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Earlier this year, Emily Ratajkowski posted her own photo on Instagram, wearing black lace underwear across New York City streets and across New York City streets . This is the power act I’ve always dreamed of, to be honest. Of course, in fact, she was just doing her own job and taking pictures, but I like to think she would not object to wearing underwear every day.

My very traditional catholic school education means that my leather lingerie always wears a warm overalls, never wearing a skirt, avoiding the shyness of my knees and never going to wear underwear in public. As far as the dress code is concerned, my job is so intense that we are not allowed to wear too many shining earrings or wearing headdresses or any other decorations (Blair Waldorf would be disagreeable). Without any help, I have always reserved, either – never exposed or great.

Do not misunderstand what I mean. I’ve been proud of my accomplishments since I was in such a school for a few years, but sometimes I want to be a bit more relieved and do not feel uncomfortable or unconscious. This is why I decided to challenge myself to wear a day’s underwear every day. Although I will not walk the dog quickly in my panties, I can see this appeal.

Basically, what I was trying to accomplish was a ceremonial thing, and I learned from a dozen years of Catholic Catholic school about how a woman should act or dress. If not for you, I do not mean you have to wear underwear. I just said that this is something that has never happened before because I have the condition to think it is not. This is what I learned from my experiment.

first day

I started to carefully choose True & Co. Delicate lace bra. leather lingerie is a bare, pure lining, which makes me feel a bit vulnerable. Although I like the #freethenipple movement, I’m not entirely confident that I can embrace it. Fortunately, impeccable teamwork has given me the confidence I need, and, you know, it’s a literal improvement, which is good. That day, my casual wear was perfect – Victoria’s Secret pink V-neck T-shirt and Target’s high-waisted jeans. I did not even mind that the tight fit of the T-shirt left the lace edge on the top of the brassiere all day wearing because, honestly, it was lovely and I was not ashamed of it.

My favorite True & Co. However, my experience is a fitness test that I made before placing an order. True & CO. Boast that they are dedicated to designing a more fitted leather lingerie based on the data they collected from about 6 million women – well. I think the whole thing seems a bit too good, especially since it took only five minutes to complete the exam, with only 16 questions. In most cases, these questions are a bit like general questions such as: “Does your shoulder strap slip off or sink into your skin during the day?” And do you like neutral or daring colors? My result seems to be too simple – but it is absolutely crucial.

According to my health test, my shape is “shallow bottom”, which is correct for 16% of women. My research shows: “Your breasts are particularly rounded, sleek and chic at the bottom, I’m not sure how cool my chest is, but the rest is real and I like how common they are including my shape and size, With every secret fashion show in Victoria, I have a completely envious idea and we are happy to remind you that real life is not perfect (bilingual is very interesting).

the next day

Instead of being encouraged by the following day, I should not pay tribute to the affair, but put on Adore Me, something like Ratajkowski’s Instagram. Yes, I can walk my dog ​​here … You know, if I need to do this for some reason.

Although unlined bras are sure to be outside my comfort zone, complicated lace detail is almost impossible to discern. The hip bottom is more like a thong with lace edges, I like it. Most importantly, it’s easy and comfortable to wear this dress all day long when I’m running errands. I like it not obvious to others, but if I wanted to, it made me feel like I could walk along the track with Emily Ratajkowski during the lunch break.

3rd day

Although I like to go out in Daphne, the fact is that I work from home most of the time, making this blue velvet count more viable. Two days after wearing a dark, neutral item, I was happy to add my favorite color (and fabric!) To my new sexy wardrobe.

The front lace seams are high, but it’s definitely a feeling that girls like Serena van der Woodsen lay for a funky night. It was not just the wild nights in the town that I had always wanted to do, sipping a glass of wine while I was wearing Louellin, and I had a nice glass of red wine at the end of my work.

No, I did not walk the dog on the road, but I did go down five floors to collect my mail, so here’s something.

The fourth day

Hangover from the wine (yes, I’m a lightweight!) I need a powerful outfit on the fourth day and let me spend a full day of Christmas shopping. I am wearing a fake leather jacket from Zara, below is a low-cut, light-weight sweater. For the bottom, I went to black leggings and black high heels. I like to pair this complex look with the avant-garde Brielle’s leisure because it adds more personality. Above my sweater, the clearly visible bands were clearly visible instead of looking inappropriate, and they added a bold detail that made me feel more than usual.

If I were honest, the only reason I was so much the first to work on this dress was that I could design a style. As Carrie Bradshaw explained to her in Big and the City, her wedding gown raised the wedding bets. The $ 20 art piece gave me a talented Vivienne Westwood outfit to Carrie Bradshaw.

Fifth day

On the fifth day of the experiment, I dated a person I met at Tinder a few weeks ago. This is the best time to test my new circuit – not because I need his approval, but because it is exactly what made me feel uncomfortable in the past. Often underwear in a week of sportswear, I feel extra hipster so I drank an extra amount of hours and confidence on the eve of our drink hours ago. I wore a charcoal gray sweater with high waist jeans and high heels, and Kaye bodysuits (they’re the staple food, OK). As Beyonce and Nikki Mina put it, I feel myself.

We have a few investment promotion agencies – yes, he explained this to me, but it’s a different story on a different day – in my apartment, my full lace teddy bears a very interesting, “Oh, look at that! Interestingly, I know exactly what he means.Has several appointments between us, and I can tell him not sure if this is a failure.He is a fan, No matter what I am, I feel abnormally confident about my body, such as self-confidence, to make things more exciting.At a certain place, the religious studies teacher in my Catholic school is creepy, which is fair because She is also a biology teacher and skips all the chapters about sex (thanks Catholic schools very much).

The sixth day

The next day, I deeply felt the new self-confidence. I wore loose silk buttons, a round skirt and a day’s blowout wearing Kenzley bodysuits. When I walked into my favorite coffee shop and did some work, I felt myself more confident and confident. On any given day, I like my job, but somehow now I feel more qualified to do it – just as my sexy outfits earned me the right to do what I’ve always done, which is to write appointments and sex . This must have been Gal Gadot’s feeling of wearing Wonder Woman’s clothing, I think.

Before this week, I never even thought about buying Kenzley, let alone wearing it to the coffee shop for six uninterrupted hours. I will be intimidated by what seems like a complicated, uncomfortable design. I myself am convinced that I will never be able to get out, in reality, no one actually wore such clothes. I will be wrong in all aspects. Kenzley easily became my favorite week because I finally thought it was something I did for me purely – because I thought, not because I dared.

Contrary to what I would expect, this is incredibly comfortable without any restrictions. I am happy that even if no one can really know, I’m brave enough to wear this dress – just as if I had a secret superpower. Now, I’m sure it’s Gal Gadot’s feeling.

The seventh day

If the Catholic school taught me something, that is Sunday – the seventh day – a day off, I did it. I spent the day hanging out in my apartment, finding some spouses from Adore Me, masks and watching Gilmore Girls. I purposely tried to dedicate myself to taking care of myself on the last day of the experiment because I found myself more in love with my body than before. More and more people are accustomed to seeing themselves providing less material on their clothing, but more styling makes me appreciate my body more. This is accidental, beautiful.

I have a long way to go, I took what I now call Emily Ratajkowski, but I like where I am right now, that’s what’s really important. The next time I’m wearing a pleated skirt, I’ll probably put it in a place with few words, just for fun.


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