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Every beginning of the year brings with it a chance for fresh new beginnings. For some of us, it also brings frigid temperatures, strong wind, and slushy sidewalks. And while we love layering in knits or staying indoors cuddling in a thick blanket, we can’t help but dream of spring and the fashion warmer weather brings.  

The thought of putting on a face of makeup again after almost two years of barely-there looks sounds pretty exciting. As the world is slowly opening up and goes back to regular programming with many people getting their booster shots, we can start to reboot our beauty routines by putting a little more eyeshadow and eyeliner, being a little more playful with lips and our hairstyles.

Swipe through below to check out some of the beauty, hair and fashion trends that have been spotted from the runways across the world’s top fashion capitals. These are some of my favorite things that really spark joy.

Spring Beauty and Hair Trend 2022

Luminous Look

Everyone is obsessing over glossy textures and we are not talking about lips but for the eyelids and cheeks too. A stunning shimmer across your face can instantly add a subtle glow to any makeup look.

Bold Blush

For this season, you have to go bold or go home when it comes to blush. The peachy coral color is absolutely stunning and no doubt brings your face to life.

Less Is More

Wearing heavy complexion products was all the rage in the 2000s. However, according to the TikTok beauty world, the heavy-duty makeup look is no longer en vogue. Many people are using less product underneath the eyes, and creating a more natural look. 

Statement Hair Accessories

Statement-making headpieces and hair accessories have always shown up on the fashion runways during the fashion weeks when the designers showcase their new collection. In 2022, get ready for tiaras, chunky and stackable barrettes, and bubble ponytail hair ties to make an appearance. They are definitely going to make heads turn.  

Spring 2022 Fashion Trends

Bras That Can Be Tops Too

Bra tops are taking over the runways. Yes, designers are bringing the sexy back for post-pandemic fashion.  Seen on the recent fashion weeks, pairing bralettes and bra tops with baggy jeans, low-rise skirts, or oversized slouchy suits seem to be all the rage in spring 2022.  Get yourself this seamless lightweight bra from to infuse a little modern touch to your separates. 

Fringe Fun

Time to do a little throwback. What’s old always becomes new again in the fashion world. For this season, the fringe trend is making a fabulous return.


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