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Things You Didn’t Know About Halloween

You’ve picked your costume, filled the candies, and all the parties are planned-for Halloween’s best, all you have to do is put your knowledge into practice. What exactly do you know about Halloween? It turns out that it’s not just who gets the most candy, or the most terrible food. For centuries, the festival has evolved from begging for food. This is the most commercial day of the year. Here’s all you don’t know about Halloween:

1.Halloween begins at a pre-Christian Celtic festival called samhain, meaning “the end of Summer”, around Nov 1 st. It celebrates the last day of harvest, also known as the day on which the dead enter another world. History y.com says Ireland, Britain and northern France fought back ghosts by lighting bonfires of sacrifice, and you guessed they wore costumes.

2.Women who lived in the 18th and 19th centuries (and even before) followed Halloween traditions that would “help” them find a romantic relationship. According to history y.com, women will: throw apple skins on their shoulders, hoping to see the initials of their future husbands and compete for apples at parties, because the winner will be the first person to get married and stand in a dark room. There is a candle in front of it. Look at the faces of their future husbands. Thankfully, these traditions have disappeared.

3.Americans spend about $86. 13 a year on Halloween. These include Halloween decorations, candy and costumes. (if you want to know, Americans spend an average of $967 on Christmas in 2017 compared to Christmas.)

4.The most popular children’s costume is superhero. According to the National Retail Federation, adults are most likely to dress up as witches. As for our pets, the most popular costume for dogs in 2017 is pumpkins.

5.Most adults celebrate Halloween. Two of the three adults will take part in some form of Halloween celebration, whether it’s a party, overalls, or a haunted attraction. Halloween must have gone beyond trickery or therapy, when you have a great time, you don’t have to be a child for fun. Adults love Halloween, too, because in addition to all parties and other promotional events, Halloween can also be celebrated, without any relatives, you definitely don’t have to have a date and have fun! The best part of Halloween is that you can dress up as anything you want!

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Rosalie Delphine Hasenfus

80-year-old Rosalie Delphine Hasenfus died at the Mid Coast Hospital on April 11 and was peacefully surrounded by her family.

Born on January 24, 1938, Rosalie was the daughter of Delphine DeMers and LaVerne Erickson in Lakes, Wisconsin. She lived in many Wisconsin and Minnesota towns until her family settled in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1949. . She graduated from St. Thomas High School in 1955 and then she took part in the airline’s ticketing agency program.

However, she did not work for an airline but accepted the Pentagon’s secretary position where she met her future husband, Walter Hasenfus. They married on May 4, 1957. They established their home in Bingham, Appleton and the Old City, and assembled on five islands. In 1965, they moved to Lindenville, Virginia. Her husband is an education professor at Linden State College.

Rosalie and her husband lived in Lintonville and raised five children. She participated in the Women’s Club and the St. Elizabeth Altar Association. She and her family are members of local outing clubs. They like skiing. She is a busy housewife who likes to sew and handcraft children’s Cheap Halloween Costumes.

In 1974, the family returned to Maine during the summer, this time at Boothbay Harbor, where Rosalie and her husband run a glass blowing business. In 1978, the family was permanently relocated to Boothbay Harbor and began operations throughout the year. Rosalie is an active parishioner of the Queen of Peace. She is an enthusiastic reader who likes crosswords, plays Yahtzee with her daughter, and plays cards and cards with everyone. She also likes to dine with her group of good friends.

Rosalie was pre-created by her parents; sister, Janet; husband Walter; and son Michael.

She survived by sister Diane Wald of San Diego, California. Steven Hasenfus of Bangor, John (Patty) Hasenfus of Hinesburg, daughter of Boothbay Harbor, Mary (Kevin) Miller and Andrea (Russell) Perkins of Wiscasset; and his wife Noel Hasenfus of Norway. She likes to hear many of her grandchildren’s adventures, including: Stephanie and Nicholas Hasenfoss, Jacques (Denver) Kendrew, Renee (Robert) Capone, Joshua (Rebecca) Miller, Jennifer (Jack Santorius) Miller, Christopher and Jesse Perkins, Cheray Lacomis, Gayla Sheldon, Sheena Johnson and Joshua Pike. She is proud of her great-grandson: Emma and Olive Carbone, Blythe and Brashen Miller, Matilda Sartorius, Lexi Kendrew, Hunter, Madison and Wyatt Dunn, Victor, Samuel and Dakota Sheldon, Keegan and Briana Meserve, Alexys Tracy and Elizabeth Littlefield. She also has many nephews and nephews.

