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Halloween is such a weird moment of the year. On the one hand, it often carries the best people, just as young girls dress up as feminist examples. Then, of course, we have whites to show off their ridiculous insensitive clothing. For example, the father of Caitlyn Jenner before and after her gender transition.

Ohio college student Mac Vonderahe posted her father’s photo on Twitter last weekend, comparing his two costumes to a Halloween party. First, her dad dresses as Caitlyn Jenner in the middle of the night and then he plays Jenner to drag the other half. In short, Vonderahe’s father, first in the Olympic uniform, then put on a suit and apartment.

Vonderahe’s Twitter spread quickly and Twitter users throughout the United States claimed that her father had “won” Halloween. However, once transgender users find Twitter, they criticize Vonderahe’s father and explain that the clothing is not sensitive to trans women.

Twitter user Alex Jacob wrote in response: “In the United States, there are over 40% of trans suicide attempts to commit suicide and more than 25 trans fatty acids are killed, which is ridiculous.” “I think ridicule and dehumanization Transgender people are very fucking mean. ”

Jacob is right. Garments are mainly targeted at transgender women and their experiences of attempted suicide, harassment and abuse are already high. In an interview with Daily Points, Jacob was a transgender, explaining that he was not surprised but still unhappy.

Jacob said: “I really think using multinational celebrities (as clothing) is an excuse to ridicule all transgender people.” Although I am used to such a thing, it’s still frustrating. It just shows how people look at transgender people, and it’s always hard to see. ”

LGBTQ militants quickly agreed, pointing out that the Cheap Halloween Costumes ridiculed Jenner’s gender transition for a cheap laugh, without any understanding of what dexterity means. For starters, Vonderahe’s daddy marks “Bruce Caitlyn’Jenner” on his name brand, uses Jenner’s surname – a symbol of disrespect in the transgender community – and then puts “Caitlyn” in scary quotes, It seems like that is not who she really is. To many, Vonderahe’s father is simply equivalent to transgendering the same sex man wearing slippers.

Why Shun Men should not be disguised as a Halloween transgender woman? First, when men are dressed as transgender women, they essentially equate trans women with trans women who wear transgender women. Really, men who are transgender women in a movie are different. This is a simplification of the use of hate speech against trans women throughout the world.

This does not mean that men can not wear drag clockwise. Dragging (wearing a garment that usually wears the opposite sex) is a completely different concept of gender transition (transgender women do not need to wear clothes to identify women; this is what they may feel psychologically because they are infrequent). In addition, gender is very fluid and humane masculine apparel is very important. Dressing can even become a free experience for transgender women in closets that have not yet transitioned and may be considered as straight men in everyday life.

But obviously, Vonderahe’s father does not respect Jenner. By referring to Jenna as her name, and turning her into a gimmick, it pales the pain, anxiety and trauma of all female experiences. It also hinted that Jenner was a true trans men, from an Olympic star to a man in a dresses instead.

Cisgender men who are transgender women often do just that for a cheap laughter. They continue the ongoing social anxiety about transgender female bodies and reinforce the insensitive stereotype that men born at birth must be male and women assigned at birth have to be female – this is transgender fears disease. As a result, such garments reinforce openness and hostility to transgender people and may even be violent.

Jacob said: “To ridicule a marginalized population will only further delay the negative opinions, thus exacerbating the actual violence.” “It is very hard to see especially because it is the hardest thing I’ve ever done Man’s. ”

As for the rally, it seems that Vonderahe thinks her father is not wrong. According to her Twitter likes, she has since responded positively to tweets that praise apparel, many of whom are “too sensitive” to criticize transgender people.

One Twitter user wrote: “If someone committed suicide because some casual daddy wore halloween costumes, then there’s a deeper problem here.” Spiritual issues of the deep-seated son. ”

Like dad, clear as daughters.


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