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Kardashian and Jenus were not messed up when dressing up for Halloween. The entire family showed some impressive costumes year after year – but none of them were as creative as Kim Kardashian. She is engrossed in a theme, whether she is transformed into another celebrity or a pair of lovers.

This is our most popular Kardashian Halloween costume for many years.
One of our favorite Kardashian costumes is actually one of her simplest outfits. Anyone can wear this 骷髅 costume Kardashian together in 2014, although she still managed to give her own fabulous touch. Kardashian is committed to this ghostly look with a tight suit, smooth fluffy hair and a terrible gaze.
Kardashian not only played Anna Wintour in 2014 – she really turned herself into a Vogue editor. Although Kardashian is impressive with her outfit, this look is a collective effort. Her own daughter, Northwest, dressed as Vogue contributing editor Andre Leon Talley.

Katherine’s friend and makeup artist Joyce Bonelli is the creative director of Vogue Grace Coddington. Even Bonelli’s son is involved in this theme, wearing Karl Lagerfeld.
As early as 2012, Kardashian and her current husband Kanye West brought a super cute and simple theme. She looks like a charming mermaid, including a close-fitting fin, shell details and long, flowing blond hair. West looks like he just picked out some clothes from the closet and called it Halloween costume – it’s definitely what we used to do. However, when paired with Kardashian’s mermaid costume, he looks like an apprentice, a modern captain.
2017 is the year of Kardashian’s clothing. She led some of her favorite music idols, starting with a big one: Cher. Dressed up with her friend Jonathan Cheban as Sonny Bono, Kardashian completely fixed this way. She went all out to understand every detail, including her fierceness in looking directly at the camera.
Kardashian continued her charm in 2017 by guiding another musical idol. The next list? Madonna was at the 1991 Academy Awards. However, what really shines is Kourtney Kardashian’s terrible Michael Jackson costume. Together they watched the awards ceremony nearly 30 years ago.
Although this piece of clothing in 2017 is her most popular, it has also received a lot of opposition on the Internet. She is dressed as Selena Quintanilla, wearing the most representative look of the singer performing in 1995. After a series of photos and videos were posted on her social media page, critical comments flooded.

One user wrote: “I am sorry for Kim, you can’t be Selena for Halloween, and I don’t know if these ads are suitable for Biddy. Try again next year.”

On the other hand, others defended the reality show star. One fan pointed out, “People just hate it because this is Kim Kardashian! Stopping women to fight against women is not a game! They are killing!!!!”


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