A memorial service will be held at Peace Queen Peace in Boothbay Harbor at 11 am on Saturday, April 21.

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Not so good in pink: “average girl”

This is not Rydell High School or Ohio Sweet Apple. Although Grease and Bye Bye Birdie put their stamps on the anxieties of young people in the 20th century and the anxiety of rock and roll, the Mean Girls are prepared to throw each other in the bus (in the literal sense) in order to calm the millennials. Fight for the chance to become Queen Bee.

Inspired by a 2004 film, a script by Tina Fey, a new Broadway musical that opened last night at the August Wilson Theatre (I want to know what he has to say), let Fey return to the driver’s seat (book) to her husband Jeff Richmond (music) and Nell Benjamin (lyrics).

Predictable (for anyone in high school) This followed Cady Heron (Erika Henningsen) who had just arrived at a high school in the suburbs of Illinois and lived with Kenyan hippie research parents. She soon met a very clever person who brought Cardy to their side. They were very smartly abandoned. Damian Hubbard (Gan Henson) and Janice Sakisian (Pakistan) Reiter Wilbert Weed.

Kadi was very happy to have new friends, but it didn’t take long until she worked with The Plastics, a trio of North Shore High School. Ringleader Regina George, her high-heeled high-heeled cronie Gretchen Wieners (ashley park) and sharp bubble gum blonde Karen Smith (Kate Rockwell), saw Cady is a sympathetic case, And soon began to transform a Dorothy in Oz. They didn’t know that Cady was just playing, so she could watch Janis for them, and Janice had another secondary resentment from Regina. Of course, there is another boy, Cady is smashing, Kyle Seliger (Aaron Samuels), who also happens to be the former of Regina – oh, drama.

The director/choreographer Kasini Koslav took the helm and affixed his signature stamp on the smashed girl, with a large tongue on the face, returning to his previous clicks, including Mormon books, and some rotten ones. of! And Aladdin. Nicholaw’s strength lies in his rich choreography, including refreshing pop music and hip hop music. But just like the dream girl he made recently in London, the true feelings of love may not be in the final exam for the girl.

Spectacular landscape design by Scott Pask; crisp animation video design by Finnish Rose and Adam Young; appropriate jewel-tone costume by Gregg Barnes (including creative fill for Regina (Because she increased from a protein bar with weight gain); and the saturated light of Kenneth Posner, Mean Girls still offers a lot of musical desserts, especially if you are the type that feels good.

Flashing eyes deal dexterously with Fey’s sharp script, and Regina accidentally hits the bus and loses steam when she meets Katie. Jump to her school math team, hosted by nerdy rapper Cheech Manohar, and you may think you have entered the Twilight Zone version of family hatred. This episode combines the neat bow of feminine empowerment (including trust landings) and the sounding of Queen Spring Fling.

The response of Mean Girls over the past decade or so before #WomensMarch and #MeToo was different from 2004. Adolescents, as we have witnessed from the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, are leading the country towards a desperate situation for change. But those students who are not the fictional version of the North Shore High School. This is a high-capital, escapist musical. Despite this, Fay’s episode gives Regina’s wisdom:

If you want to live a happy life, Cady, you don’t have to care about what others think of you. I really don’t care. This is what I have been trying to explain to the President on Twitter but he stopped me.

There is also an undisputed Cheap Halloween Costumes masquerade, where female students appear in the form of “Sexy Eleanor Roosevelt” and “Sexy Rosa Park.” The only problem is that the concept of the deaf girl is so isolated that it is hard to believe that Regina or any student believes reasons or social comments other than the reasons defined by The Plastics or social commentary. Or maybe this is the point.

So show off your Gen X forehead and enjoy the children of North Shore High. After all, they are the leaders of tomorrow. Do not be afraid. At least they look good.

