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For all dogs, clothing is becoming a way to get out of the package.

Pethaus, the Melbourne-based online and Wholesale Halloween Costumes business, has sales of more than $ 200,000 and sells denim jackets.

Pethaus, a Melbourne-based online and wholesale business, sells denim jackets for $ 200,000 a year.

Entrepreneurs Mel Westwood and Matt Johnstone start a business as an “accidental

“In 2013 we got our puppy Willie and he was a very unstable little kid and we needed to give him a jacket and we could not find anything we liked,” said Westwood.

They put on a denim jacket, filled with some of their favorite bands, and realized they were doing something.

Westwood said: “We could not walk down the street without asking for a stop.” After that, we opened an Etsy store, and we just enjoyed doing it, so it started overnight The industry was very lucrative at the time and for us it was a way of life, but the trend in denim was slightly better after we started.

Pethaus is now full-time at Westwood, one of many small business owners.

Australia has one of the highest pet ownership countries in the world, with over 60% of households having pets. The ibis World Report 2017 focuses on retailing of pet and pet products for $ 4.4 billion.

The report said: “Although there has been no increase in the total number of pets in the last five years, owners spend more on each pet and increase spending on premium products and services.

Despite the difficult retail conditions, pets are an integral part of the owners’ lives.

The report said: “The industry’s saving edge has always been the rise of pet parents, as doting pet owners are increasingly giving their four-legged friends family status.

For the past five years, ibis World has found a human-oriented trend of encouraging families to spend more on pets, buying pet food products and designing designer clothing. Dogs and cats have become more and more popular, including designer collections for Halloween and Christmas and seasonal clothing.

Our business does not exist if it is not for those who want to reflect their own personality through pets.

Westwood said the pet mother phenomenon is a factor in Pethaus’s growing needs.

“Our business is about people’s humanization of pets.” We made things that we would wear, and I think we never thought we’d be human pet types until you had someone and realized that you The extension of life, our business will not exist, if not those who want to reflect their own personality through pets, they are our babies. ”

Social media, especially Instagram’s famous dog, is also the driving force behind the sale of puppy clothing.

Margaret Hennessy, owner of the dog clothing store, said social media is very influential.

Hennessy said: “We saw a lot of Instagram famous dog, we provide them promotional products.” We also use Facebook and Twitter, we really see into the online store. ”

Simone Kingston founded Dogue in 1998. This is Australia’s first dog shop in Woollahra, Sydney.

Kingston still owns Dogue’s wholesale business, and Hennessy acquired the retail business in 2005.

Dogue now has nine stores on its network and has traded over $ 5 million throughout the business after the battle with the U.S. “Vogue” trademark.

Dogue franchisees pay a $ 40,000 franchise fee, a $ 5,000 marketing fee and a $ 7,500 onboarding fee, while Dogue continues to earn 9.5%.

Hennessy said: “Unique, stylish, reasonably priced products are definitely a huge market.

She said that the pet’s viewing style is quite different from that of five or ten years ago.

“There’s definitely a different attitude toward pets,” she said. “” For our customers, the dog has always been a part of the family and they are locked in bed. ”

The main problem with Dogue in apparel sales is that the weather in Sydney is too hot for dogs, so Hennessy is considering opening five stores in colder states.

She said: “This is very interesting, it is part of a pet dog, many dogs like to wear a jacket, I feel very special.”


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