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Halloween may belong to children and candy companies, but it is still an adult costume. No matter what it means to be scary, sexy, or finally to try platinum hair for the first time, on October 31, we can use wigs. Makeup and anything else you need to experience our unique platinum fantasy. This is the fun of childhood Halloween, no sugar stomach pain. But until you find a costume, the fun won’t really start. Whether you’re indecisive or forgetting that Halloween is still a month away, our editors are sharing some ideas to get some ideas, Bruwyn. From a 54-year studio inspired by Kana Gerber to Cardib in her “superb” music video, we share our planned future.

I’ve never felt an inspiration for trying a shiny blue eye shadow, but if anyone can convince me to make it look more angel and prettier by capturing the bad trends of the 1980s it’s a chrysanthemum. I’m looking for a blond wig and a sequin top. “- Megan Decker, beauty assistant, (megan decker), beautician, Megan Decker (megan decker).”

Or, on the other hand, I might take a darker route, mainly because it doesn’t require any preparatory work. Several layers of black eye shadow, some vampire red lipstick dripping on the chin, a big black hoodie, I was ready. ”

I haven’t had a haircut for eight months so my fiancee and I can go like (ariana grande) and (pete davidson). Unfortunately, he’s not as enthusiastic about the project as I am, and he won’t bleach his hair, which means he has to wear a hat and a hoodie all night. “- Cat Quinn (cat quinn), beauty director.

I don’t do Halloween. The last time I went on vacation, I wore a red wig and a black lip and pretended it was a real costume. This year-if my friends convince me to leave the comfortable sofa-where I usually drink hot chocolate and catch up with netflix until November 1-I pick up a gold crown and call myself beyonc é. Ever since I saw her trendy headgear in September, I can’t wait to put something super on my African old man. Halloween may be the only time of the year that I can be so extravagant in public. “- Jessica Corey, deputy beauty director.

This year, I was intent on becoming Harloway’s Cady. It’s a good excuse to lead my favorite artist to wear a colorful wig and walk around Manhattan screaming ‘Wow!’ ” -Amy Simon, beauty writer.

“I’m always looking for the world’s laziest Halloween costume, which usually means I end up dressed as my favorite red hair.” I’ve been addicted to riverdale lately. Madeleine Page’s Sheryl Flower (cheryl bloch) is an idol. All I have to do is put on some red lipstick, wear all black clothes (that’s what I do), and maybe set something on fire. Simple. “- Rachel Lubitz, the top beauty writer

“I’m scary 365 days a year, so I don’t like to dress on Halloween, and I have jury duties on that day anyway.” But if I could take me to a place on Wednesday night where I might be wearing a costume, I wouldn’t be left in a party town hanger; my long black hair-she’s pale, The closet was full of black clothes-providing me with the simplest clothing ever. I’ve been on Halloween for eight consecutive years, Adams.-Why now? “- Senior beauty writer Rachel Klaus.

“Cuddy has been inspired by my mood all year, and what better way to celebrate her success than to recreate her appearance for Halloween?” I like her 80 s inspired look with Bruno Mars'”ingenious” music video. Not only is it full of energy, from pink eye shadow to clothes, it is me. In fact, I’m even thinking of a haircut to match my appearance.-Sadie Ya Na Diaz, beauty writer.


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