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You’ve picked your costume, filled the candies, and all the parties are planned-for Halloween’s best, all you have to do is put your knowledge into practice. What exactly do you know about Halloween? It turns out that it’s not just who gets the most candy, or the most terrible food. For centuries, the festival has evolved from begging for food. This is the most commercial day of the year. Here’s all you don’t know about Halloween:

1.Halloween begins at a pre-Christian Celtic festival called samhain, meaning “the end of Summer”, around Nov 1 st. It celebrates the last day of harvest, also known as the day on which the dead enter another world. History says Ireland, Britain and northern France fought back ghosts by lighting bonfires of sacrifice, and you guessed they wore costumes.

2.Women who lived in the 18th and 19th centuries (and even before) followed Halloween traditions that would “help” them find a romantic relationship. According to history, women will: throw apple skins on their shoulders, hoping to see the initials of their future husbands and compete for apples at parties, because the winner will be the first person to get married and stand in a dark room. There is a candle in front of it. Look at the faces of their future husbands. Thankfully, these traditions have disappeared.

3.Americans spend about $86. 13 a year on Halloween. These include Halloween decorations, candy and costumes. (if you want to know, Americans spend an average of $967 on Christmas in 2017 compared to Christmas.)

4.The most popular children’s costume is superhero. According to the National Retail Federation, adults are most likely to dress up as witches. As for our pets, the most popular costume for dogs in 2017 is pumpkins.

5.Most adults celebrate Halloween. Two of the three adults will take part in some form of Halloween celebration, whether it’s a party, overalls, or a haunted attraction. Halloween must have gone beyond trickery or therapy, when you have a great time, you don’t have to be a child for fun. Adults love Halloween, too, because in addition to all parties and other promotional events, Halloween can also be celebrated, without any relatives, you definitely don’t have to have a date and have fun! The best part of Halloween is that you can dress up as anything you want!


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