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From hot nurses to superheroes, rock stars or apocalypse survivors, Halloween costume possibilities are endless. Just let you imagination run wild and envision a whole new you for one night to live your darkest dreams.

Much of the excitement associated to this awesome holiday derives exactly from the ability to dress up and pretend we’re someone else. Adults can have just as much fun as kids do with a bit of inventiveness and courage. If you and your significant other or roommate are trying to figure out who you’ll be this year, here are a few ideas of Halloween costumes for couples.

Bonnie and Clyde are a classic, yet their gangster charm will never fade. Or go for their modern version, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and you’ll surely make an impression. While an elegant suit and a black dress are quite easy to procure, the attitude is what defines a duo fatale so make sure you let it show!

Get inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean and take a plunge into the dark seas of mystery and myth. You can choose from pirate costumes, Captain Jack Sparrow, the drunken sailor, the damsel in distress, or any of your favorite crew members for a dive into the world of danger and captivating thrills.

I’d go anytime for a Snow White and Huntsman duo to make a statement. Why should Snow White always end up with the prince, why should we follow the same boring path when things could get much more interesting?! Forget about the norms and build your own adventure the way you want it.

But nobody can say spooky better than Gomez and Morticia Adams. They just look so good together, in a ghoulish kind of way of course.

If you can’t find resources in your own closet for some wacky outfit, Chicago costume shops abound in creative offerings. Ragstock features a huge selection of Halloween items, vintage gems for both gals and boys. Just what you need to get you started.


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