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Could you believe that in just a few more weeks, it will be Halloween already? If you haven’t noticed it, well, we’re reminding you that it’s almost Halloween. Have you gotten your costume ready yet because you are pretty much running out of time to prepare. Don’t worry though, we are here to give out more costume ideas so you can make every Halloween a memorable and fun one!

Parties are everywhere during the Halloweens and obviously, they are always costume parties. You seriously can’t be seen in the same costume you were in last year because well.. That’s so last season! You don’t have to top your last year’s costume but at least try something different every year. There are tons of costumes that you can wear. All you need is some creativity and a bit of advice. You would want to look your best and there’s absolutely no reason not to. It’s not just for the purpose of showing off but also to help you feel confident. You would not want to be sitting in a corner because of an ugly costume and miss out on all the fun. When you’re confident in what you’re wearing, there’s no holding back. Why not go all out this year? Try a sexy costume for a change. The options are crazy when it comes to picking out costumes but there’s always a “sexier” version of every costume. If you’ve worn a sexy costume before, relive the excitement it brought to wear a daring, bold and sexy Halloween costume.

The Costume Land has some new items in store and we’re here to help you bring the sexy back!

1. Ferociously Sexy Animal Costume

Animals are adorable creatures and if you don’t love them, seriously, what’s wrong with you? Wild or not, there are so many lovable animals that make perfect costume. What would even be better is a sexy version of our favorite animal costume. Take for example a panda. Those big, fluffy, black and white panda bears are irresistibly cute. People won’t be able to take their eyes off of you once you jump into this halloween costumes outlet which comes with a top, shorts, suspenders and furry hat. It’s sexy and cute at the same time. What more could you possibly want?

Speaking of cute and sexy, let’s talk about cats. Of course, how could cats not be mentioned. Cats are love. Cats are life. Cats are the best. Turn into an adorably hot cat with this Top Drawer Sequin Black Cat Corset Woman Halloween Costume which comes with a sweetheart neckline corset made with high quality sequin fabric, ruffle panty, cat ears and black gloves.

2. Sexy Characters Come to Life

Who isn’t a fan of a great story book or an amazing movie? So many fictional or romanticized characters that have captured our hearts and we always find it fascinating when we see people in costume of our favorite book or movie character. Take people’s attention by dressing up into a sexy version of your favorite characters. Better yet, make them walk the plank in this Rogue Pirate Woman Halloween Costume which comes with a pirate corset, shorts, belt and arm sleeves. You will definitely be one pirate everyone wants to be held captive by.

Halloween is all about spooks, creepy and dark things. It would be fitting to wear a costume of an evil character, wouldn’t it? Try this Top Drawer Sexy Fairytale Red Queen Woman Halloween Costume which comes with a full bust corset made of high quality satin and a sequin heart embellishment and attached bows. Also comes with a snap on removable sheer glitter skirt with elastic waistband, removable sleeves, removable collar and tiara.

3. The Sexy Working Woman

You’ve probably guessed this will be on the list because well, why not? We all know that sexy versions of work uniforms are very common and they are the type of costumes that can definitely catch people’s attention. There will be a lot of crazy things happening in Halloween parties so be sure to not keep things in too much order when you’re in this Flirty Referee Woman Halloween Costume which comes with a romper with sequin details and lace up accent with bow details and whistle.

Cops are out to catch bad guys and criminals but with you in this Top Drawer Premium Cop Corset Woman Halloween Costume, fun is the only you will sure be catching. This costume keeps it sexy with a corset dress with a sweetheart neckline made with high quality satin and faux leather fabric, cop hat and handcuffs.

4. Traditionally Sexy Costumes

Halloween is the time wherein everything is about spooky and scary things. Despite the increasing popularity of wearing costumes other than of ghosts and dark creatures, it would still be the right thing to do if you wear a costume that’s actually about Halloween. You may not be interested in scaring the hell out of people with creepy costumes but you can definitely get their attention with sexy versions of creepy Halloween costumes. Like a sexy werewolf because hey! Why not, right? This Hungry Werewolf Woman Halloween Costume will make everyone howl. This costume comes with a tie top, shorts, neck piece, headpiece, furry tail and gloves.

A devil costume during Halloween? That’s so cliche. Yes, it is but it works every time. Although this devil costume is not like the others. This Top Drawer Premium Sequin Devil Woman Halloween Costume comes with a sweetheart neckline corset dress made with high quality sequin fabric. It also comes with a sequin skirt, devil horns and a sequin pitchfork. Hell may be sizzling hot but it definitely went a few degrees cooler without you there.

These costumes are only a few of the wide variety of items you can find at our store. Visit us now at for more great costumes and accessories. Come back again next time for more featured costumes and ideas. We’ll be happy to help you make every Halloween the best one yet! Enjoy your shopping everyone!


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