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Close your eyes and imagine this, you have a big meeting with a client you have been dying to sign with, or you have an incredibly formal but essential event where dress to impress is implied or a fun party to get to. All of these events are crucial but before going, you are standing in front of your closet with piles of your clothes under your feet. What to wear is the question?

As all the above-mentioned events are important to get to, the question of what to wear can simply be solved by pantsuits.

Pantsuits are the ultimate power dress, that gives out confidence and makes sure the wearer looks like the boss-women that she is.

With Blake lively’s pantsuit tour – their importance was heightened, so here is a guide on how to style a pantsuit!

Choose The Style You Are Portraying

The image of pantsuits has been far too long portrayed as something reserved for formal events only. While they are primarily worn on such occasions, it is far from the truth.

Pantsuits are versatile, so the next time you have a birthday party, easily rock a pantsuit.

So now that you know they are versatile, the question is what type of pantsuit will fit the occasion.

Like we said, considering the event you can go opt for different types of jackets, such as ones with serious collars and buttoned sleeves – or something more dramatic like big sleeves. The pants can also vary from straight to wide-legged to something with flares.

Variety Of Tops To Choose From

The pantsuit while being the major or the center front of the outfit you have planned, the top that you pair it with also remains to be essential.

There is a wide range of ways you can choose from:

  • The classic formal button-down shirt. This is an old but classic way of wearing your pantsuit, the clean look of the shirt gives a more business vibe, than anything else.
  • Lace has become a favorite for many. So pairing any of your lace tops either cropped or bodycon can give you that boost of confidence.
  • If you are in the mood to keep your pantsuit jacket closed at all times, you could even opt to wear no top. Or if you are in the mood for risking it a bit, sticky double-sided tapes can also do wonders!
  • Bralettes or crop tops are always fun to work with. They provide you with the best of both worlds!

Pairing your pantsuit with any of these can instantly take your whole look to the next level.

It’s Your Power Move

Pantsuits as we mentioned before are the ultimate power moves. No matter the occasion you style it for, they will stand out. So be sure before wearing one that there will be no hiding.

From the colors of the patterns, you choose for your pantsuit to the clutch and shoes you pair it with, will give you the ultimate power to make or break the world!


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