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Cheap Halloween CostumesOn Saturday, customers of Easley’s Fun Shop, a long-term clothing store in central Phoenix, browsed the best handlebar beard, fluffy clown wig or snow white, and lamented that the beloved shop would close after more than 70 years.

Three clowns walked through the front door, walked around the aisles of the store, and caused minor disturbances where the three clowns stopped on the aisles of the store.

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This store has been located at 509 W. McDowell Rd. 72 years. It was founded by Bert Easley in 1947.

Easley’s Fun Shop was originally started as a magic shop and still provides a lot of products for budding magicians.

Jennifer Lane is in the store for this reason on Saturday and says she is looking for the perfect gift for an aspiring magician for her family.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

Ryan said that Islay’s Friday Facebook announcement was “heartbreaking,” adding that she is likely to have to buy clothing online to buy online.

“What are my options?” said Ryan. “This is the only place in the valley that offers this diversified product, so I have to go online.”

‘Special place’

Although it began to specialize in the magician’s products, Islay finally began to carry a variety of clothes and props on various occasions.

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On Saturday, Meg Johnson bought a hula hoop in the store.

She said she is an old Islay customer and can return to her career as a primary school teacher.

Johnson said: “Whenever I need something different or special to express my child’s performance or something like that, this is where I want to be. “I grew up in the city and Easley’s interesting shops are just the most famous. Go Halloween to make mustaches and cosmetics for drama and fun Cheap Halloween Costumes. ”

Cheap Halloween Costumes

Easley’s Facebook announcement stated that the owners decided that “just a family” was not a family business and did not provide other details about the decision.

Johnson said that she hopes that low financing is not part of the end of the reason. She added that she hopes more people will support small businesses like Easley.

“I know that people may meet their needs online. Many of us are, but this is a special place,” Johnson said. “It really made me sad. As far as I know, there are no other stores.”

Cheap Halloween Costumes

Johnson said she hopes her family will live and work in peace and hope that they will find peace in their decisions and future.

“I hope if this is a problem for their families or business problems, I will definitely pray for their improvement,” Johnson said.

Suitable for all kinds of occasions

Holanda Salinas looks for a piece of clothing in the store to wear the pride of the phoenix and is held in the central city on weekends.

Salinas is a regular visitor to Islay. She said she came to the shops many times throughout the year to buy parades, meetings and Cheap Halloween Costumes.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

Salinas said: “There are many kinds of makeup and wigs and all different kinds of clothing.” “They usually have what you need here.”

Salinas said that one of her favorite clothing stores in recent years was closed. She said that once Isley closed the door, she would go to a clothing store in Mesa.

She said she would consider shopping online, but said she prefers to enter Islay and personally look at and try the product.

Salinas said: “Clothing is very special. You must try it out. They must be suitable for you. So it is always difficult to make things online because you never know if it is right for you,” Salinas said. “There is such a great store.”

She also stated that she has already appreciated Easley’s because she does not have to deal with delays and costs.

Salinas said: “I was the last-minute shopper, so usual online shopping is not for me because I’ll come up with something at the last minute.” “I know if I arrive in time when I close the door , I usually get what I need.”

Although she said she was disappointed with the closure that was about to end, she hoped that the Islay family would make a difference in the next chapter.

“I just hope they can rest and enjoy retirement,” she said.

The store did not specify when it was closed, but said it would open before Halloween.

On Saturday, the three clowns talked to each other and finally walked out of the door and jumped into a small sedan and placed Islay behind him.


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