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This is not Rydell High School or Ohio Sweet Apple. Although Grease and Bye Bye Birdie put their stamps on the anxieties of young people in the 20th century and the anxiety of rock and roll, the Mean Girls are prepared to throw each other in the bus (in the literal sense) in order to calm the millennials. Fight for the chance to become Queen Bee.

Inspired by a 2004 film, a script by Tina Fey, a new Broadway musical that opened last night at the August Wilson Theatre (I want to know what he has to say), let Fey return to the driver’s seat (book) to her husband Jeff Richmond (music) and Nell Benjamin (lyrics).

Predictable (for anyone in high school) This followed Cady Heron (Erika Henningsen) who had just arrived at a high school in the suburbs of Illinois and lived with Kenyan hippie research parents. She soon met a very clever person who brought Cardy to their side. They were very smartly abandoned. Damian Hubbard (Gan Henson) and Janice Sakisian (Pakistan) Reiter Wilbert Weed.

Kadi was very happy to have new friends, but it didn’t take long until she worked with The Plastics, a trio of North Shore High School. Ringleader Regina George, her high-heeled high-heeled cronie Gretchen Wieners (ashley park) and sharp bubble gum blonde Karen Smith (Kate Rockwell), saw Cady is a sympathetic case, And soon began to transform a Dorothy in Oz. They didn’t know that Cady was just playing, so she could watch Janis for them, and Janice had another secondary resentment from Regina. Of course, there is another boy, Cady is smashing, Kyle Seliger (Aaron Samuels), who also happens to be the former of Regina – oh, drama.

The director/choreographer Kasini Koslav took the helm and affixed his signature stamp on the smashed girl, with a large tongue on the face, returning to his previous clicks, including Mormon books, and some rotten ones. of! And Aladdin. Nicholaw’s strength lies in his rich choreography, including refreshing pop music and hip hop music. But just like the dream girl he made recently in London, the true feelings of love may not be in the final exam for the girl.

Spectacular landscape design by Scott Pask; crisp animation video design by Finnish Rose and Adam Young; appropriate jewel-tone costume by Gregg Barnes (including creative fill for Regina (Because she increased from a protein bar with weight gain); and the saturated light of Kenneth Posner, Mean Girls still offers a lot of musical desserts, especially if you are the type that feels good.

Flashing eyes deal dexterously with Fey’s sharp script, and Regina accidentally hits the bus and loses steam when she meets Katie. Jump to her school math team, hosted by nerdy rapper Cheech Manohar, and you may think you have entered the Twilight Zone version of family hatred. This episode combines the neat bow of feminine empowerment (including trust landings) and the sounding of Queen Spring Fling.

The response of Mean Girls over the past decade or so before #WomensMarch and #MeToo was different from 2004. Adolescents, as we have witnessed from the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, are leading the country towards a desperate situation for change. But those students who are not the fictional version of the North Shore High School. This is a high-capital, escapist musical. Despite this, Fay’s episode gives Regina’s wisdom:

If you want to live a happy life, Cady, you don’t have to care about what others think of you. I really don’t care. This is what I have been trying to explain to the President on Twitter but he stopped me.

There is also an undisputed Cheap Halloween Costumes masquerade, where female students appear in the form of “Sexy Eleanor Roosevelt” and “Sexy Rosa Park.” The only problem is that the concept of the deaf girl is so isolated that it is hard to believe that Regina or any student believes reasons or social comments other than the reasons defined by The Plastics or social commentary. Or maybe this is the point.

So show off your Gen X forehead and enjoy the children of North Shore High. After all, they are the leaders of tomorrow. Do not be afraid. At least they look good.


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