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It feels like we were surfing a Kylie Jenner-lite internet a long time ago because she enjoyed her pregnancy in private. Kylie’s devout fans have missed a lot during this time – most of them just want to know where TF is sleeping – but fortunately, she is now letting us see her goal.

At this time last year, Kelly was celebrating Halloween and recording a FOMO-inducing video with her good friend, Jordyn Woods, but (this is an important one!) She did not show her stomach down for obvious reasons. We know that BFF is dressed as an angel and a devil, but we don’t know what is going on under the elbow.
After Kylie completed the debut of this season’s five (!) costume, the makeup tycoon released several regression videos in her Instagram story, showing her 2017 overall chorus, which is a real ~lewk~ .
Her angel costume has huge wings that extend from her head to the floor. She wears a mini-piece dress that shows her growing baby shackles and how she “cooks Stormi” comments.
The look is strikingly similar to her recent Victorian Secret Angel costume, except of course wearing a jumpsuit and apparently no baby bumps.
Now, we have to wait for the Earth to spin around the sun, and then we can have another Kelly costume that will motivate you to separate from the cat ears that you wear last year.


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