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Clown, customers say goodbye: Easley’s Fun Shop closed after 72 years

Cheap Halloween CostumesOn Saturday, customers of Easley’s Fun Shop, a long-term clothing store in central Phoenix, browsed the best handlebar beard, fluffy clown wig or snow white, and lamented that the beloved shop would close after more than 70 years.

Three clowns walked through the front door, walked around the aisles of the store, and caused minor disturbances where the three clowns stopped on the aisles of the store.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

This store has been located at 509 W. McDowell Rd. 72 years. It was founded by Bert Easley in 1947.

Easley’s Fun Shop was originally started as a magic shop and still provides a lot of products for budding magicians.

Jennifer Lane is in the store for this reason on Saturday and says she is looking for the perfect gift for an aspiring magician for her family.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

Ryan said that Islay’s Friday Facebook announcement was “heartbreaking,” adding that she is likely to have to buy clothing online to buy online.

“What are my options?” said Ryan. “This is the only place in the valley that offers this diversified product, so I have to go online.”

‘Special place’

Although it began to specialize in the magician’s products, Islay finally began to carry a variety of clothes and props on various occasions.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

On Saturday, Meg Johnson bought a hula hoop in the store.

She said she is an old Islay customer and can return to her career as a primary school teacher.

Johnson said: “Whenever I need something different or special to express my child’s performance or something like that, this is where I want to be. “I grew up in the city and Easley’s interesting shops are just the most famous. Go Halloween to make mustaches and cosmetics for drama and fun Cheap Halloween Costumes. ”

Cheap Halloween Costumes

Easley’s Facebook announcement stated that the owners decided that “just a family” was not a family business and did not provide other details about the decision.

Johnson said that she hopes that low financing is not part of the end of the reason. She added that she hopes more people will support small businesses like Easley.

“I know that people may meet their needs online. Many of us are, but this is a special place,” Johnson said. “It really made me sad. As far as I know, there are no other stores.”

Cheap Halloween Costumes

Johnson said she hopes her family will live and work in peace and hope that they will find peace in their decisions and future.

“I hope if this is a problem for their families or business problems, I will definitely pray for their improvement,” Johnson said.

Suitable for all kinds of occasions

Holanda Salinas looks for a piece of clothing in the store to wear the pride of the phoenix and is held in the central city on weekends.

Salinas is a regular visitor to Islay. She said she came to the shops many times throughout the year to buy parades, meetings and Cheap Halloween Costumes.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

Salinas said: “There are many kinds of makeup and wigs and all different kinds of clothing.” “They usually have what you need here.”

Salinas said that one of her favorite clothing stores in recent years was closed. She said that once Isley closed the door, she would go to a clothing store in Mesa.

She said she would consider shopping online, but said she prefers to enter Islay and personally look at and try the product.

Salinas said: “Clothing is very special. You must try it out. They must be suitable for you. So it is always difficult to make things online because you never know if it is right for you,” Salinas said. “There is such a great store.”

She also stated that she has already appreciated Easley’s because she does not have to deal with delays and costs.

Salinas said: “I was the last-minute shopper, so usual online shopping is not for me because I’ll come up with something at the last minute.” “I know if I arrive in time when I close the door , I usually get what I need.”

Although she said she was disappointed with the closure that was about to end, she hoped that the Islay family would make a difference in the next chapter.

“I just hope they can rest and enjoy retirement,” she said.

The store did not specify when it was closed, but said it would open before Halloween.

On Saturday, the three clowns talked to each other and finally walked out of the door and jumped into a small sedan and placed Islay behind him.

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Iconic ‘General Hospital’ clothing and props are currently being auctioned

Cheap Halloween Costumes

At the exclusive online auction held for the first time at the Emmy Award Winners’ Presidential Hospital, fans had the opportunity to have mouth-watering works as the soap opera celebrates its 55th anniversary. It is expected that the key auction will sell for thousands of dollars.

These include the 2015 nurse’s ball gown worn by Maxie Jones (played by Kirsten Storms) and the 2016 nurse ball gown worn by Anna Devane (played by Finola Hughes). Other items include Luke and Laura Spencer (played by Anthony Geary and Genie Francis, respectively) in the beloved character, Sonny Corinthos (played by Maurice Benard), Carly Corinthos (played by Laura Wright), and Duvin Lavery latex mask worn by Cesar Faison. Schlosshof).

