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October soon. Speaking of October, Halloween! It is good to say that the event is no longer entrenched, but I think buying a new costume every year is quite costly. So, why not make handmade with a lot of affection at reduced prices?
This year’s Disney Sea Halloween season show has become the protagonist of villains, and Mickey and Minnie are also in costumes like villains. The costume is handmade by my brother and sister. The article also introduces fabrics used for costumes.
A classic Halloween icon, a jack-o-lantern-style item. Velcro is attached to the shoulder part, and it seems to be easy to put it on and off. You can easily take in the Halloween mood with small items.
A blogger who visited Disneyland in a very realistic character reproduction cosplay. The same costume that Jesse noticed during the parade! They gave me a gesture, and the children were happy to make them, and I wrote their impressions.
The dress was purchased at H&M, with a ribbon of 100 uniform, and a simple Lapuncheldress that was pasted with a cloth for 100 uniform with a glitter net for wrapping in the house. The blonde wig, if you knit 100 uniform artificial flowers, also up Lapunchel degree!
A blogger who shares several articles and reports on the process of making dresses and capes. I make one piece from cloth with a paper pattern, studded with sequins and a span emblem, and reproduce the dress of “Ana Snow” Elsa.
Once a year, Halloween is an event that allows you to enjoy the cosplay. I am looking forward to seeing the cute children.


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