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Carrie Lewis’s mission is to help children with special needs to realize their dreams.

The 33-year-old Fast City photographer arrives in the community in late October to see if any children in special needs want to wear Wholesale Halloween Costumes to take pictures.

Lewis has more than 100 families to contact with her.

She said: “I was shocked that how many parents told me that photographers often do not take pictures of children in special needs.” I have three boys who want to be cops, so this is a dream I think I can create in real life . ”

One of them, an 11-year-old boy with Angelman syndrome, is also known as Happy Puppet Syndrome. Another 13-year-old non-language boy with Down Syndrome. The other, a 7-year-old patient with bilateral clubfoot, had a nodular tumor in the left eye, four dead eyes in the brain and cerebral palsy in the legs.

Lewis reached out to the Rapid City Police Department to tell them the boys and ask if they could take a photo with the department.

RCPD is beyond what Lewis hopes. On November 4, they blocked the entire road in the city center of Rapid and brought in four small buses. The children sat in the front seats, dressed in military jackets, and photographed with the police.

“It’s fantastic to see their dreams appear to me,” Lewis said: “I want to recognize what these officers are doing and to children it means everything.”

RCPD officer Eric Pichler worked in the city on the day and took part in the filming.

He said: “I like to interact with children, especially those who are interested in law enforcement.” Pitchler also believes it is important to develop a sense of trust in young people so they feel comfortable when they grow up , You can seek help and guidance from the police.
“These kids are superstars,” said Pichler. “They are not as shy as I am, and have great personalities. “” I am honored to be part of this project and look forward to spending more time with them in the future. ”

Since her photo shoot in November, Lewis has photographed other children with special needs.

She said: “My youngest son has special needs, so that’s one of my reasons.” “I want photographers to open their minds and take special needs kids, not to be afraid of them, and I want people to recognize that, Every child should have a dream come true. It is not difficult to make changes – just do it. ”

Pichler also has a similar view. “I think we live in the greatest country in the world and he says that this country is where we build and celebrate our differences.” I believe anyone can and should be able to pursue her dream. ”

United Way grants to non-profit organizations

Officials at United Way in Montenegro said non-profit organizations may apply to the federal government for an appropriation of $ 33,325 under the Phase 34 of the Emergency Food and Housing Program.

Congress allocated 120 million U.S. dollars to replenish and expand emergency food and housing projects.

Pennington County NPO must complete an application form available at Montenegro Road 621, 1006 Sixth St., Rapid City, SD 57701. Application deadline is December 15.

Past grant makers include church responses, meal plans, boy clubs, feeding SD and WAVI.


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