Another prominent auction project that is expected to Cheap Halloween Costumes attract a lot of attention is Franco’s creepy iconic cymon monkey. Franco, played by James Franco, appeared many times in the general hospital in three years and is a multimedia artist and serial killer. Has been established, and with his popular movie, the star of the same name, sought the role of a soap opera in 2009; his presence and performance have been reacted differently.
All auction items come from important moments in the 55-year history of the hospital. Each product comes with a certificate of authenticity from after-sales service company Prop Store. Prop Store has been operating since 1998 and specializes in selling original movie souvenirs. It conducts multiple real-time and online auctions each year in its facilities in Los Angeles and London through its own e-commerce platform.

General hospital auctions are unreserved auctions – this means that all final prices are completely determined by the bidding activity.

Bidding will begin on April 2, 2018 and will continue until April 13, 2018.

Simon Thompson is a freelance producer (TV and digital), film and entertainment reporter and broadcaster. From England, he lives and works in Los Angeles. He is on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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H&M’s profit rankings after RACIST’COOLEST MONKEY’HOODIE AD

According to reports, after the controversy surrounding its racist hoodies, H&M’s profits have fallen sharply.

The Swedish fashion retailer was forced to appoint a diversified leader because their advertisement caused a commotion and showed a black boy wearing a hoodie with “The Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”.

As early as January, the retailer stated on Facebook that it was “committed to solving diversity and inclusive issues that are real, so we have appointed global leaders in this area to advance our work.”

But in the months following #Hoodiegate, H&M’s earnings have been hit hard. According to Bloomberg News, the world’s second-largest clothing retailer owns a group of unsold apparel worth more than US$4 billion.

At the same time, industry analysts blamed discount sales and hurt the H&M winter. Despite a series of widespread price cuts, chain clothing is still struggling to sell additional goods – including several months of Cheap Halloween Costumes and Christmas sweaters. According to the Washington Post, it seems that once popular fashion brands are feeling the sting of changing consumer tastes and increasing competition.

H&M Chief Executive Officer Karl-John Persson said in a statement: “The rapid transformation of the fashion retail industry continues. “This year’s start is very difficult. The sluggish sales, together with the significant price cuts, have had a significant negative impact on the first quarter’s results. “

According to reports, H & M’s parent company Hennes & Mauritz said on Tuesday that sales fell, profits fell to the lowest level in 16 years, and inventory has increased.

H&M has 171,000 employees worldwide in its 4,700 stores. It has branches in 69 countries and the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom rank the top three stores.

The retailer said that sales and profits are expected to resume growth. “We believe that the long-term view is that with our knowledge and experience, we can go back in the age of such things and restore the healthy growth of sales and profitability.”

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Despite great discounts, H&M can’t get people to buy clothes

Despite a series of widespread price cuts, chain apparel chain H&M is trying to sell an additional $4 billion in merchandise – including several months of Cheap Halloween Costumes and Christmas sweaters – as consumer tastes are constantly changing and the competition is fierce, Swedish retail The business paid the price.

The company has been a darling of fast fashion for years and he says it cannot convince customers to buy clothes. H&M parent company Hennes & Mauritz said on Tuesday that sales are declining, profits have fallen to the lowest level in 16 years, and inventory has increased. The stock of the retailer fell about 6.8% on Tuesday to the lowest level since 2005.

H&M Chief Executive Officer Karl-John Persson said in a statement: “The rapid transformation of the fashion retail industry continues. “This year’s start is very difficult. The sluggish sales, together with the significant price cuts, have had a significant negative impact on the first quarter’s results. “

Analysts said that a series of factors led to H&M’s troubles. The main one is that Millennials are growing up, and they are more interested in buying well-made clothes than buying cheap ones. According to Milton Pedraza, chief executive of the New York City Institute of Luxury Studies, companies such as Zara, Topshop, Uniqlo and Asos are more competitive – all of these customers tend to be associated with higher quality clothing and better websites. Research company.

“The Millennials are looking for quality over quantity, which means they no longer need disposable products,” Pedraza said. “They don’t care about fashion, but more about classics and quality, and neither of these is what H&M can achieve.”

