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Students of Avatar University discussed after Thursday night’s three student athletes wearing black Halloween Costumes Outlet.

The Association of African Students said many members are not satisfied with disclosing photos of Halloween costumes on social media. They had wanted to bring their own setbacks to social media, but Kelechi Emeodi, ASO’s member who decided to contact UIW, said at the forum. He also said they started to feel that teachers did not take their concerns seriously.

Emeodi said: “Our idea is that nobody cares what we’re saying.” The fact that a president discovered a week later meant that the faculty members did not see it and told him that’s important. ”

Emeodi said ASO contacted other black student organizations at the University of Texas at San Antonio and Trinity University for help in raising awareness. That was when they decided to submit the issue to social media, which made Twitter crazy.

At the forum, entitled “Let’s Talk about Race,” three student athletes from the debate center paid tribute to the crowd.

“We just wanted to apologize and say we were sorry for any injuries we caused. It was an honest mistake, no more than dressing up as a character,” said a softball player who disagreed with himself.

“I really hurt, I really do not want to do it in any malicious way, I do not do that, I do not know what it means to be black, until I meet Dr. Moore, I’m real Want to say I’m sorry about anything, “another softball player said in a counterattack.

Two softball players use the black face dressed as the popular Madia movie series characters. A student athlete who claims to be a member of the UIW Men’s Swim and Dive Team also wore a black mask and said he respected him as a rap artist.

“My intentions are not malicious at all. I grew up in a church where I respect everyone and do not in any way disrespect anyone.

Black face is when the actor draws their face, often with black grease, similar to blacks. This is considered offensive and disrespectful to Negroes.


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