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Since the news of September broke Khloé Kardashian allegedly pregnant, the fans have been looking for any and all signs that a baby can be on board. The photo of the paparazzi has been carefully examined to prove it is a bumpy, social media post that has been translated into double meaning, subtle cues or hidden clues, but alas – the real stars have neither confirmed nor denied the coverage. However, between Kardashian and her sister Kylie Jenner, these rumors continue to spread daily. However, it seems that most fans choose to ignore Khlo Kardashian’s “clues,” proving she’s not pregnant. Because if she is not?

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A few days after Kylie Jenner was allegedly pregnant, almost the internet broke out and reports of Khloé Kardashian’s alleged bunning in the oven began to flow. In fact, no one has been able to keep pace with the Kardashian people – for at that moment it was a complete family baby boomer. It is reported that though, Khloé looks forward to the first child of her professional basketball player Tristan Thompson. Except from the very beginning, the world has seen these stories almost as facts. However, there is a lot of evidence that otherwise, it’s like …

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1.Khloé’s Halloween costume
Kardashian and Thompson showed off their power game Cheap Halloween Costumes in October – a perfect conviction of Denis Targaryen and Drogo. Adolescent Fashion Actually suggested that Kardashian not be pregnant, according to the photos. It seems that many fans seem to agree that Khloe seems to be so trimmed that she can not carry a child. However, it is worth mentioning that every woman shows her pregnancy differently, and the experiences of each woman may vary widely. Just because Khloé is not an “obvious” bump does not mean she has no children.

2. Like this photo on Instagram
Entertainment reports tonight that fans think they’re looking at a photo posted on Instagram by Khloé on October 5th. This photo is Kardashian to promote her beautiful costume series. “You can see her gear popping up under the bottom of her arm!” One Instagram user commented. “What a big deal, just tell us about your belly! However, Khloé quickly dismissed the theory in his reply,” she wrote:

This is a peplum shirt. It expands at the bottom [sic]. This is just the shirt design. In the next photo that appears in the same photo, I’m at the top. Show a lot of skin

3. Khloe & Kylie Jokingly Say “All Their Children”
On October 24, Kylie Jenner posted on Instagram a video she co-authored with Khloé about the Koko series they created for Kylie Cosmetics. If you look at the full video on YouTube, you’ll see sisters laughing at “All Kids”. (If you do not want to watch the full clip, skip to the 4:20 markup.)
4.Kelly cosmetics on YouTube

We report every week that Kylie and Khloé joked about “All of our kids” on Instagram in a recent video. In the video, Kelly said her favorite in the Koko collection is a “baby girl” color, apparently a “subtle melon color.” Sisters tried a bunch of shades, and Khloé pointed out: “We created them, it’s our baby, we have eight! Kelly then came with us and we had so many babies.” Who knows? “Yes, So these sisters are all good times to drag us, or they are just laughing at the fact that the world is assuming they are not pregnant.
5. Her silence of pregnancy rumors

serious. Does anyone think maybe Khloé (and Kelly, for that matter) did not comment publicly on the rumors of pregnancy because they are not actually pregnant. I know that at this point it seems an extension as both their sister Kim Kardashian and mother Kris Jenner have done everything (including drinking sardines shakes) to avoid handling elephants in the room. Fans should not be surprised if Khloé decides to finally confirm or deny pregnancy’s rumors if she has not been pregnant.


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