Analysts said that the recent response from H&M’s advertisements showed that a black child wearing a “coolest monkey in the jungle” sweatshirt might also hurt sales. After the January incident, the client was widely called for boycott. The musicians The Weeknd and G-Eazy established a cooperative relationship with the retailer and announced that they would sever their relationship with the company.

“Regardless of whether or not to ignore neglect, the real grief of 2018 and the disturbing point is that the eyes of many people (stylists, photographers, creative and marketing teams) transmit such ethnically and culturally insensitive things and are considered to be Acceptable,” G-Eazy wrote on Instagram. “I can’t associate my name and brand with a company that could make this happen.”

H&M later apologized for the advertisement, but some people in the industry stated that the company may feel far-reaching influence.

“Especially in places like South Africa, there is a huge rebound, which may make some customers say: ‘You know what? Anyway, I’m not loyal to H&M. Maybe I’ll go shopping elsewhere,’” Cornell University Professor of Fashion Design Management Tasha Lewis said.

In the most recent quarter, H&M said that inventory has increased by 7% to a record $4 billion. On Tuesday, the company’s website promoted “a further price reduction of up to 70%.” Obviously many projects have passed for months: Halloween-themed T-shirts sell for $3.99, while babies’ Santa costumes cost $4.99.

As consumers increasingly shop online and look for more unique clothing startups, overstocking has plagued the troubles of some traditional retailers in recent years. Several chain stores, including Macy’s, Cole, and Nordstrom, had reduced inventory during the holiday season last year, hoping to avoid offering large discounts on the remaining goods. The plan seems to have worked: retailers have performed most successfully during the holiday season, and many people say they do not have to resort to substantial price cuts.

“We maintain a healthy inventory, which means we don’t need extra discounts to clean up inventory,” said Macy’s CEO Jeffrey Genette on a recent call with analysts. “Our promotions have been disciplined.”

However, this is not the case with H&M. As the world’s second-largest clothing retailer (owned by Zara’s Inditex), analysts said the company is particularly vulnerable to consumer interest. H&M’s quarterly sales began to decline at the end of last year.

Andreas Inderst, an analyst at the Macquarie Group in London, said: “Customers expect great conflicts with the products delivered by the company. “This is an industry-wide issue, but for H&M, it has become a Particularly noticeable problems. ”

At the same time, company executives said they plan to further discount in the second quarter because they want to reverse H&M’s business. The company is also preparing to launch a “cheap market” called Afound, which will sell H&M and other brand discounts.

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Vodaf, Brutt won extra green on St. Patrick’s Day 5K

As the mayors of the Lower Mainland crowded around to discuss how to move people and vehicles around these crowded parts, Saturday morning showed “fast traffic” in Stanley Park.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

Natasha Wodak was watching with her proud mother, and at the 15:39 BMO St. Patrick’s Day 5K New Canadian Women’s Record. Lucas Bruchet cut his previous men’s court record for 10 seconds and easily won at 14:12.

Wodak set a 5K record at 15:42 in 2006 by Carol Montgomery in Cornerbrook, Kentucky. She won a $500 victory, plus Saucony’s $250 prize in the course record.

Natasha Wodak won one of the cheques for 5K on Saturday in record time.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

If you are a runner, you can appreciate how fast this is. The last uphill mile in this popular event in Stanley Park can break many dreams for the best personal results. Alas, I don’t even dream so fast!

But wait – for what sounds like a deepwater ad – 75 players in more than 1,400 games have heard of completing the game in 17 minutes. The game organizers Karen Warrendorf and Steve Martina stated earlier that they would like to see a one-fifth obstacle.

Levi Neufeld of Trinity Western University claimed that this is an amazing 4:12 fastest mileage bonus. He eventually won sixth place.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

Of course, for most contestants, the biggest attraction is the running party. Anything green and weird has become a mandatory dress to do this special racial justice. Saturday’s game fell on St. Patrick’s Day, which made it even more special.

Tilman von de Linde and Debra Kato show off their green and show their green and ham at the BMO St. Patrick’s Day 5K at Stanley Park on Saturday.

One Vancouver-loving costumer, Tillman Von Drind, said that when his big goblin hat hit the tree in the last corner of the game, his shot in raising the 5K PB was weakened.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

“I still finished like the boss at 25:03. Even so, I still think I can’t beat my 2017 time of 24.52,” Tillman said, surprised by the timing of the elite and Olympics players, plus “One person in the age group of 70 to 74 completed in 19 minutes and 55 seconds. This is fast!”

