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Black Cats, craved pumpkins, witches, boom rids, little monster and zombies are welcome here, it’s that scary time of the year!

Panicking that you haven’t picked your Halloween costume yet? Well, you come to the right place.

Here at Red Flush, we completely understand that coming up with clever and unique costumes ideas for Halloween can be strenuous process. Each year, we are all under major pressure to create a new scary, haunting, striking, or maybe sexier Halloween costume.

So, let us help you out shine the previous year, with our section of favourite Halloween costumes, with a twist of couse! This selection of Halloween costumes are all based on your favourite casino slot characters.

Our top Halloween costumes based on slot characters:

Caution! Zombies Crossing in Lost Vegas!

Don’t discount the dead; meet the Zombies who roam the reels! This slot game has variety of Halloween costumes ideas to choose from, plus stash of serious wins. Lost Vegas slot game is far from dead, with plenty of features that will get your heart racing.

Option 1: Zombie Wedding Couple

Zombie Wedding Couple

Option 2: Zombie Elvis

Option 3: Zombie Show girl

Option 4: Zombie Nurse

Partake in Spooktacular Night: Tomb Raider: Lora Croft Slot Game

She’s a razor sharp feisty globe-trotting, gun-toting Tomb Raider! What more can we say, it’s the legendry Lora Croft. If you looking for a wild classic heroine Halloween costume idea, look no further, then, one of our most played games at the casino. The exciting adventure starts with tigers, golden idols and of course various snippets of from Lara Croft’s exploits.

Blood Donors Needed: Immortal Romance Slot Game

From Zombies to Vampires, we got it all! With Immortal Romance slot game, you come dress as your favourite supernatural slot characters. Sink your fangs into this 5 reels slot game with a jackpot of 2,645,000 coins. Search for the secret of immortality with Immortal Romance slot game, where wild desires full the reels.

Witch Parking, All Others Will Be Toad with Lucky Witch slot game

By far this is the perfect Halloween slot game, from magical potions, spell books, and the spooky black cat, flying brooms and a dark Lucky Witch, you will surely find inspiration from this 5 reels, 15 paylines, slot game  to add a little Halloween spookiness to your Halloween Costume.

Comment below and let us know which slot characters have you always wanted to see trick-or-treating?


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