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Jeans have had a great run. While they still remain classic and key pieces for outfits, sometimes it’s just fun to mix it up a little and opt for something new.

Trying something new is always exciting and moreover often the ‘new’ thing which may seem scary at first, ends up being the love and comfort of our lives.

So, this spring, we ask you to pack away your jeans and store them at the back of your closets, because we are bringing you pant trends that will replace your jeans for spring – maybe for good!

Here are our recommendations and how to style them!


Let’s start with something comfortable and cozy. We know sweatpants and we love sweatpants. There’s no need to hide the fact that while jeans may look good, sweatpants at the end of the day are all we crave.

Well now, let us tell you that sweatpants are all worth the hype and are very trendy. Yes, you read that right. Bring out your sweatpants, pair them with sweatshirts or get this – oversized jackets and boots and you have yourself a very fashionable piece.

Something which is a total work of art!

Sweatpants are not only comfortable but are also stylish once you pair them with the right top and shoes. Whether as we suggested before, it is the sweatshirt or jackets, or even crop tops, this spring make sweatpants your best friend!

Wide-Leg Trousers


This trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. Wide-leg trousers are one of the biggest loved fashion trends. The silhouette that these pants provide when paired with crop tops and oversized coats is something out of a Hollywood 90s film.

Pants like these are easy to style and manage. Available in different cuts and pleads these pants can be the spring fashion moment you have been looking for.


Wearing pantsuits away from the office, isn’t that a bit odd? The answer is a big NO. Pantsuits are not only to remain inside dimly lit offices with a tiresome environment but to be worn as fashion statements.

Pantsuits can be made fun and exciting by pairing them with cute cut-out tops with stylish necklines and sleeves all the while throwing a blazer on top and completing the whole look with good stilettos.

Pantsuits had been thought of as something that is boring and not appropriate for party events, however, I think Blake Lively has proven everyone wrong.


Everyone loves a little glitter moment, don’t they? Well, if you are a fan of shimmer and glitter, you are in luck because this spring is all about being bold and showing who you are.

Shimmer pants definitely have an appeal to them. When you pair them with a simple top and add some bling to your ears and fingers, shimmer pants can become the centerpiece and focal point of the outfit.

Jeans have been in style for too long, and they still remain at the core of our hearts. But this spring why not opt for something different and maybe you will end up loving it?

This spring show case your inner artist through the styling of different types of pants and make the most of the nice weather with light layers and airy pants!


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