The individual was Jim Wallin of North Vancouver, which was one of many success stories of the day. For all results, click here.

Debra Kato of West Van Run Crew took many wonderful pictures while wearing her fun clothes, but the highlight was that she pretended to cry.

“I didn’t win prizes,” Kato laughed. “I’m not happy you’re not here! I know you must be the 76th to break 17 minutes!”

Flattering will leave you everywhere Debra… but if you want to see all her fun, funny photos, click here!
Brenda Kerslake, Gord Kurenoff and Debbie Elliott won the championship at the Ald Grove Regional Park on Saturday and Langley cooperated with the Aldergrove Sun Run InTraining clinic.

Sisterhood intensifies the dress game

As Ms. Kato correctly pointed out, I did not participate in the Stanley Park on Saturdays, but the alert still quickly began participating in the annual Sun Run InTraining between St. Patrick’s Day and the Langley and Aldergrove Consortium in the Aldergrove Regional Park.

You really got the most popular male award – there are several competitors but no bribe judge! – But more importantly, the sisters Brenda Lake and Debbie Eliot were voted best dresses.

I have been training with these fantastic GALA for more than four years, and during this time they have made great progress in the clothing sector. Elliot is now one of the respected Langley leaders and once mocked me for dressing up. She thinks the costume is for Cheap Halloween Costumes or children, but it is completely absurd for running.

In fact, Eliot used to call me a frustrated clown. “He must have ripped off Bozzo’s worst clothes.” The boss made me accustomed to hearing such irony!

Bob Eliott, who once used to run a clothing frown, changed her thinking and her game dress. Vistas running in Maple Ridge last year didn’t even have a theme!

Now Eliot is the person who pushes the topic to run or seek a way out. In May of last year, she ran Vistas Run in Maple Ridge. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat and cloak, she dressed her PNE donut as a donut. She dressed up as a cowgirl, superhero, Valentine’s Day, Power Ranger. And Mighty Mouse. Every week, she shows wild tights and some fashion accessories at training clinics. Anyway, running has a theme and she dresses up anyway!

“You created a monster, Gordon. Now, she’s dressing us all up,” said Kerslake, who will celebrate his birthday on Saturday. “Sometimes we have to go the other way because we look stupid. We tried to tell her that not all things must have clothing, but she is really obsessed. She may need the same help as Gord!”

Amazing. My fault!

On Monday, I will talk more about Langley Aldgrove’s workouts and focus on Dennis Nikolato, the coordinator of the veteran Ald Grove Clinic. He said that he never likes to run before his wife Joanne “bridges” the Vancouver Suns to run 10K.

Now he likes it – even dressed in Cheap Halloween Costumes!

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After 200 years, what can the Frankenstein teach us?

In movies, TV shows and even Cheap Halloween Costumes, Frankenstein’s monsters are often portrayed as a shuffle, humming beast, and sometimes by Dr. Victor Frankenstein, an Auckland mad scientist. This monster created in the lab is now part of our common language. From Franken’s food to Frankenstra’s, hints of Mary Shelley’s novel published 200 years ago – and many of its descendants can be easily found in everyday language. From the Rocky Terrorist Show to the 1931 movie to Boriskalov’s career, Shelley’s story is everywhere. However, in addition to grotesque clichés, there are many things that Frankenstein’s original story can teach to modern readers – especially those who are trying to solve the ethical issues that science continues to improve today.

It is this idea that brings novel novels to STEM readers. Last year, Frankenstein published the “Scientists, Engineers, and Creators” published by the MIT Press, specifically for university students, but it has a wide appeal to those who wish to explore the past and future of scientific innovation. When Shelley published “Frankenstein,” it was considered a flat book with shocking mental illness descriptions and morally worrying science – two qualities that are the core of the story. Gita Manaktarara, editorial director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press, said: “It’s hard to talk about Frankenstein and not participate in scientific and technical issues. From Dr. Frankenstein’s use of electricity to activate his findings to constitute Narrative polar sailing, science is an indispensable part of the novel.

