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Popular test time. Halloween represents: a) Sorry for the Americanization of our culture. No matter what the penny happened to that guy, eh? b) sweet food. c) Wholesale Halloween Costumes that require weeks of planning are unusual for you, as you usually can not submit more than 24 hours in advance. If you answer a) then you are over 50. If you answer b), you are under 14 years old. If you answer c) then you are a millennial person.

Halloween is now mostly Coachella with fake blood instead of fake eyelashes. In the modern calendar, this day suddenly increased. Halloween became more prominent as rituals and ceremonies that faded with the congregation of the church were replaced by new era roots in fashion, celebrities and popular culture. When spring comes, we stop making easter hat and make summer corolla. The pumpkin spiced latte Tuesday returned to Starbucks now. And Halloween will soon be bigger than Christmas. At this point, I think we are basically infidels.

The rise of Halloween can be tracked through clothing. Twenty years ago, if you were going to mischief, nag your mum to give you an eye-catching piece of old paper, practice saying “hum,” hug you, that’s your “see” sort. At that time, Halloween was so low that sometimes the only piece of paper you were allowed to cut was not even white paper. And you have to be a flower ghost. When Halloween begins to shine, the date becomes an excuse for the party, so the costume becomes the themed dress. Witches began to like the cheap red satin corset and le w winky eyes, while their black cats were used in fishing net tights and cute ears.

But Halloween is over sexy cats. Halloween costumes in the age of fishing nets are now dead. I mean, it’s still all over the Amazon, but now it’s basic, which is obviously worse than death. Alpha halloween costumes in the 00s are a signal that you read the spirit of the times. So, in 2014, Iris Apfel became Cecil the Lion in 2015 and Leomyade in Beyoncé in 2016. At its most basic level of infantry, halloween costumes just say that you are the newest to watch in a cool box. Last year, it meant glasses with a frill jumper (a barb from unfamiliar things) this year it was a red cloak and a white hat (Offred maid).

At the other extreme, it gives celebrity work that involves endless reshape of their image – a new hair color, a baby bumpy wherever it needs to be – the perfect opportunity for remodeling. Kardashian is a major fan of Halloween photo opportunities. In 2014, Anna Wintour and André Leon Talley together were just one of a few outfits in the Northwest.

Halloween is a social standard release valve. We have to take a day out of a good act, naughty. Or from respect, lazy by embracing. So in the present hypocrisy of vanity, the release valve has become a chance that does not seem to make any sense. Watch Katy Perry as Hillary Clinton or Emily Latsakovsky as Maggie Simpson, or Liv Tyler as an oven to commemorate her pregnancy. These garments are also striking, as seeing women’s novelty in the public eye makes the efforts of the red carpet look stupid rather than gorgeous because of their creativity and humor.

When it comes to Halloween costumes, this little black dress is nothing in common. The latest things are more important than anything in celebrating pop culture festivals. This helps to make Halloween a perfect celebration of a generation. Last weekend, however, Casamigos, co-chaired by George and Amal Clooney, invited a vintage version of the 1970s. (Casa Muggs has become a Los Angeles-style White House Easter egg seen on a Halloween party hosted by the first couple on the West Coast.) Kea Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford Kaia Gerber) confirmed her new position at the top of the fashion celebrity tree, her Elvira-from-Scarface look, to pay tribute to the blue chip and the very mature style idol. Kim Kardashian, from Cher, probably picked from a shortlist from Google after searching for “seventies’ hot women wearing bra tops.”

For the rest of us, clothing choices are endless without Clooney’s invitation. You may be Melania. Or Wonder Woman. Or Beyonce’s birth announcement. Or Kim Jong-un or salt Ba. Or Vladimir Putin. Or is it a benefit of Paul Mana Ford’s a totally crazy world? Halloween now makes a lot of sense.


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