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Before about chocolate and children, Halloween is about sex.
There is almost no blink of an eye in Halloween. Will you wear a comfortable corset and a ruffled petticoat to become a “sexy Swashbuckler”? Still wearing a furry miniature mini dress and ‘Darling Dalmation’ with a soft headband? Or maybe, you will play a ‘nurse’ in a ridiculous short white wrap dress. Is it impossible to turn this dress to the southern bra so far?

Anyone who has watched “贱 girl” will clearly understand the Halloween summary of half of the female population. Lindsay Lohan’s role, Cady, knows, “In the conventional world, Halloween is where children dress up and beg for candy. In “Girls World,” Halloween is a night of the year, a girl can dress like a complete Sluts, no other girl can say anything about it. Feminism has come a long way, but there are still a lot of sexy cats appearing on October 31. That is, Halloween is about chocolate and children. It used to be about sex.

‘Slut-o-ween’ because it is sometimes called to trace its origins from the predecessor of the festival, Samhain (SAH-win). It is said that in this ritual, the animal skin and the head of the animal that was slaughtered during this Gaelic festival were put on. The sound is obviously not sexy. However, because of the blurring of the line between the living and the dead, the same is true between the boundaries of gender. Young people will celebrate by dressing up as women, and vice versa.
Dress up your own camp history. From the fallen masquerade in Venice to the decadent costume ball of the French court during the reign of Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette, the history of disguise cannot be freed from the sexy and obscene past.

Janne Baetsen, founder and cultural marketing expert at MindFashion, explains that this phenomenon, known as “coverage cognition,” explains the appeal of makeup. “The reason we dress up, and the reasons we dress up or dress up may be broad and personal, but one thing is certain, clothing can make us imagine and transform into others, or in our own different versions. Give us The ‘super’ forces that usually don’t naturally or even make us feel uncomfortable, from feeling sexy, not so shy or once again like a child to brave, funny, scary or strong. ‘Clothing allows us to let our inner self loose, even It is only one night a year.

But back to those sexy cats.

“Over time, it became the custom of the boy choir, dressed as a virgin in the Halloween (the second day after Halloween) ceremony, not only to commemorate the deceased, but also to wish a productive union,” York Nick Rogers, a political and social professor at the university, told me. The concept of ghosts and witches takes a while to be linked to the celebration, but Rogers thinks this may be because all Soul Days (another name for Hallowmass) are related to the dead.


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