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Did you guys know why it’s cool to wear a bodysuit? Because you look super elegant, slimmer and without marks on your clothes. There is a model for every need: if you just want to lift your butt, if you want to hide cellulite, give your waist a boost, shape your thighs, reduce your belly or all of that at the same time!

Lately, the girls’ favorite modeling lingerie has been the model pictured above, with high quality technology, which has been developed for years and is part of the biggest Aesthetics markets. He puts everything in place and makes his body safe to wear a tighter dress like the “tube” model.

It seems strange to talk about pieces that shape the body like shaper shorts, when we live in a phase of liberation of the ways in which each woman should feel free (as, in fact, she is) to present her body as she wants. But, on the other side of the same reasoning, we can understand that if the focus is to defend the FREEDOM of each woman to present herself as she WANTS, the modeler issue should not even be raised, because we can choose YES to present our body with more waist, less belly or even those shorts to wear under dresses that don’t mark the lingerie. Who doesn’t want, doesn’t use and who wants, uses. That’s freedom of choice, right?

Where does the modeler come from?

Since the beginning of the 14th century, the concern with shaping the central part of the body was extolled by men and women, and for this, tight bands were used around the body.

It didn’t take long for corsets to appear, a type of tight-fitting vest that was worn over shirts.

The corset was the precursor of the corset and it was in 1823 that, for the first time, a model called ‘mechanical’ appeared, which did not depend on other people to be tied.

Giving a double-picked and skipping years and years of history, we arrive at the Kardashian era and all the evolutions of shape and color variations that quickly hit the market to increase butt volume, hold better hips and belly, lift the chest or just give the body a second skin.

Today, we have models on the market like the full bodysuits that hit the market with nine shades of nude, in sizes ranging from extra small to 5XL. If anyone still saw Kim Kardsashian just for the overexposure of her image and body, they will need to review some concepts from now on. Because many girls crave the modeled bodies that are in evidence

Nothing better than trying on modeling lingerie to immediately feel the difference in your silhouette and gain more confidence and self-esteem. After all, lingerie is just as important to your professional image as clothing, footwear, accessories, make-up and hair.

Always thinking about your well-being brings impactful results to your life, investing in you and your self-esteem is the most important personal care


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