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From now until January 23, the Oscars nominee, EW will dialogue with many competitors to share their work and skills. This week, Tonya (now playing) costume designer Jennifer Johnson recalls trying to sew a complete life through biographical apparel – she knows she lands completely after hitting her best in business That’s Tonya Harding’s own).

Entertainment Weekly: What do you want to communicate with these apparel?

Jennifer Johnson: I was contaminated by Tonya Harding’s tabloid point of view. I am old enough to be part of the United States collective panel. So when I started this project, my goal was to eliminate any thoughts I had about her and start something new. In all my work, even if they have flaws, I also want to love my character, which reflects how close to the costume I am. The clothes I want are not ironic or funny, so this is the hardest part. [We] show a real person: this is my goal, there is a sympathetic approach.

How to achieve this feeling of understanding through clothing?

I divided her life and wardrobe into Cheap Halloween Costumes different chapters. First, when Ravina puts on her, you are like a child. She made skating clothes for her, combed her hair, and put a pretty ribbon on her hair. Although she is abusive, she wants to be a mother, and although they are really poor, they want to show that they are together. Her mother decided Tonya’s skating life until she met Diane (Rawlinson), a social ice skater coach who wears Ralph Lauren and Laura Ashley. When Tony was a teenager, Diane cultivated her and paved the way for her. All this is well documented in a Tonya teen friend’s movie [see the movie below]. She really handed her Yale movie thesis! You can find it online. She shot these great shopping trips, Tonya in the mall and Diane wearing fur coats and skirts, and really annoyed. As you can see, Tonya is starting to be her own.

This is Chapter Three of her wardrobe when Tonya meets Geoff Gillory. She fires Diana, hires a new coach and personally tries on her costume. As she and her husband abuse escalate, they actually start to wear clothes. There is an interesting Stockholm syndrome that is happening. Their pictures are very close together, wearing almost the same sweater or turtleneck. At least from the outsider’s perspective, she lost her identity at least, her palette became very gloomy and serious.

And when she got sponsorship after landing triple triple in 1991, she made a fortune again and said herself again after escaping Jeff. She has a Louis Vuitton bag, Chanel earrings she is neat, detailed, clean, to some extent. She has a wild personality, her skating dress is always wild, but [these small details] made me realize she was very proud. She has a little money, so she bought a nice leather jacket, earrings and a purse, and she may be proud of it.

When I was young, I remembered how she looked different from the other famous women I saw at the time, in terms of her own performance. Why do you think so?
I caught it too She is under the pressure of her husband and mother, and the skateboard community is insulting to her. I watched her endless performance on YouTube, commentators voice is very bad. They commented, judged her clothing, music, style – heartbreaking, because until today, she is also the best slider ever. Rarely one third because it requires an incredible amount of physical strength. In an exercise that resembles the incredible feminization movement and the ballet, you are considered overly feminine but at the same time have the same physical fitness as a man. I wondered if she was withdrawn as a result, as if she had disappeared when money was available [because of criticism].

What is the feeling of working with game clothing? Do you feel that adding pressure to make these completely accurate?

Yes, it is stressful! File photography quality out of touch. Sometimes, we literally view a clip on YouTube. In addition, her early clothes are not as good as they have photographic records. This is a fun process. I’d like to pay tribute to Tonya’s commitment because she made so many garments. Whether you like this style or not, she does a good job of making and caring for clothes. It is a lot of Swarovski crystals and lots of spandex. [Laughs] The most interesting outfits are the ’91 National Cheap Halloween Costumes – one that is famous for its turquoise spandex, which she did for himself. The important thing is that it fits well, because Tonya offers her a huge stretch of spandex so the arms are loose, loose and wrinkled. This thing is a bit sweet

Does Tonya have any comments directly in your design?

I really want to meet with her, but I never had a chance (until the premiere). She went to the party, I walked to her, holding her hand. I told her I was a fashion designer, she hugged me. We hugged for so long, she said: “I do not understand how you look at my clothing!” This is the best review I can get, just from Tonya.

Ravina? How do you approach her?

At first I only took a few photos and her video spoke to the bird on her shoulder. She looks but and is very strong, I find it interesting that she wore a fur coat. The founders of Tonya and Tonya also have a great family portrait. This is a portrait of an appropriate Sears family, and Tonya’s hair has French braids and bows, and Ravina looks so beautiful. She made her hair with a roller, she wears beautiful earrings and a shirt. Tonya’s daddy is wearing a nice suit.

I also noticed that while you were training for the Ninth Olympic Games, she was studying Ravina occasionally when I was standing by the sidelines. Her hair is well done and her earrings are beautiful, so I find it very interesting. She came from the 1940s and 50s, when people in this era are proud of how to show themselves to the world and are trying to maintain that elegant feeling. This is why the fur coat (in a video interview) fascinates me. She was thinking, “Well, I’m interviewing. This is my best thing.” We met Ravina in the early 1970s, but I wanted her closet to start in the 1960s, The fashion of that time showed that she might be a bit more elegant.

In this video interview, is the bird on her shoulder, right? Does the real bird pose any problem to the wardrobe?

His name is villain, he is trained! He was very polite, but Allison [Janney] had a glass of whiskey on the court, and the little bird kept trying to put his head in and drink. This is really interesting. The bird also tried to kiss Allison and bite in the movie we made. Alison likes villains very much. He is just a good performer to drunk!


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