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1.Ice Cream Cone

Incarnate your pregnancy craving with this last-minute Halloween costume, you can put it together and the clothes have been hung in your wardrobe.

2.Mama Bear

Put your double on the comfortable costume you’re going to wear after Halloween.

3.Little Red Riding Hood

You need only one red cloak to turn into a little red hooligan. Or one of Margaret Atwood’s waitresses. Your horn. Go to Mummy Rison’s to study.


You may not fit the definition of master in the West, but you may feel like a master. Ask your partner to wear a black signature suit, as long as he leaves home in a hasty manner.

5.Bob Ross and a Happy Tree

It’s easy to include baby in this group costume idea (Bob Ross and his happy trees!) by adding an adorable squirrel.

6.Juno and Bleeker

It is very likely that you already have all the clothes you need to make. (after all, stripes, jeans and messy ponytails are daily staples.) If your partner’s closet already has Blake’s demands-like those shorts-then there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

7.Avocado Toast

The collective version of avocado toast includes an omelet and a lemon wedge, so it’s easy to turn the costume idea into a family affair.

8.Minnie Mouse

This polka mouse outfit actually makes us wonder if Mickey Mouse and Minnie have ever bred. Whatever the answer, you’ll look super cute.

9.Winnie the Pooh & Christopher Robin

This is another super cute couple costume idea. After all, Winnie was Christopher Robin’s best friend.


When you let your dark side come out and play.


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