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The most common item found in a women’s closet is a blouse. Whether it is for formal or casual events3, blouses are often the go-to outfit choices. When something is that essential, it also becomes important to find the perfect fit

So here is how you should pick the right blouse for you, something that just uplifts you!

Know Your Body Type

Everyone has a different body type. The perfect or the cliches that Hollywood spits out is far from the truth.

Understanding your body type and the type of clothes that will be the most flattering would do wonders for your figure and for your confidence.

So here is a guide for you through body types and what type of blouses may look the best.

A disclaimer: In no way shape or form are we subjecting anyone. These are suggestions based on professional experiences. Your personal preferences are in no way questioned here.

  1. Pear Shaped Body Type

This body type typically has weight majorly around the thighs, buttocks, or arms. The bust is smaller than the hips and there is a well-defined waist.

As women, our shoulders and the bust area – the upper body – are what we usually want to highlight, which is perfect for this body type anyway. Looking for blouses that accentuate the waist and the shoulders would be perfect.

So, something that has a really flattering neckline, whether it is plunging, or boat will work in favor.  If the arms are a key area, then opting for full or mid-length sleeves with some fashionable cuts will be the best.

With colors, there is so much to choose from, however, our favorites remain amongst brightly colored blouses.

  • Hourglass Body Type

A well-defined waist and roughly the same measure of the bust and hips are what is typically described as the hourglass figure.

If you fall understand your body type to be similar to this, then choosing blouses that enhance and show off your curves is the best way to go.

Blouses that define curves, will make you feel more confident and yourself in a comfort zone. Blouses with beautifully embroidered necklines, accentuated shoulders, and even dramatic sleeves can work well!

  • Rectangular Body Type

A rectangular body is where the hips are more or less the same width as the shoulder and there is no defining waist.

If this remotely describes your body type, then the best options for you would be to go bold. Whether it is bright colors or bold patterns such asymmetrical designs, checkers or geometrical patterns.

These patterns will allow to accentuate you in the best ways and contrast perfectly with whatever you pair for the bottoms. So, the blouse will be the bold item from your outfits, while the pants can remain to plain, to even the outfit out.

Aside from just looking at patterned blouses, for a rectangular body type, slim fitting blouses, such as corset shaped, cropped or something with high necks will also be the defining moments of your outfits.

Blouses are the perfect item of clothing if you know what will fit your body the best way. Understanding your body and understanding the clothes that flatter and accentuate your features, is a win-win situation to be in!


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