, which was created in 1959, was revamped for the big screen when Angelina Jolie took on the role. To play the perfect part as well, you will need to wear all black, preferably a long dress, add a dramatic touch with make-up that paints your skin a pale shade of green, and last but not least, black horns, the key element of this disguise. You can find many tutorials on perfecting Maleficient online, since it is one of the year’s trends.

2. Minecraft

Gaming enthusiasts and DIYers are sure to love this costume and achieving the pixelated boxed look is quite simple. All you need is a couple of boxes, tape, some paint and the patience to color many squares. No matter which chracter you decide to portray, you are sure to impress everyone at this year’s Halloween party.

3. Day of the Dead Couple

Nothing says “great couple” more than showing up to a Halloween party dressed to impressed and in matching costumes. Though heroic duos are always a fun choice, this homage to Day of the Dead is a pretty awesome way to share the holiday spotlight.

4. Sharknado

The movie, which came out in 2013, was definitley a trend and dressing up in your own flurry of killer sharks is sure to win you originality points. To pay tribute to the film, all you’ll need is cotton or tulle, paint to make the tornado look dirty and lots of miniature toys, including cars, trees, planes and of course, sharks!

5. Pop art

Never underestimate the power of great Halloween makeup. This creative look gives life to one of the girls in Lichtenstein. You can make one of the most famous images in pop art come to life with a few simple makeup techniques. Though achieving the look is fairly easy, it does take some time to create the dots, mark the outline of the face and highlight the selected features, such as the lips and eyes. The result however,  is amazing!

6. Big Bang Theory

We couldn’t resist adding one of the more popular TV series characters to this list of great costumes. Whether you have nerd tendencies or just love watching The Big Bang Theory, dressing up as Sheldon Cooper or your favorite character is a treat! Getting the look for Sheldon is simple: Layer a science fiction or lazer-themed t-shirt over a striped long sleeve and you’re set. Complete the look with Sheldon’s favorite phrase, “Bazinga!”

7. Luís Suárez’ Victim

If there is an image that has transcended the World Cup in Brazil , it’s the memorable bite of Luis Suarez Cellini . So much so, that it even inspired a trending hashtag, #suarezing. This costume is very easy to do. All you need is a sheet of cardboard or foam board, a picture of the player and a couple of sticks to attach the board to your belt. The result is this:

8. Superman, Man of Steel

It’s a bird, it’s a plane … it’s Superman! This is truly a classic. It also requires little preperation as the costume can be purchased from a store, making it a top choice for the folks who wait until the last minute to decide on a costume. More importantly, what’s a Halloween party without an appearance by the Man of Steel?

9. 80s Portrait

With this original costume, you can become a flashback of the cheesiest yearbook photos and school portraits of the 80s.These pictures have been circulating a lot lately, so inspiration for the look will be easy. The essential elements? Huge glasses, a hipster sweater and geometric shapes in neon colors to complete the background.

10. Minions

Small and funny yellow creatures that accompany Gru, from Despicable Me, will be one of the protagonists in the costume category this year for both children and adults. There’s no doubt that with this costume, you wiill surely add a little color to the party.

Whether you decide to be as wicked as Maleficient or dress up as one of our favorite geeks from The Big Bang Theory, have fun with your costume. Let your inner child come out and enjoy your Halloween!


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