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The Best Spring 2022 Manicure Trends To Try

Spring is all about bringing color into life. Whether it is with the choice of outfits or with your hair, color brightens up a person’s day and makes it a little less dreary.

Aside from the outfits and hair, another thing that we often forget is how a simple spa day can brighten up a day. A spa doesn’t have to include extensive facials or massages – although they are welcome – a simple manicure can also do.

Manicures help reduce stress, getting your nails looking all pretty and dressed up can elevate the mood and make a simple day a hundred percent better.

As Spring comes around, these are some of the manicure trends that you need to try now!


A simple French while still remains the classic, however, when wanting to add that spark a 3D manicure can come a long way.

3D manicures involve having a little effect pop up. This may be some bubbles or pearls that can be glued on. 3D manicures are perfect for those looking to spice up their manicures.

24 pcs 3d pearl rivet decoration finished false nail
24 pcs 3d pearl rivet decoration finished false nails


Metallics have always been in trend and with Spring 2022 approaches, they haven’t lost their popularity.

A little metallic and silver chrome manicures have been loved by people, especially now since celebrities such as the Kardashian – Jenner clan have been seen showcasing them, giving a stamp of approval.

Whether they are seen in all silver metallics or adding a pop of color with pinks and purples, metallic manicure has been amongst one of the popular fashion trends – embracing all that is reflective.

Micro French Tips

French tips have remained a classic, as discussed before, however, with the spin of color, the French tips have been elevated.

While a classic French manicure requires the tip of the nails is all white, the micro French tip replaces the white with color and are shorter. This can be a nice neon color or even a pastel. The choice is yours.

The micro French tip has quickly become a trend that many people opted for. While the contains the classic clean look, with the addition of the pop of color at the end. A look that works well with both the formal and informal setting.

Micro French Nail
Micro French Nails


Consider your manicurist as the artist. Nails before having remained to be simple with a pop of color here or there or just simple clean nails. Now, however, nails have turned into quite the canvas.

From simple drip art to paintings like Van Gogh are represented on nails, matching the style and the mood for the week.

Disco Ball

If you’re one of those people who like shiny things, disco ball manicure is a trend that is for you.

A mirrored effect that is either done to the full length of the nails or on the edges alone, disco ball manicure represents a fun night out.

Disco ball nails in classic silver
Disco ball nails in classic silver

Final Thoughts

Manicures have the magic to elevate and brighten up a person’s day. Whether you opt for a crazy manicure like the disco ball, or jazz it up with the micro French manicures can easily change the outlook!


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