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On South Primary Wednesday, staff from the Arctic greet students in gorgeous Halloween Costumes Outlet. Wednesday is the last day before the Christmas holidays.

“We have indifference, reindeers, elves and Santa Claus,” said third-year teacher Angel Roberts.

After listening to a school in Georgia, Roberts helped organize the Christmas welcome ceremony. “I think maybe this is something we can try,” she said.

Photos from parents and others in the community. Darlene Jordan, PTO member, said: “I think it really makes everyone have a Christmas spirit.

The students who celebrate the Christmas holidays seem excited. “I think they look good and I was surprised when I experienced this,” said third-year student Carrington Holmes.

These teachers want to leave memories for those students who will never forget. Roberts said: “They may not remember everything that year they learned, but they will remember that we all wear the role of the North Pole.

January 4, Jackson-Madison County School System students return to class.


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