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According to reports, this photo is located in New York, Rockland County, near the new city of Monsey. It was taken at midnight Cheap Halloween Costumes and showed a couple of Jewish people wearing Orthodox Jews.

“Husband and wife” is pulling a child full of children (dolls), there is a large, saying “we buy a house cash.”

Men wear black hats (pretend), fake tizitis, fake long black beard and black glasses. Women wear a long black skirt, neck with cheap cheap leather, head wearing a scarf.

At the same time, at the time of the anti-Semitic celebration of Halloween, the Orthodox Jews who did not celebrate the holidays were busy distributing candy to Jackson, the Thames River and hundreds of children at the same time in the Monsey area.

New town couples were apparently uneasy about the purchase of houses by Orthodox Jews in the area, as the Monsey community continued to explode into neighboring towns and villages.

There have been a lot of media reports about the Jews recently, allegedly knocking on the door in many areas and asking the owners if they are willing to sell their houses.

In September, the MCA township committee (near New York State – Yemen) proposed the “no knock” rule. It will create a homeowner’s registry, they do not want lawyers to bump at the door. Violators will be fined $ 100 for the first offense. Similar regulations have been enacted in other communities along the New York border.

Thomas Kelaher, mayor of New Jersey’s Thomas River City, says he has complained about residents – they say some real estate developers are active and use “suspicious and creepy” strategies to try to persuade residents to sell The Claire compared the current problems of the African-American community with the “African-American” decades ago. “It’s like an invasion,” he said. “This is an ancient review of the 1960s, when a devastating event took place in Philadelphia and Chicago with the American community -” I want to buy your house. If not, you will feel sorry. ”

Jersey City mayor of New Jersey also complain about the knock on the door, called “very positive solicitation.” “They really went to the door and could be very hard to buy someone else’s house,” said the Holocaust survivor, Mr. Sun Fuluop and Yeshivas, in an interview. “It is not the best way to endure the community, but there are a lot of overthrows.”


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