Then Mary Shelley’s personal history, the editors wrote in their introduction. When she wrote the first draft of Frankenstein, she was only 19 years old, about the age of the book’s target audience. She had already lost a child. An unknown daughter who died shortly after she was born fled her hometown and ran away with the poet, Percy Shelley. The education she received was much stricter than most of her females, even men. But despite all this, she is still young. “If she appears at [Arizona State University] or any other school,” wrote book editors and Arizona State University professors David Guston and Ed Finland, “she will be affiliated with ‘at risk students’ and intervened. For the goal.”

Instead, she went with Lord Byron and Shelley to the Lake Geneva to participate in a story writing contest where she wrote the first edition of Frankenstein, using her educational materials and her life experiences. Her story contains “a group of very appropriate news and images, but its core is still this incredibly deep problem. It once again goes back to Prometheus and back to Genesis,” we created for us. What is the responsibility of the thing or entity”’Guston said. Under the background of the industrialization and electricity of the Shelley era, this problem can easily be studied in the context of scientific innovation, such as genetic editing and preservation.

The editors of this book hope to sort through these issues by annotating the text with various explanations from science fiction writers, psychologists, physicists, and other commentators. The annotations ranged from the alchemy of the science historian Joel Klein of Columbia University to Mary Margaret Fonow, an ASU gender researcher, who reviewed the status of technology in national execution. This treatment “provides a truly unique perspective on the novel and directly addresses the audience that we believe is very important to the book, but this may not be a sign that the book really makes sense to them,” Finn said.

The editor also commissioned prose to focus on the book’s gender and all aspects of the natural world, as well as the concept of “technical sweetness,” which means that the concept of a technical problem has an unavoidable and perfect solution.

The resulting paperback is its own kind of stitched together creature: behind a dramatic graphic cover, the reader discovers the packaging of many traditional books, including footnote editorial prefaces and introductions, annotated fiction, prose and historical snow. Lai’s life schedule. According to Manaktala, it is still one of the most frequently assigned books in the university class – Frankenstein, but it is Frankenstein’s anatomy, revealing some scientific, philosophical and historical content on the stripping table. Readers

The Finns said that Frankenstein provided a good way to introduce readers to broader topics of scientific responsibility. He said: “As with genetically modified organisms such as Franken Foods, Frankenstein’s name was used lightly. This novel is actually very considerate and takes a more nuanced approach to scientific freedom and responsibility. Open position “.

Manaktala said: “This book constantly questions where it is restricted and how far it is pushed, and what we are doing in the world.” She said that these issues are worth studying for students studying subjects such as gene editing and artificial intelligence. Science fiction provides a creative way to achieve this.

As part of its efforts to get the majority of scholars to read this book, the editors created Frankenbook, a digitally annotated version of the site, and they plan to expand the printed version of the note. Sponsored by the MIT Press, the site also features community annotation so students and teachers can add their own comments.

Manakattala said that publishers are looking for other groundbreaking novels that are annotated in a similar way, although they have not yet been resolved. She said: “This is a way for readers to focus on literary works. As for the annotated Frankenstein and online Franken, they are still working on a cultural work as they were told.

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Mark Bridges’s WNY friends celebrate his Oscars win

fishnet bodystockings

Málaquez, a native of Niagara Falls, was very excited when he grabbed a jet skis during his Oscars victory and his brief reception.

Channel 2 tries to track Melissa Rockcliff, one of Bridges’s best friends, and admits watching her friend take home with her second Oscar winner excited.

“It is incredible, I mean tears flow, I and my mother on the phone, we are screaming and shouting.”

Rowcroft, her brother Matt and Mark are best friends. They are all active high school dramas in Lasalle High School.

“He did a lot of Cheap Halloween Costumes,” she recalls. “He just walked in the closet and the drawer … pulled things together, he was always drawing something … something, and he just said I wanted to be a fashion designer, He said: ‘My name will be on the big screen.’ ”

She acknowledged that her friend is now a surrealist of two Oscar Costume Design Awards.

“It’s cool, and the best part about it is that I only know he’s just an average person.”

Rowcroft said with a smile on his now famous jet ski victory: “I’ll definitely ask him, ‘What do we do on a water skateboard, when can I get a free ride?'”

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