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Parker Holdco is trying to bounce out of the slowdown in recent years, is surpassing Halloween costumes and trying to sell more goods to other businesses.

According to Jim Harrison, the chief executive, the idea is to turn the city into more consumer goods companies, not just retailers. In addition to sales masks and party boards, the company is the largest party merchandise wholesaler, designer and manufacturer.

“We are still looking for Wholesale Halloween Costumes at the party, but the party store is no longer the only intermediary,” Harrison said in an interview.

Investors have been waiting for the appreciation of the transition. Shares fell 20% this year, more than 2016 years of listed companies the first full year of revenue.

The fastest growing department of the party market is to create other activities of the product, such as the cinema’s giant popcorn bucket, wedding personalized event and limited edition Halloween buckets! Brand company of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Despite a small portion of the business, these projects, “Alternative Markets,” recorded double-digit growth in the previous quarter, chief financial officer Dan Sullivan said.

Sullivan said that production also helps to improve the profit margins of the company’s retail stores, because its sales of about 80% through its wholesale vertical mode of procurement or manufacturing.

For major challengers like Wal-Mart Stores and Amazon Inc., Harrison says they compete on individual projects, such as superhero clothing, rather than a complete series of topics such as superhero boards, cups and fun bags. City will be announced on November 9 earnings.

Last year, revenue declined slightly, by only 1% in 2015, down from 11 percentage points in 2014.

Halloween is still a major event for the largest American merchandise retailer. The company hired 25,000 seasonal staff, for the ghost season opened more than 270 million city pop-up stores. Tonight, the team is getting away to celebrate – Harrison is taking his grandson with trouble, and Sullivan is dressed as Batman.

Harrison said: “enjoy this moment, helpful, has been there.” The only change is how and when and where.”


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